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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by kehk05, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. kehk05

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    Here's something I haven't heard of before. Lending Direct is recruiting people to work from home and process applications. For each approved application, they pay you $50. It was in the Home Business magazine. Anyone heard of it? I'm wondering if it's legit, only because they ask that you send $35 plus shipping and handling to them.

    However, the one that I found online said that you can finance a new computer and when you get 5 applications approved (they send you all of the marketing materials and issue you a registration number to track your applications), you don't have to make anymore payments. It's the same amount of $50 being paid out for each approved application.

    Any thoughts?
  2. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    kehk05: Any thoughts?

    I'm bettin' that you'll be lucky to get your $35 back.

    Those 'finance a computer' deals seem to be for the bad credit crew.
    You're gonna have to have a VERY competitive deal to offer.

    And, I'll bet that other 'finance a computer' promoters will be doing a better job than you - competition.
    Are you going to be able to advertise on TV and radio like the big boyz?

    Just my opinion.

    Hope u make a bundle!!

    CSGWAHM New Member

    It doesn't sound good to me, I would steer clear of it. Just my opinion though. Did you decide to do it?
  4. kehk05

    kehk05 New Member

    Hi, CSGWAHM ~ no, I haven't. I wanted to get input first. I don't want to try anything that needs money first without getting any feedback. Thank you for your response!
  5. Casper

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    Any business that wants you too deal with handling actual money is dangerous as it could be considered as money laundering & that would land you some serious jail time if court.
  6. Marktech

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    I bet the part they don't tell you is that you not have to only process the applications but promote and market for them too. I bet they even sell a "sure fire" advertising package or some such.
  7. GetGoin

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    TJamMoneyMan: Are you going to be able to advertise on TV and radio like the big boyz?

    a very valid point !!

    dont go for it in my opinion ..

    feel free to contact me ..


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