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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by mahfooyee, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    This is just my experience but I purchased pLance back in March of 2007. It has been very good for a newbie as myself even though the info can be an overload. However, I've encountered an issue w/ their customer support not responding to my emails. I sent an email towards the end of October 2007 and waited 2 weeks with no response.

    During all of this, I sent numerous emails using pLance "contact us page" and still no response whatsoever. So I sent three more emails btwn November 13 to 19 of 2007 and they returned back to me as undeliverable. How was that possible? Frustrated not knowing what to do I contacted yahoo support and sent them copy of undeliverable messages and after their research they suggested I contact the postmaster for pLance which I did today.

    What's interesting here is that I decided well let me request my password info to see if I get anything. Lo and behold in a matter of less than ten minutes I got it. And not only that I get the periodic pLance updates one just a few days ago about Camtasia 3 being offered for free. However on my pLance homepage, I noticed there's a Camtasia3 blog post but no link for me to access it.

    Also a css template link I received for offering my feedback about the system is gone. I do believe the system works but I feel left out in the cold with no support. It's almost like I've been blacklisted I paid for the system which includes lifetime updates but I get no access right now.

    Sorry for the long post just very dishearten right now as I was looking to make an honest livelihood online thru the system. Thank you for reading!

    God Bless,

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