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  1. A1HZLI

    A1HZLI New Member

    Is anybody involved in Mike Bergin's postcard mailing system for $1000 checks?
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I use to sell a postcard marketing manual. The deal is simply this. Postcard marketing is "A WAY" of offline marketing that has its merits but with all marketing it comes down to your leads and consistently promoting to get conversions-buyers.

    Does it work yes, is it some instant big cash generating system that makes making money from home super easy NO.

    If you have the funds to consistently market the postcards to good leads it could pay off, but then that would apply to nearly any good income generating opportunity. If you have that kind of money then a more lucrative networking home business may prove be much more rewarding in a short period of time.

    Anyone that wants a good post card marketing manual I'll be glad to give it to you for free, to new members that join me in TCSS, because I'm positive we offer a better reward, and monthly residual income for your time and money. Again, it's another great way of marketing but not a magic marketing formula to mega dollars.

    Multiple streams of marketing and multiple streams of income lead to a nice monthly residual cashflow.
  3. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    In my past postcard marketing experience it is best to marketing a business in a box approach for a marginally high ticket item. It might take 1500 postcards to create 15 leads and then one sale where you are making 1000-2000. You have to be willing to do it in quantity with time sensitive offers. It is a numbers game but with a decent list you should expect to be profitable with it.

    There are cheaper ways to mass market though such as emailing and voice broadcasting which I have been also using effectively for years.

  4. m_ortiz8808

    m_ortiz8808 New Member

    I looked into this recently But the one I looked at it sounds like you don't get paid unless the people you send postcards to also send out postcards. So if you send out 10 cards and of those 10 only 1 sends out cards, I think you would be losing more money than gaining. For the minimum amount of cards you are paying $35 every month but if nobody else does you are losing money. That's the one that I looked into anyway.
  5. pplrulz

    pplrulz Member

    I've used postcards for years.... I always tell people to expect a 2% return on every mailing.

    Good Luck
  6. davidr

    davidr New Member

    I know postcard marketing is 10 times easier than online marketing. If you are working with a good opportunity list
    with a good program you have a winner.

    Things don't happen overnight so patience and persistence
    is crucial. You need a program that has a good funnel system.

    In other words the program needs to have multiple products
    that usually starts out with something free or low cost and then builds up to a high ticket item.

    When choosing a program make sure they have training and support. Good Luck

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