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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by bravegoat, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. bravegoat

    bravegoat New Member

    I am getting a lot of email from these people saying people are upgrading in my powerline. But when i look at the program, it costs something like 80 to join and the people who have upgraded will pay me about 4 dollars, am i missing something?
  2. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    2941 Members and 108335 PreEnrollees have ALREADY signed up since you became a Member...and it's still growing!

    That's what mine looks like today. I upgraded last wednesday if I remember correctly. I got 1 spill over in my matrix and expect to have a full matrix by this friday morning just from spillover.

    Yes, you probably missed seeing the Pay Plan under Member Account. 4 ways to get paid - on the pay plan screen if you scroll to the very bottom of that page first and click the audio link you can listen and view the pay plan page at the same time. In a nut shell, here's how you get paid.

    1) fast start bonuses - $25/referral
    2) long term residual - from the 3x6 forced matrix
    3) matching bonuses - from your referrals
    4) power pools - 1st goal is to recruit 3 active members so you'll reach the bronze level.

    Your referrals will spill into some else's matrix - it's confusing, but it's supposed to work well.
  3. brownsugar

    brownsugar New Member

    Out of curiousity has anyone that you know of, members that is, gotten paid yet?

    I am just a pre-enrollee but I got a peak at a members website so I understand that commissions had started since Aug. 17th, how they are paid; via global exchange, and that the fast start bonus is paid weekly and all other bonuses paid the first thursday of every month.
    I've heard of one person who said he got paid at some other forum discussing prowealthsolutions also. Just checking around.
  4. thewinning

    thewinning New Member

    Yes, I have gotten paid 3 times already. Every thursday like clockwork. I am up over $500 so far in total income in just the past few weeks. So they do pay out...

    there are lot's of other members on my instantviraldownline team in pws that have gotten paid too. I think this company is here to stay and so far have done what they have said they were going to do...


    Jason Pearson[​IMG]
  5. Ian4cer

    Ian4cer New Member

    Hi Brownsugar,

    Yes, I know of two people that have been paid. They got their $25.00 for each person they personally got into Pro Wealth. They say that you will get paid this next Thursday for your powerline and anything else you have coming. It pays to get your friends into this as soon as possible. I got in and am loving it.....Wow, is this growing...major frenzy of people getting in too!!!

  6. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Quoting: brownsugarOut of curiousity has anyone that you know of, members that is, gotten paid yet?

    I got a notice Friday morning that I had been paid a $25 comission and that's when they send you the global exchange sign up link. A friend has over 120 members in her matrix. I'm jealous, I have only two upgraded members in my matrix and 1 of them was from spillover. I was nervous about upgrading, but...... nothing ventured nothing gained

    Any members free or upgraded should be able to log in, click on pay plan, scroll to the bottom of the page, and find the bottom hyperlink in blue. If you right click it then copy and paste into your url bar in another window, you can listen to the audio explain the pay plan while you view the pay plan window.
  7. mstinson35

    mstinson35 New Member


    I was a member of ProWealth from the beginning until last night, when I canceled. For the month of August, I got paid $100.00 for 4 personally enrolled people, $8, powerline pay, $36.41 for power pool pay, and $2 for matrix pay.

    I try and be an optimist when trying new things, and since this site came "highly recommended", I took my sponsor's word for it. I read and reread the pay plan, the FAQ's and listened to the pay plan recorded audio over and over again. There was a considerable amount of confusion over the matrix pay. I had nearly 16K members and 200k pre-enrollees sinced I had signed up. How is it then, that I only got $2 matrix pay for all of August? If it was as they say below, I would have gotten in excess of 3K.

    I am not trying to create doubt in anyone, but this is my ACTUAL experience. I wouldn't recommend this site, if you are wanting to have income without recruiting anyone, or paying your fees until your upline or downline and can you build your matrix for you through spillover. The last of which could take 3-6 months depending on how active they are in recruiting new members.

    This is the last explanation of the "Matrix Pay"

    Will I get paid on all the people in my Powerline?

    While you will get paid on the first 3 levels in your Powerline, the Powerline is there to show you how fast the company is growing to give you an indication of how FAST the Matrix is filling. By locking in your position in the Powerline, you will be positioned in the Matrix BEFORE all of the people below you in the Powerline. Because it is a forced matrix, all of those people must be placed UNDER the members who are already in the matrix. So as the matrix fills, many, of the people you see below in the powerline will also be positioned below you in the matrix and you WILL get paid on those members every month. PLUS, as they build their teams, you will also get paid on all of that volume within your 6 levels, and continue to receive more spillover from your upline as the matrix continues to grow, allowing you to earn up to $1,092 per month without sponsoring anyone! So be sure to lock in your position BEFORE Thursday to maximize your positioning AND your income!
  8. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Let me see if I understand you correctly. You spent 60 something bucks. You got paid over 140 bucks. You didn't understand the matrix or powerline, so you quit.

    As I wrote above, if your listen to the audio while you read the pay plan it will make more sense, cents, scents, or somethin' else since I obviously don't know which word to choose.

    I would prefer to quit because I'm dissatisfied with the product ... er ... um .... there's a product? I'm not sure what to make of the so called product yet.
  9. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    There seem to be a lot of people jumping ship on this one and a lot of controversy over the use of the Powerline script for it.

    I think that many get frustrated because they don't understand that they won't get paid on all of the people in their "powerline", only those that actually upgrade... So, they jump in thinking they are going to make a fortunesince there are SOOO many people in their powerline and then.... no one under them upgrades...

    Those Powerline reports are just a tad bit misleading and, the confusion, in my opinion, is dooming this program.
  10. Ian4cer

    Ian4cer New Member

    I have looked into Properity Automated Systems, and I have looked into many other companys, but by far Pro Wealth Solutions blows them all out of the water. This company is growing faster than any company I have ever seen. The trick is to get in, all you have to do is pre-enroll , it costs you nothing. They send you emails telling you what is going on and it's free to watch and see how much you can quickly make. They are just a couple days from going public on September 15, 2006. So get in on the ground floor of this one or you will lose out. It's free to pre-enroll and take a tour.
  11. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Quoting: WealthyWAHMThere seem to be a lot of people jumping ship on this one

    A lot of the things you say appear to be true, but most of the ship jumping is from members of one team in particular. I want to comment, but I feel it's inappropriate. Let's just say I joined under the wrong team and I dread the thought of a person earning off my potential earnings, so I'm considering jumping as well. I'm in another program where you can place your members in your downline and I don't think that option will be made available with PWS.

    Quoting: Ian4cerThe trick is to get in, all you have to do is pre-enroll , it costs you nothing.

    Pre-enrolling will do nothing for you, except let you watch the show. You cannot earn without upgrading. If there was a trick, it would be to upgrade asap, recruit 3 members asap (oh great... there's work involved), teach them to recruit 3 members ... you get the picture. If your real good at that then all you have to do is keep them motivated and upgrading monthly. The truth is there is work involved in any of these ventures if you plan to succeed, but most folks will toss in $10 here or $20 there and never earn a dime because they never hear the truth.
  12. wealthymom36

    wealthymom36 New Member

    In my opinion, enrolling into this program or other like it does not make sense unless you have already a mailing list that could get you a quick downline. I know people who have made over $600 last month from it, but they had downlines built with their other businesses. Just my 2c.
  13. Fastmoneymaker

    Fastmoneymaker New Member

    Let's see, you doubled your $70 investment your first month, and you quit? Why? You didn't give it much of a chance. The matrix pay is for the previous 30 days. Probably most of those 16,000 members joined late in August, after the commission cut off date. If you had remained a member just one more month, your matrix commission would probably have been really sweet! It only would have cost you $34.95 to stay in one more month. You've got to give a program 60 days at least, to find out if it's working. Some recommend staying in a new program 90 days to really "test" it.

    Do you want to know how to guarantee failing in a program? Bail out before the program has a chance to pay you what you've earned.

    The PWS website now has a flash movie. The explanation of the pay plan is near the end of the movie, so you have to be patient. The matrix pay explanation is pretty clear.

    If I understand the pay plan correctly, you would have earned your $1,092 on the 16,000 members who were below you in the powerline, and signed up after you. When the powerline compressed into the matrix for the month of September, you would have earned your $1,092 commission, and you would continue to earn that amount monthly, plus the other bonuses you qualified for.

    You don't say what date you joined, but Pro Wealth Solutions was still in pre-launch until it launched officially on Sept 17.
  14. marcintoronto

    marcintoronto New Member

    The Pro Wealth Solutions pay plan is best in the business. People have to pay attention to the details. The big money is when you get 3 or more people you personally enroll. You'll match 50% of all of your personally enrolled members' commissions, 30% of their personally enrolled members, and another 20% for all of your 3rd generation enrollments!

    This is where the big money is.

    The matrix spillover is only an incentive which can eventually give you $1092 per month. But when you personally sponsor that is where your income can get to $5000+ monthly quite quickly.

    Remember this has just started 2 weeks ago and already they have over 30,000 paid members. Its amazing. Yes I have been paid.

    I am more than happy to assist anyone.

    check it out

    [Link removed - Admin]
  15. mstinson35

    mstinson35 New Member

    In response to those that are questioning why I quit. Here is my response. I think PWS is a great program for some.

    PWS really benefits those who have teams formed already that can engage when presented with a new opportunity. The Matrix spollover is not from the "powerline". You are guaranteed 8 dollars powerline pay, as long as there are 3 people underneath you, but the additional matrix pay is from your personal upline, and downline; not from the powerline.

    If it were, I would have received, not only my $1092.00, but also 30% of my downlines since they had over 10K members in their "powerline downline".

    The 140.00 dollars that I was paid was from my personal enrolled members, fast start bonuses and the bronze power pool. Work is involved in making money; its the individuals choice to work smart or work hard.

    Since PWS would be extra work for me other than the two affiliate programs I am already working, I chose to refocus on those. As I said in the beginning, PWS is good for some and I wish those still in it the best of success with it.
  16. dcshoeco1

    dcshoeco1 New Member

    I did this program out for a month. I signed up as a member back in late August. Since then I have had 25 pre-enrollees and 0 members refered by me. I keep getting these email saying i have like 500,000 pre enrolles and 25,000 members (example) but im not seeing any cash.

    Sep 8 2006 - Sep 14 2006 Weekly Sep 21 2006 $0.00
    Sep 1 2006 - Sep 7 2006 Weekly Sep 14 2006 $0.00
    Aug 25 2006 - Aug 31 2006 Weekly Sep 7 2006 $0.00
    Aug 25 2006 - Aug 31 2006 Monthly Sep 7 2006 $0.00

    My Next membership payment is due on October 1st and im not sure If i want to throw away $35 for nothing. I understand that I get a "matrix" or whatever the hell payment every month, but whats it going to be $10, $25 dollars BFD. What should I do?
  17. mstinson35

    mstinson35 New Member

    Hello dcshoeco1

    I understand what you are saying and it can be a little bit dissapointing when yo don't see any payment activity. The spillover comes from your upline and your downline; not the powerline geneaology.

    I think many people are quitting this program especially if it doesn't pay for itself. Unless you are very interested in the products and really are passionate about them, then I suggest finding a program that is clear in its communication, provides a solid compensation plan, has longevity on its side and has products that you have a great interest in.

    Success Univeristy is one such product. You can take it for a test ride at href=" or ask people on this board what they would recommend. Do your due diligience next time before jumping into a program. Programs come and go but there are some good affiliate programs, you just need to find the one that works for you.

    Hope this helps.
  18. dcshoeco1

    dcshoeco1 New Member

    So Should I quit PWS Im probably not going to see anything?
  19. mstinson35

    mstinson35 New Member

    Hello dcshoeco1

    The only activity you will see is the $8 powerline pay (5, 2, 1) for the three people under you . This gets payed out the 1st Thursday of every month for the previous month's activity. You won't see any other activity other than this unless you personally recruit. To receive the spillover (to see it in the next month), you would have to have a VERY active upline.

    If your upline doesn't not have a large list built, or isn't active, so yes, I would recommend quitting the program, and doing some research on programs that not only have the criteria I mentioned before, but have a grest support team as well.

    I will look for a link that I have to a website that gives you information about how to pick a program right for you and will post it here.

    Hope this helps.
  20. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    I have done very well with PWS (Over $6K in 2 months) and it is a reasonable program for only $34.95.

    Bottom line is that if you don't do anything, then you aren't going to make much... this is the way it should be!

    Everybody wants something for nothing... work hard and you will be rewarded!

    I worked hard so I earned a nice income back!

    My 2 Cents...[​IMG]

    Winner's International

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