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  1. nuctread

    nuctread New Member

    Can anyone tell me how they are liking this skill? I did my training and webinar and have logins but haven't picked up a shift yet. I have them for next week. Any feedback would be wonderful - thank you!!
  2. PENNY09

    PENNY09 New Member

    I too will start with them next week. But I am not feeling very confident. The webinar and the training told us 2 very different things. So today I called to clarify and feel even more confused. He acted like I was the stupid one for even asking. During the webinar we were told to either give the number or warm transfer all calls but PF. But today on the phone they say No that's not true.

    I really hope that this will get easier once I start. I wish there was a way to practice. It frustrates me that the people training do not even seem to know. Would it hurt them to be supportive? To understand that we are not stupid and we want to do a good job?

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