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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by makemoneyonline, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Has anyone heard of profit lance? It's absolutely amazing. The only ebook I have REALLY had success with is Holly Mann's ebook. I've seriously tried everything out there. You name it, I've tried it! It actually makes me sick to think of how many get rich quick scams I've come across. I found this one amazing program called Profit lance and its actually legit believe it or not. Its like an online course. You are given access to the member's area and you are given tutorials, ebooks, a CRAP load of information about how to make money online by being an affiliate. The amount and quality of info in this program floored me so much that I had to make a post about it![​IMG] You get 15 of your own already made websites with the program and all you have to do is drive traffic to the websites using all of the info that is taught in this course. I know that the Rich Jerk offers a free website with his course, but Profit lance is different because you don't have to pay for any hosting whereas with the Rich Jerk program you have to pay about 10 dollars a month! I'm so excited about Profit lance, you guys should check it out!
  2. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    I just read the list of features. Though the information will be highly useful I think you can get all that information for much less.
  3. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    Quoting: makemoneyonlineI know that the Rich Jerk offers a free website with his course, but Profit lance is different because you don't have to pay for any hosting whereas with the Rich Jerk program you have to pay about 10 dollars a month!

    I do not doubt that this is a great information source and opportunity. But keep in mind that most times when you're getting a free website with free hosting, your getting exactly that.

    What I simply mean is that sometimes "free" is not all it's cracked out to be.

    When you have free hosting, basically a company feels no financial commitment from you. So getting support for your website can sometimes be difficult.

    For example: If and when you experience technical problems with your site, as in not showing up on the internet because their server is down, or whatever the case may be. You inform them that you're losing money because your site is not up and running properly! Well, good luck in trying to get them to fix the problem asap.

    In their eyes you didn't pay them a penny to get that site or a penny for monthly hosting fees, so they are not as quick to react to your issue at hand because they feel no commitment to you. After all you did get it for free, right?

    Of course not every free site is this way. I'm sure there are plenty of great support teams for people with free website and hosting. I'm simply just warning you of the "possible" situations you could face that could cost you potential revenue loss. So doing research is always good.

    Also just think of this: If someone can't afford to pay ten bucks a month for hosting fees, do you think a prospect is really going to buy into a "money-making" system from that person? It's a little more difficult to convince someone that your system works.

    Once again I just wanted to throw that out there. But if you have a good feeling about an opportunity, then by all means go for it. I checked out the site and it does have some good info on it.
  4. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Yeah you have a point, but I've been making great money from this system, so I just wanted to share that because I was so excited that I have found something that isn't a scam [​IMG]
  5. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    That's great makemoneyonline. Yeah, with all the rats out there on the web scamming people it's getting more difficult to build trust with prospects.

    It's really refreshing to hear when someone like yourself has found a system that is not a scam and is actually working for them. That's great!
  6. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Thanks Chaz T[​IMG]
  7. jmerrick

    jmerrick New Member

    Profit Lance offers a lot of free landing pages and different tools and resources in the members area, but the information itself could have been better. I found that this course took a slew of bonus ebooks and integrated them very cleverly into a massive members area. It was worth the money to me, but is not the best course I have come across.
  8. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Quoting: jmerrickIt was worth the money to me, but is not the best course I have come across.

    Well what are some of the other ones you would recommend?
  9. jmerrick

    jmerrick New Member

    Let me rephrase actually... Profit Lance could've offered more in terms of actual techniques in some places (instead of pointing to 3rd party resources) but the author actually includes some very good info on the different types of internet entrepreneurs, articles (very good), blogs, etc. This is the downside of integrating resell rights videos and bonuses into ones course, it is easy to mistake the whole course being a bundle of 3rd party resources. Profit Lance does have plenty of its own material and is very good, for sure. It just has, like all courses, a few weaknesses. But like I said, worth the money.
  10. Hi makemoneyonline,

    I just signedup for the Profit Lance system yestersday and I have been going thru' the exercises. I am curious to know how long did it take for you to complete the exercises and start implementing so that we could start making the money. This is my first system and I am curious to know. Appreciate your feedback. Also I have heard a lot about Ultimate Wealth package. Any idea how it is compared with Profit Lance?

  11. dimave

    dimave New Member

    Hi, I think Profit Lance is the best course for that type of money. I've bought plenty of ebooks, and the content and quality does not touch whats in profit lance. Also, you get taught real skills. I've never come across anything like it in terms of quality, value for money, and best of all, for new people its an excellent point to start to learn online marketing. For what you actually get for that price, it's one of the better products to come out of clickbank.

    Whenever i've been logging in, I find new materials every other day - and its Profit Lance content.

    jmerrick, I had a look at your review site - quite nice. You're promoting affiliate allstar as your number 1 pick. Is that your own product?
  12. dimave

    dimave New Member


    Your fortunate to have been spared buying what are mostly ebooks that are useless practically speaking. I bought ultimate wealth package and its such a crass product. You get a few ebooks, its content mostly found in other popular ebooks with tonnes of resell rights packages to download and resell yourself.

    I was more interested in learning skills so products like ultimate wealth weren't much help.
  13. jmerrick

    jmerrick New Member

    The author of Affiliate Allstar is a guy named Aaron Johnson. I don't have any products of my own.
  14. dimave

    dimave New Member

    Reason I asked because you are linking to it without any affiliate link from your site. Its a straight direct link. I followed through straight to the order page. That means you are giving the guy free traffic and free business. That's why I assumed that its got to be your product. Why would you do that - lose money?

    From what you describe about the product, its just like any other, but I might be tempted to buy it. At present I'm more than happy with the profit lance course.
  15. jmerrick

    jmerrick New Member

    It's not a direct link, it just looks like one because the author automatically cloaks his affiliates links. Adwords Miracle does the same thing.

    If you've already bought Profit Lance there's probably no need to buy another course at the time being unless you aren't making money.
  16. dimave

    dimave New Member

    Thanks... I'm doing alright at the moment. I'm learning a lot, and I'm going to get some projects started soon. I really like to understand things first rather than just follow instructions. I'm actually more excited about learning skills at this stage, I think its a real good platform for skills.

    thanks again, i've been reading your site once more.
  17. Hi dimave,

    Thanks for the feedback. I am reading thru the material in profit lance course, there is lot of material to catch up with. Just curious to know how long does it take before you start implementing and making money.

  18. dimave

    dimave New Member

    I'm really excited about the research techniques, and finding markets to exploit. I didn't realise that there is wealth of information you can use to get precise market knowledge. But I like the techniques covered to actually determine things like traffic. I think its extremely clever the way the tools are used by the author.

    I've had a good read and in my opinion there are different avenues. Personally, I've found a few good markets that I've researched and I'm planning on doing a content site and then use the strategies for building traffic. I'm a practical person, so I really like the project sections. At this point, I am not too bothered about money. I'm more interested in getting experience in how to think and how to use my new knowledge and skills to set up a few ventures of my own.

    What I'm also getting from a course is how to think as a marketer. I have to admit the guy knows his stuff and gives you real direction. Before i wasn't focused because i didn't know where to start, but now I've got ideas buzzing in my head.
  19. JCP

    JCP New Member

    I am training w/ Profit Lance, I LOVE his course! Mike, the author has been soooooo helpful. I am amazed by his knowledge. And, I love that he is so personable, and so humble. He is very good about emailing and responding personally.

  20. joker7041

    joker7041 New Member

    Hello all!
    I am quite new to this sort of thing but am very much intrigued. I just recently myself purchased the profitlance system. There is an abundance of info and I believe that the earning potential is definately there also. I guess for me it will just be the matter of sorting it all out and taking it all in before I actually try to get things going. My wife thinks it's a joke I guess because in part I have thrown money into other "investments" and just watched my money dissappear. So I guess I can't blame her. I have a good feeling about this one though because I am not just throwing my money in something and hoping for a return. I really would like to show my wife that this could actually work with the right attitude and effort. Oh yeah, before I forget.....Has anyone else had problems downloading the "video tutorials"?? For some reason I can't. I have addressed this to Mike and he suggessted it may have to do with something about "Javascript" and he would try to work on it from his end. Just wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem. Well enough of my blabbering. Just wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks

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