Power Recruiting - a Few Extremely Important Tips

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    I would like to pass on some simple but extremely powerful insights that I have picked up about recruiting for a network marketing opportunity.

    1. Belief is EVERYTHING - Network Marketing shouldn't be Taboo

    What I mean by this is that pie-in-the-sky opportunities don't sell. No-one really expects to make millions by the end of the month through network marketing. But your opportunity should have real, tangible products and they should be beneficial to you personally, as well as to your potential clients and team members. If you don't truly believe in your products, how will your team, or the people you are trying to sell to believe? Get involved in your product - invest your time, money and life in it and make sure you project that when pitching to your recruits and customers. "I use A, B and C when I D, E and F because reason A, reason B and reason C."

    Anyone who hasn't already - you should read "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen. Do a search on Google for the pdf, it's easy to find and takes about 20 minutes to read. You may only apply two or three of the principles within, but if you do, you will immediately start to notice massively positive changes around you and within you - another aspect of what you project on to others. This leads me to my next point.

    2. Change your mindset to one of Success

    Success is linked to belief, there's no doubt about it. If you don't believe in yourself, you're already halfway to the bottom of the doubt mountain. Every morning, before you get out of your bed, set five minutes aside to lie there and think about how you can be EXCELLENT at whatever you do that day. Actually list some ways like:

    "I'll do 2 more adverts today than yesterday. I'll update my swipe file. I'll find some NEW swipes and learn how they work. I'll educate myself with some Tony Robbins insights. I'll go find a new advertising site. I'll see about boosting some of my Facebook posts. I'll start looking into new avenues of recruitment." And so on. I tend to actually set a number of ways and not get out of bed until I have at least (usually 5) ways of improving on what I did yesterday.

    Now, take a few minutes more to wonder how you can help a person in your life to get what they want. For example:

    "I'll see if I can find that advert Dave was asking about then I'll send him the link. I'll call Susan and tell her about my opportunity as she has an interest in (something related to what you sell/do.) I'll ask Joan if she needs a lift to the supermarket today. I may even be able to pitch her on (whatever product) if the opportunity presents itself."

    Then as you shower, drink coffee, jog, or whatever, make it a habit to remind yourself that today will be better than yesterday and that you will help someone else with their success story. Success breeds success, the evidence is everywhere. And remember that no matter what stands in your way today (lack of family support, child commitments, work), YOU are the architect of your life. Have your children become invested in your products and lifestyle, and help them understand that you are going to change things, but that a little extra work will be needed if they are to have some of the finer things in life. Work is work and that will never change, but let's face it, you aren't tied to your office 24-7. If there's time and a will, there's a way. Integrate and amalgamate. But don't make excuses. Excuses are the very roots of failure.

    3. If a potential recruit is doubtful after the pitch - MOVE ON, but leave an impression

    This is one of the most powerful things I do. I'll actually ask a potential recruit:

    "Are you interested? No offence but it makes no difference to me if I'm honest. But I know it would DEFINITELY make a difference to you. Let me leave you my card."

    And that's it. Smile warmly and walk away confidently. Why? Because you don't have time to wait for doubters - you already have your pathway to the top all marked out and it's important that they see that. A true entrepreneur will want to be a part of that journey. The ones who are TRULY interested will come to you. They will actually seek you out. Pitch 1000, ditch 900 and take the best 100 to the next level. Of those 100, 50 will read/listen to/watch your card/site/ad/pitch, 40 will "um" and "ah" and scratch their chins but the last 10 will take action. Crunch those numbers and sieve out the rocks until you are left with 5 or 10 diamonds. THOSE will be the ones who you will take to the top.

    These are things I've learned and taken on personally and I embrace them daily. I hope you find them helpful and I wish you the very best.

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    Welcome to the forum HABS.

    I truly enjoyed reading your post for the points you made and the way you presented them. I totally agree that belief, mindset and attitude are crucial elements when it comes to the pursuit of any worthwhile goal. And I endorse your recommendation of "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen. It's an easy read, with a simple but deceptively powerful message.

    Good stuff!

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    Isn't it though? It's a real head turner. It's only a 20 minute read, but the message stays with you! And I've found that certain aspects of it (even though the whole thing is presented in slightly archaic, and quite decorative language) resonate with me very deeply. It truly has changed the way I do business and even the way I live life. Combining this short book with some of the business master classes by Tony Robbins have been key to me finding new energy and hidden wells of untapped positivity; ultimately resulting in my company tripling it's online reach (in terms of new recruits) and expanding into new countries.

    Good times are truly ahead. Thanks for your input Hermas!
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    Greetings Habs. Glad to have found you within 3 hours of my becoming a new member here. Almost 12 months into MLM and the 80% of my pushing for success mind is tied down by about 20% of doubts ..... not the product, company or plans etc.... but me and my ability to recruit sponsors. I am going to jump into the finishing words of your post: "
    Pitch 1000, ditch 900 and take the best 100 to the next level. Of those 100, 50 will read/listen to/watch your card/site/ad/pitch, 40 will "um" and "ah" and scratch their chins but the last 10 will take action. Crunch those numbers and sieve out the rocks until you are left with 5 or 10 diamonds. THOSE will be the ones who you will take to the top."
    My 12 months "wasted" with box drop flyers; facebook & twitter posts; random mailings and even booths ..... all the time expecting them wanting to join. NOTHING HAPPENED. I have been expecting for too long for people to be like me and say they want to do the business. I have to whip myself and speak to 1000 people. Thank You sir.

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