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    Can anyone tell me how many PINS you get and then you get disiplinary action? I received one in Dec for not verifying ship to address completely and will probably get one this week since I don't work over 4 hr shift and didn't read back ss# and dob on credit app - i went over training manual and it didn't say to read back = it just says to obtain ss# and dob - training doesn't seem to be all inclusive. I really like West and don't want to get disciplined when I only work 15-20 hrs a week and therefore only get reviewed once a week - though this doesn't seem to be true either since i have been reviewed twice in a week before and didn't work over 4 hr shift.
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    you can look it up in the FAQ area of support, but it is my understanding a PIN is the disiplinary action, each step is a higher action and each step stays active for a little longer (ie step 1 for 30 days, step 2 60 days). I'm not sure what line you work for but I think you must verify any information that the cust gives you. Good luck
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    Yes a PIN is the disiplinary action. How many PINS you can get I don't know. You are suppose to verify back EVERYTHING to the customer. Their name spelling it out, their address spelling it out and say each number, their SSN, DOB what ever information you have to take you verify it back. The only thing you don't ask them is if they are male or female if the scripting has a spot for it, you determine this by name and voice.

    As far as the hours are concerned I know for DR you have to put in at least 4hrs a month to stay active.

    Hope this helps !
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    Unfortunately I am very familiar with PINS. I lost my S. NBC position because of them. You get one and if things don't improve in 2-3 weeks and you will get a step 2 and again 2-3 weeks later. If things still don't improve you will get your probationary (final) PIN. If things still don't get better you will lose that position in about 3 weeks. Now as for getting them because you did something wrong you shouldn't have anything to worry about if you fix that mistake. I got one for HALO about a month ago, it is still on my record, but I haven't had any problems since then. Don't use me as exact rules, but this is what happened to me.

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