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  1. piggybanker

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    IMPORTANT: ProWealthSOLUTIONS is currently in Pre-Launch. The official launch date is September 15, 2006. Until that date, not all services and trainings will be fully functional nor available on the website. Commissions WILL be paid during pre launch starting with the first commission run on August 17, 2006.

    I joined under the owner of a large online business (24dailypro) and upgraded my membership, because I knew with their membership and their other income streams that this could become a very very profitable venture. They build your downlines for you. I'm already in profit from another offer similar to this one and couldn't resist after friends were reporting how large their downlines were becoming. I also knew the value of joining early, so I did just that.

    It really amazed me to see that there were 9 members and 226 pre -enrollees under me in less than one hour. I don't know how that's going to translate into earnings, but it sure is exciting to watch.

    I'm curious. Has anyone else ever joined a program that exploded like this one seems to be doing? Even people who signed up under others are giving great reports. Am I just fortunate because I joined under large recruiters?

    I joined Automatic Builder 45 days ago under another large recruiter and I became a Sr. Executive Director without doing a thing except starting at the Executive Director level. I hope to reach Regional Director in 90 days.
  2. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Congratulations Michael, 371 Members and 7090 PreEnrollees have ALREADY signed up since you became a Member...and it's still growing! (that's my powerline - I'm new so I have no matrix yet)

    Anyone ever seen this happen to them after joining a prelaunch?

    I could have joined under two seperate teams. The team I chose to go with is tied for 2nd in leading referrals and the team I passed up is in 17th. My team has also divided into 3 groups so they are building our 2nd and 3rd powerlegs for us. I never been involved in anything like this before. My team at Automatic Builder is attempting to do the same thing, but I believe since this one costs more that folks shy away. After listening to some Dani Johnson audios and videos my view changed. No more free sign ups for me. I shoot for the max early.
  3. Alta

    Alta New Member

    I signed up for Prowealth Solutions about a week ago on a whim. Could either of you give me the 30 second elevator pitch? I still can't fugre this one out.

    Best, Alta
  4. cataclysmic

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    i just upgraded in prowealthsolutions - been in there about a week, counting being a pre-enrollee. Am very interested in seeing how this all turns out. Tonight there is a conference call at 6:30pm {PST}
    pin number is 564837#
    so far, i have over one thousand members and about 800,000 pre-enrollees since after i joined - not sure what that tells me. Guess i'll find out tonight as Thursdays at midnight each week are the cut-off point and then you see if you have folks under you and/or if you get any money since you upgraded.
    Love to hear from more people about this.
  5. charlesfuchs

    charlesfuchs New Member

    Hey Everyone! I been with Pro Wealth Solutions for about 2 months. I have over 200 personals and you can see me in the TOP 10 leaderboard. I made over $10,000 already with the program. I am here to help anyone regardless who recruited them. I created a free PWS marketing system for everyone to use! If you interested, go to my website and contact me and ill set up the website for you. This will increase your traffic for free and make u recruit more people.

    To The Top! [​IMG]
  6. wealthonline

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    I was in PWS for over 2 months. I had over 30,000 paid enrollees in my powerline. Not one of them filtered into my matrix. I wrote several e-mails to support asking for an explaination........there was no response. I signed out from from the system. I think PWS is just a hype.
  7. artlewis

    artlewis New Member

    I have been with ProWealth Solutions for about one month. I did get a small check after a month of $9.50 for the matrix filling. I will decide if I will stay with the program after I see the next check. If It is at least $3.00 more and that increment continues, it will be free to stay after about 9 months. Break even will be several months later, but once in and even, it should continue to grow at no cost up to $1,092 per month. I think the key to success in this program is to recruit three people. That qualifies you for a share in all the company growth. But getting recruits is not easy, at least for me. If the matrix realy does fill up, that would be a good selling point. If it does not, I will cancel.
  8. charlesfuchs

    charlesfuchs New Member

    Wow, i see far to many people quiting and not giving the program a chance. I made over $15,000 already with the program and it works. Its works great.

    If anyone is intereted in my FREE PWS marketing system. just visit my website and personally email me and I will created a system for you for Free.

    I want everyone to success.

    To The Top! [​IMG]
  9. montyauto

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    One get success, one not.
    It is usual in any business.

    I have still in the brother of this program: ProBuilderPLUS

    I am on the way..
  10. TopMentor

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    Pro Wealth was strong for a while, but the problem was that there was too much hype behind it... everyone was expecting spillover.

    Also because everyone was hyping it, they weren't even selling the products so no one valued them. This is why the collapse... it is barely hanging on at this point.[​IMG]

  11. Lorenzoharmony

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    Hey charlesfuchs what is your site so I can go to it and sign up?

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