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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by jandjkoelker, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. jandjkoelker

    jandjkoelker New Member

    Hi everyone! Iam thinking of ordering the profit lance program and it sounds as if it is highly recommended! My question is ... is this just an informational thing that I am buying, or does it tell me and give me what I have to do to make money from home? Also, besides the actual PL product, how much out of pocket (estimate) must you spend? About how long per day do you work?... thank you all so much! I have 5 kids and I must be cautious about what I start, but we NEED another income badly!! [​IMG]
  2. 040107

    040107 Member

    It's both an informational thing that tells you and give you the
    information you need to make money from home.

    You're buying or taking over a establish business that's already
    making money so of course it's information that your buying.

    It's just like paying to take some college courses. You're buying
    information. You're not buying a job nor does going to college will
    guarantee you a job. You have to spend time and money searching
    and interviewing for jobs. Same here...

    There are free ways to start making money. The amount of time
    you need to put in to make it work will all depends on solely on you.
    This is unique to every individual. It depends on so many things
    that nobody can give you a definite answer.

    Using the same information, some people make money their very
    first day while others struggle for months. Some people are very
    focused while others aren't. Some people pick the right market or
    niche and promote the right products. Some people don't. Some
    people make very little money until they stumble on a the right
    product, right market, at the right time and become successful.
    Others quit before getting to that point. Some people are natural
    at writing and selling while others aren't. I can go on and on...

    So buying Profit Lance in itself won't make you any money but if you
    learn and apply what you learn you may make money. I said "may"
    because applying what you learn is only a part of the formula for
    success. You have to apply what you learn with the right product,
    the right market, at the right price, with the right marketing, etc.
    Then there's always the luck factor.

    This isn't just with Profit Lance but any marketing courses out there.[​IMG]
  3. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Jodie,

    Yes, PL is basically info. only. Some people do make money without any further out of pocket expenses, but I highly doubt very many do.

    You generally won't do very well unless you invest in a domain and hosting package, at the very least. Depending on what package you end up buying it can range from about $80-$150 per year for that alone.

    You will probably need some good research tools, an auto responder, and more that will run you well into the hundreds.

    The honest truth is that PL is a good information package but (if these forums are any indication) most people don't make much, if any, money from buying PL alone.

    I started out with SiteBuildIt (SBI) which is an information AND tools package combined. It cost me $299 for the year to build my chocolate candy site. It includes all the info., tools, domain, hosting, search engine optimization and submission, blogger, rss, etc. (I'm sure there's stuff in there that I'm not even using yet or even aware of. [​IMG] ).

    If you are serious about doing this and you want the best value for money, I would highly recommend you go straight for SBI. It's very non-techie and cuts the learning curve back to the very basics. I was so overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get started online.

    Finding SBI was a true blessing. Yes, I am now an affiliate, too, so people may think I'm biased, but I would recommend it as the best option even if they didn't have an affiliate program.

    Before you make up your mind on what path to follow, at least take a look at what they offer so you know what all is involved and can make an informed decision.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    By the way, no matter what program you go with, you aren't likely to make much money in the first few months (sorry to discourage you). It's best that you consider this with that firmly in mind. If you happen to choose a ripper of a good niche and make good quicker, that's an added bonus and icing on your cake.

    Those who go into online marketing as a newbie and expect to make regular money quickly are destined to disappointment and discouragement. They tend to end up giving up in disillusionment.

    Be realistic in your expectations, persevere, and stay focused and you can bring in another income in the long run. If you need the money 'yesterday' look for offline work. [​IMG]

  4. KDMiller55

    KDMiller55 New Member

    jandjkoelker ,

    It sounds a little to me as if you are wondering if Profit Lance is "legit" or not. Let me assure you that it is! The information contained in the Profit Lance program goes far beyond what a lot of other programs offer. I'm pretty new at this myself, but I've seen and learned enough to recognize what works, and Profit Lance is definitely a good place to start in the world of internet marketing.

    Now, at the risk of sounding like a broken record to the other good folks in this forum, I suggest visiting and signing up for their totally free course in how to make your first dollar in thirty days. Through a series of videos and instructional exercises, this program literally walks you through every step necessary to get your internet marketing skills to the level where you can actually understand what you're doing and why (learning internet marketing can be very daunting at first, since there is so much information coming at you seemingly all at once).

    Finally, be prepared to put in some work and time, but don't get discouraged. There are a lot of good people here whose brains you can pick for help and advice.

    GVood luck!
  5. jandjkoelker

    jandjkoelker New Member

    Thank you all so much for your advice! I think that I will order the PL program. I am willing to put time into this... w/ 5 kids I am willing to do anything to be able to get by and just live comfortably! I have so many more questions, and some of the things you all are talking about I don't understand.. but if I just order the product I think that I will understand more???? Thanks again! Oh, and do you all recommend having my own product? Thanks [​IMG]
  6. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I recommend having your own product, definitely!!

    If you get profit lance, I recommend you start out with the free traffic methods, such as article marketing. you should also check out bum marketing, its really good [​IMG]
  7. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    happywife: The honest truth is that PL is a good information package but (if these forums are any indication) most people don't make much, if any, money from buying PL alone.

    Totally agreed. I had PL for 4 months before I made my first sale, a measly $26. I didn't make another until I joined the internet marketing community called Wealthy Affiliate, and now I am up to 9 sales. I have only been with WA for three weeks, but I can already tell you it blows PL out of the water.

    It comes with free hosting, so all you really need is a domain to get a website up and going. Plus, the forum there is incredibly supportive.
  8. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    jandjkoelker: Oh, and do you all recommend having my own product? Thanks

    Having your own product is always good, but it isn't necessary to make money, especially in the beginning. It would be better to get an understanding of online marketing, web building, etc., before you worry about that.

    Of course, if you are referring to a digital product and you already have one written (ebook, etc.) and you want to go ahead and start with that side of things, you can set it up in clickbank, create a sales page and try to get some affiliates selling for you. That may help you generate some income while you are learning the other stuff.


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