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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by tropicalbenzo, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    i work for west in wpr09 and yesterday i received a pin level II for be sarcastic........
    Anyone who had pins or coaching plz, i would like to know more about it..........
    here some coments:

    I'm a bit upset because I thought I was doing so well. But i just got a pin.
    How many pins before you are fired? Can I contest it. Because I was having so many problems with CLI*, that is why I transfered to CS. It hasn't got I II or III only coaching.
    Can anyone advise if its worth protesting about.
    Thanks for any advice you can give me.

    I got my first coaching level pin two weeks ago. It was for a crappy week of u/s. I KNEW I had a bad week and was waiting for it and then it came. I just hit accept and moved on since I knew I had no basis to "argue" it. If I had, believe me, I'd have been on the phone "discussing" it.

    Whether you dispute it or not they won't do anything about it AND it stays in your stats for 6 frickin me I know

    Can you still get a invite to another line if you have PINs. I am really worried about that because I have a couple. I work 40-60 hrs a week and for the most part I stay well above 90% but the "ONLY" times I have fallen below that one 76.89%, 79.18% and 79.66% I have gotten PINs, now I am nervous because I will be in need of another line and am afraid that, that will disqualify me. Can anyone help with this?

    Well...I got accepted by chirp...and my performance is always below par on VM...good with SA and Show Up rate though. I have never been PINned for anything like that although I have had 3 PINs in my almost 2 years with the company. So I would say you are still eligible for an invite to one of their other lines!

    Hope it all works out for you!

    yes i got the invite for chirp and i have a couple pins, coaching pins at the time of the invite and well after i trained... got a couple more hehehe i was sick and missed alot of work these past couple weeks

    and much more...............
  2. muffinlou

    muffinlou New Member

    ok,,,,what is "chirp"
    Well i've gotten level 1 pin,,then coaching and they were off in amonth. I know they are cracking down .
  3. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I don't work WP but I did work VM when I had some coaching, never received a pin. I never accepted the coaching just read it and moved on. Feedback on the VM line was rough, the 3 feedbacks I did receive were all U's but I did get a 100% on the customer surveys they did on me and even had my name on ADE message board, go figure.
  4. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    You think that is bad, I keep getting coaching for no reason. I work Sh*pNBC and they have an ALC of 160 seconds. I keep getting coaching every week telling me to talk faster and that I need to bring down my ALC... the dumb part? The highest ALC I ever had for one day was 158, and my overall ALC is 143. I just got another one of these retarded coaching comments a couple of days ago and my ALC for this week is 139.
  5. lakewoodgirl

    lakewoodgirl New Member

    So tropical, you work Chirp, WPR09, AND VM??? How are you getting 40-60 hrs a week on any of those (if you work more than 1)? And what is Chirp? I've worked for West for over a year and have never gotten an invitation for another company-- My schedule adherance is almost always over 100%-- I even got a 192% schedule adherance last week and my surveys are always either an S or a D. I get customer commendations and my name has showed up several times on the board for good surveys. I am skilled on both AYS and Saves/RMA..... I don't know if they are planning on keeping me on VM until the very end or what but it would be nice to know I will still have a job after June 30.
  6. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I'm just guessing here but I think those are comments tropical received from other board members? I'm not sure but I think tropical only works whirly.
  7. Nikkbunny

    Nikkbunny New Member

    So I just got a step 1 PIN for not meeting C*t*'s stupid 70% offer rate. Yet my sales rate is over 90%....whatever I will offer on all calls now and I no longer care about my irritating
  8. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    i work for wp09, i have pin level II, sarcastic w/ customer, i send some e-mails to pal, to see if i can fix it, and this is the responds:

    The call was reviewed, You informed the customer that a particular service company had given us nothing but problems and we had a lot of complaints. It is very important to portray Maytag and any companies associated with Maytag in a positive light at all times. You also had told the customer that a supervisor would call her back in 20 minutes. We can never guarauntee that a supervisor will call a customer back. We also cannot guaruntee that a customer can get service from another service company unless of course we set up the service appointment with that particular company on the Web Tool.

    Now yes, i said: to customer we have a lot a problems with the repair company, (XXXX) also i make a new appoint. with a different company so, i resolve her problem and she was very happy. them a she want to speak with supervisor, for 2 reason:

    1.- because she want to make a complaint about the xxx company

    2.- to tell the suepervisor that i help her a lot and resolve her problem.

    But she was in the hurry, that day and she want me to call the supervisor and tell him or her to call her back, i know we cant but she was very upset and i dont want to say no!, so i say i would try, but i didnt, so i thing i deserve a coaching or a pin level I, but not level II and for the weird issue about sarcastic w.customer.....when? never, as you see in the respond they never talk about sarcastic, with customer, i thing they looking for some... but i dont know why?

    I make a mistake, be in so sincerily, i really dont like to lie, and i know this job we need to be always in the bad part, thats means if our company have a lot a problems we always need to say: we are the best company, none problems at all, we r number 1, bla bla my first time in this job so i ddint know is like that, anyway now i know.....

    But i didnt be sarcastic, i really dont understand yet, for what was the pin????.
  9. nicenitac

    nicenitac New Member

    I am so sick of DR and their stupid coachings and Pins. I have only had one PIN and it was for attendance. I was sick and missed 3 shifts and it has now fallen off. I just got a coaching for being under 15 percent on my Additional Product Offers. Jeffery called me and I told him I had worked for the company for over five years and one week in that whole time they are giving me a coaching and threatening to fire me? I said I am busy and can't talk any more. I was so pissed off. My last two QA's on DR have been 100 percent and my show rate and schedule adh is 95 percent. I can't make these people buy this crap. They told me I need to believe in the APOs. It's not even the main item for christ's sake!! By the time you get through the scripting and offering them upsell after upsell they are so sick of listening to you talk, they don't want to stay on the phone for another 10 minutes while you offer them APOs! I have control over that? Whatever. Half the time the APOs are total rip offs and the customer never gets their gift card or credited back the twenty percent for their gift card purchase. I am sick of talking to these weirdo customers half the time you can't understand what the hell they are saying and they act like they have no manners whatsoever. I wish they would put me on a skill that does not involve sales or money or billing. God I hate talking to the snotty Pal reps. Don't call me at home to discuss a coaching, just leave me the hell alone. They are only paying me min wage yet they expect tme to jump through hoops and do not take any of my other stats into consideration I am soooo sick of this crap. I would be happy if I never had to talk to another person on the phone again. ARGGGGGh!!!
  10. tigerlady

    tigerlady New Member

    I am soo fed up with some of the shpnbc crap..they are counting points off on my calls for the stupidest things and bringing my score down to just below 90(so got written up about that)..i know i need to get my schedule adh/ratio up but without telling me, they put a block on me being able to get hours..i had been trying since yesterday morn and just found out today and they say it takes 24 hrs to get the block thats 3 days of not being able to get hours..i only check the actual message board like 1 per day and thats where the message was to call phone call, no email..i feel like im being set up to on disability which pays very little..this job is the best for me because of the flexibility and i can work from home..and i really like what im doing..from what i am reading though, they are being hard on everyone...i guess i can always do at home fortune telling..if your fired from this project does it mean west will never hire you again for anything??

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