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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by prepaid_associate, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. prepaid_associate

    prepaid_associate New Member

    Has anyone here ever tried this business before?
  2. Alan

    Alan New Member

    One of my upline used to be involved in Prepaid Legal and done fairly well, but their time is over. You need to look for a new start-up company. He left a couple of years ago and last year got involved with AGEL Enterprises and has developed $30,000 per month since July of last year. They are still building legacy positions.

  3. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    The company was a great idea but the charge-backs will get you in the dumps. The best thing to be on with this company is the pay as earned to avoid the charge-back issue.

    Remember people still see a legal plan as a luxury. When the times get hard they drop it quickly.

  4. DeeDeeL

    DeeDeeL New Member

    Hello everyone, My reasons for joining prepaid legal were personal. Someone had stolen my idenity and I began having a lot of hassels to undo the damage. It seemed that getting the idenity theft shield for 10.00 a month was worth the cost and since I already run a home business I just set up a membership to help cover the cost of the product. I plan to market the ID theft program mostly instead of the membership drive. That is easier to help people understand and they see the need much quicker. Just started so I will keep you posted. This company has a great rep with the BBB.
  5. patton56

    patton56 New Member

    I believe this is the best business opportunity in America today. As far as the memberships Life Events Legal Plans and Identity Theft Shield, a luxury it's not. As a matter of fact, with all that's going on today, it may very well be a necessity, even for businesses (large and small) protecting their employees.
    The plans are very affordable to everyday working people, people that need these plans now more than ever. Charge backs are not a problem if members are shown how to use the plans and are not set up with unreal expectations.
    Please take 20 minutes and review [Link removed - Admin]
    Notice the endorsers:
    * President - US Chamber of Commerce
    * President - National Black Chamber of Commerce
    * Former President of the American Bar Association
    * Several Former Attorney Generals and more!

    If that's not impressive enough, Kroll administers the Identity Theft Shield. They happen to be a 30+ company that is the world's largest investigative firm. Your personal indentify is you most valuable asset. Don't you deserve established licensed professions monitoring and, should need be, restoring your identity to the pre-theft state?
    PM me to get the facts straight.
  6. Bigrich

    Bigrich New Member

    I was in it for awhile several years ago. Yes the charge backs will set your account in a spin... Then I found the same service for 14.00 a month. My former sponsor is now in one of my new business's, in my downline...
    And now however I make enough to use my own attorney.
  7. patton56

    patton56 New Member

    I wish you well in your business opportunity, truly. If anyone can find a company with more professional endorsements than that of PPL and Kroll, I might then recommend a serious look at the opportunity.
    With PPL and or Kroll Worldwide, a person can make a very substantial income doing just direct sales, no recruitment necessary. No one says it's easy or no training is required. In fact, it requires dedication and old fashion hard work to be proficient. Anything less simply is less and pretty much a guaranteed disappointment.
  8. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    I gave PPL a try several years ago at the urging of my father-in-law. I didn't have much success selling the services but I still use the service (you can't be too careful). I am now happy to report I'm involved with a business that brought me much more success and personal satisfaction.
  9. RV Traveler

    RV Traveler New Member

    You really need to do your homework on this company. You also need to read all the fine print in their contract. I attendted a seminar on Prepaid, did somereaserach, read the fine print and determined it wasn't for me.

    The big red flag was their offer to contact your folks that want to cancel. When I studied this aspect I found that they had a rather poor retention rate, thus all the charge backs.
  10. ekohn

    ekohn New Member

    I am currently an independent associate of Prepaid Legal. Chargebacks happen because people get in tight situations. Chargebacks(or droputs) happen with EVERY business, no different with this one. The services are very impressive and with their endorsers, you would be crazy not to have this service.

    Best Regards,

    Earl Kohn
    Independent Associate PPL
    [Link removed - Admin]
  11. scroll88

    scroll88 New Member

    Pre Paid Legal Rocks check out my sig below
  12. 10YearsPlusWAHM

    10YearsPlusWAHM New Member

    ekohn: I am currently an independent associate of Prepaid Legal. Chargebacks happen because people get in tight situations. Chargebacks(or droputs) happen with EVERY business, no different with this one. The services are very impressive and with their endorsers, you would be crazy not to have this service.

    Not really...If a company pays your commission in advance of the (new) member paying their fee, then YES, you'll have chargebacks if/when they quit.

    If a company only pays you AFTER the (new) member has paid their monthly fee, then the only thing that will happen is your check will be short the commission you normally earned on them.

    The latter is not a "chargeback" at all! If you want to call it a dropout, then I agree!

    I knew a guy in PPL, he had a huge downline, and they were leaders. Then a huge exodus. He left, because it would take too long to rebuild his commissions. And PPL doesn't mind, because with him gone, they no longer pay him commission on all those under him that remain. Breakage is beautiful thing for a parent company, and terrible for the reps!
  13. success9

    success9 New Member

    My son and I own a Commercial cleaning Franchise for 3 years now and they have been screwing us so I just bought the business plan today. Hopefully we won't have to use it but the way things have been going we might have to. They pulled a business right from under us and we had no complaints from the business. Now they just fired the local manager Monday. We are going on our 4th manager since we have ben in business 3 years this month. I had a long term goal with this business but now I am looking for something else and hopefully sell later on.
  14. HumorSmith

    HumorSmith New Member

    I was an associate for almost a year. I attended the seminars, got pumped up, became a true believer in the product and made....nothing.

    I still think it's a valuable product, and probably the poor sales were my fault, but I heartily dislike trying to convince someone what I am offering is the best thing since sliced bread.

    I was constantly amazed at how many people just didn't see the value in a PPL plan. I still think it's worthwhile, and if I was a more "in yo face" kinda guy, I could make money, but I am not pushy.

    I prefer the online approach, where people visit your site because they are interested in what you offer. Passive income rocks!

  15. unselfishbuddy

    unselfishbuddy New Member

    My uncle did it for about 3 months and he had a tough time building this business. Also after reviewing the program, I've learned that the charge-backs will make you nuts.
  16. gr8newcareer

    gr8newcareer New Member

    Ok so after doing some research of my own I decided to give PPL a whirl. I just recently got started and so far its been great. I use an innovative marketing approach that doesn't require me to hound any of my friends and family. In fact I market online exclusively and have never met any of my people personally. Regarding the chargebacks - people will be less likely to fall off if they use the membership and therefore have a greater sense of the tremendous inherent value. I used my membership right away to help resolve an issue with my landlord and it saved me a ton of grief and money!
    PPL only has about 2% market penetration right now and in Europe legal service plans are as common as health coverage is here in the States. There's still a ton of upside.
  17. gingy529

    gingy529 New Member

    Thanks for your post-What has been keeping me from giving this a chance is the old fashioned warm market sales program. They seem restrictive in their advertising rules that a rep needs to follow and even sending a fax to perspective business is frowned on.
    What tools are you using to market this? i want to use 21st century technology and strategy and I like their program-I'm just not sure about combining the two.
  18. IraqiVetWife

    IraqiVetWife New Member

    I tried it and it was terrible,plus they over charge for their plans. Im getting their higher coverage plan for $10 bucks at my job per month, they were charging $27.

    I will never do business with them again.
  19. deltatech

    deltatech New Member

    The PPL business is a high quality business, without a doubt. But that doesn't mean it's the right one for you. There are many high quality businesses out there.
    If your concern is the quality of the company, no need for the concern. If your concern is will you be able to make money, then there are too many variables to give you an answer.
    I looked at PPL very seriously recently, but decided against it, not because of any flaw on their part, but because it didn't fit my approach to network marketing. Instead I went with a company that can provide just the identity protection, among other things.
    From what you post as your concerns and questions, I would recommend doing more research into MLM in general, direct sales specifically, and other MLM companies and the products/services they offer. Then you can make an educated decision as to which way to go.
    Keep in mind this great principle: regardless of how much or little you pay to get into network marketing, imagine you are paying a quarter million dollars for it. Then determine how much work you would be willing to do to get that money back in a reasonable time, and would it be possible with the company you are considering. Whether you want to make that much is not relevant, but would it be possible is the question. That should steer you in the right direction.
  20. drbillphd

    drbillphd New Member

    Interesting replies. Pre Paid Legal is from my home town in Ada, Oklahoma. I knew a lot of the attorneys who were involved with this company and needless to say, wasn't impressed. So I never got involved. But it's fun reading about them. Makes me homesick.. [​IMG]

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