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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by JenaV, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Hello all!

    I've been asked to pray for a friend's son. I can't do this by myself, but God will not ignore an overflowing request box! I know this first hand. 100s Prayers from my family, friends, and colleagues saved me and God restored my life to 100% of the person I once was and am.

    Prayer is Powerful. Please pray for Rusty from Louisiana. I'm requesting prayers of WAHMF for the health of his son, Grayson.

    Rusty writes:

    "I would like to ask the group for a prayer request.

    My oldest son, Grayson (7 years old), has been having
    trouble hearing. Today the audiologist took an x-ray to see if his
    adnoids were swollen and discovered that he is missing some facial
    structure that will affect his facial features as he ages. I don't
    know the medical term but the common name is "dish face". He
    already has a heart condition called wolf-parkinson-white which we
    are awaiting word from the specialist on when they can operate. He
    needs to be a little older first. Evidently there is nothing that
    can be done about his facial problem. My wife and I are pretty much
    in shock and upset right now, and it may not be all that bad after
    the smoke clears, but I would really appreciate everyone's prayers.

    I thank God that He is bigger than our problems, and through the
    personal growth that I've expirienced through this group I've been
    exposed to stories about Napolean Hill's son who was born without
    ears and John Dilemme who overcame severe stuttering to be
    massively successful. I know that I can pass on to Grayson the
    confidence and posture he'll need, whatever the outcome. The money
    I'll make in this business will never compare to the value of that.
    So once again, thank you kindly WAHF!"

    Peace, Love & Blessings,
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    Done! [​IMG]
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    Thank you!
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    Update on Rusty's son!

    Rusty writes: I just want to say thanks to all who have interceded with the Lord on Grayson's behalf over the last 2 weeks.

    We just got back from the Doctor's office, and praise God, here are the results...

    The fluid behind his ears is completely gone and his hearing is back to 100%. The x-rays show that his mid-face hypoplasia is very mild, doesn't restrict his airflow, and should create no real difficulty later in life.

    You know, I wasn't original enough to have come up with this, but I have quoted it often: "You become the average of the peopel you hang out with the most." It would have been really easy to give in to worry over the last few days, but I've been hanging out with positive minded people who walk in faith every day.

    And THAT is worth more than any sum of money I'll ever make in Coastal. Thanks Again Rusty!!!!!

    Thx from Jena
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    Happywife Thank you.

    I simply copied and pasted what RUSTY wrote in his Thank you note & Update. I wasn't plugging anything.

    Rusty is a Coastal WealthBuilder Colleague and it was addressed to me and the rest of the community. I wanted to share the update. Rusty Works from home. Just like all of us do...
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    Glad to hear the news...I hope it keeps getting better[​IMG]
    praying for him too
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    Glory To God
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    I'm praying as well.

    What's he talking about group? Are you guys is some good Christian Forums, or something?


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    Rusty is part of a 'business group' - I think that is what he was referring to... ( I happen to be in the same 'group' ) [​IMG]

    We exchange prayer requests, etc. quite a bit on our open forum/ training calls...mixed in with our business.
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    Yeah Pray done and I will also do in the morning time for that kid.

    God Bless him ...

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