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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by ladysanchez, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. ladysanchez

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    On my first day taking calls my computer froze up in the middle of a call and stayed that way for a while.I spoke with a pal and they told me to shut my computer off using the power button. As a result of that my computer stayed in the lockdown desktop mode, I couldnt work for about a week trying to get pals and dell to restore my computer. After getting so little help from pals I fnally got someone from the helpdesk to fix the problem by setting up a new administrator account on my computer.Meanwhile all of my files,pictures and everything I had saved on my computer for the past 2 1/2 yrs is not accessible to me, If this isnt bull $&!* I dont know what it is.And then to make matters worse I started getting emails about being an agent who hasnt worked in a few days and about there expectations, The way I see it is if there system hadnt jacked up my computer then I would have been a working agent. The only thing I could do was turn my computer on and off.Nothing else would even work.Has anyone else had this problem or anything similar to it???
  2. cherie27

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    They have created a new account for you in your pc. You can go to c:\documents and settings\oldusername to look for your documents & pictures.
  3. tropicalbenzo

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    lady that happen with me allthe time i really dont know hyw neither i try to contact dell they check my computer , we erase all data, i install everything again and still happen .... maybe 2 times a day and sometime when i on call, i hate it, anyway that only happen when i working!! weirddd, maybe is the work applications ...who knows!
  4. suni315

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    I wanted to let you know that happened to me as well.
    I called help desk and got a guy that knew what he was doing but had to look up instructions on how to get my computer back BUT WE DID NOT set up a new admin account. We had to go into the run command type in msconfig then once in the command prompt type in something I cant remember and do a few other things. I wish I could remember all the steps. They do have instructions for this fix that does not involve losing your DATA. I would call again and see if you can get a different person and tell them there is a walk through without setting a new admin!!!! I hope you can get this fixed I know how precious my pictures and files are on my computer I would be really upset if that had happened to me.

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