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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Danielle19755, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Danielle19755

    Danielle19755 New Member

    Is it usually this hard to pick up hours?? When are they posted?? I have only been abnle to pick up 3 hours for next week so far. Any tips? Thank you.

  2. kandmh

    kandmh New Member

    I agree, it has been hard to pick up hours. I have found in the mornings on Monday and Tuesdays around 8am central they post some.

    Good Luck. I also think the holidays have people picking up shifts as fast as they are posted....
  3. Triscuit

    Triscuit New Member

    I just started working for West. I applied back in Feb '08 and they just hired me a month ago. Since my training, I have only been able to pick up 1 hour of work. They say that you have to work 4 hours each month to stay employed. I haven't seen any hours available either scheduled or for trade. I sure hope they don't let me go. I hope there are more available after the holidays are over.
  4. kittycd

    kittycd New Member

    You have to stalk the system and what I mean about that is that you have to monitor all day until they post the hours, they can post those hours at any time of the day and if you miss out withing the 1st hour they are posted you are pretty much out of luck. I have noticed that it's easy to pick up trades on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I find that alot of co-workers are always giving up their hours those days.
  5. wah

    wah New Member

    i worked for dr for a year. during training they say the post hours 2 weeks prior, not true. its hard to catch hours on the week days. weekends i would not schedule anything b/w friday night and sunday. because people drop alot of their hours on weekends and its easy to pick up. well for weekends, i would not schedule ahead unless you know you are going to work those hours. its always time slots for the weekends. but its hard because everyone decides they do not want to work on weekends

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