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  1. wealthymom36

    wealthymom36 New Member

    Here is a press release that will go out on Oct 8. Please check my signature to go register if interested or pm for more info.

    Prosperity Automated System under SEC Investigation - New player in the "No Selling - No Calling " Arena

    Due to an unbelievable demand and scrutiny, the Prosperity Automated System ( Owner: Bill O.) has been investigated by the SEC for a couple of weeks now.

    While at this time no one knows the results of this investigation, there is a new player on the "No Selling - No Calling" businesses arena: "The Prosperity International".

    The new "Prosperity International " business is a totally legit business and SEC compliant. The owners of "Prosperity International " are Simon Johansson and Harmony Thiessen , from Megawealth Corporation.

    They followed the PAS business model while at the same time took time to replace the flows in it with improved services and an unbelievable product. They saw the potential of a business similar to PAS due to the success that PAS has had for almost one year, but at the same time they took note that a business model like that needs to be improved by offering an outstanding product and a real business opportunity - which would make it SEC-proof.

    The launch of Prosperity International is the most eagerly awaited event of 2006. Full program launch is scheduled for around the 3rd week of October.

    The company main pre-registration web site claims that if:

    " 1. You have absolutely no previous knowledge about making money from the internet, or any technical knowledge about computers...

    2. You don't want to worry about products, credit card processing, shipping or customer issues...

    3. You want nothing whatsoever to do with Multi-level (MLM) or network marketing, selling pills, potions, holiday discounts or software to family & friends, buying and selling on eBay, internet gambling, forex & financial investments, over hyped product less schemes or any other gimmicks either...

    4. You don't want to do any selling, or spend endless hours on the phone making cold calls and having to chase, interview, qualify & close prospects, mail expensive brochures ... or any of the other boring tasks nearly every other company out there always expect you to do ..."

    ...then this business is for you!

    As we know at this time, the company will offer a giant package of wealth creation information - making money in real estate, stock markets, etc. - valued at well over $6,000 retail. Besides this huge product package, the company will offer business opportunity licenses that can be purchased for an undisclosed price yet. The expected income per sale for the new owner license is at the $2,500 minimum. However, extra information is forwarded to people who register in this pre-launch phase at the web site.

    The pre-launch registration of people interested to be part of this new giant on this market began already on Oct 5, 2006. Anyone interested can go and register for free.

    The registration form can be accessed through my signature.
  2. Kevin Thomasson

    Kevin Thomasson New Member

    I have been teaching people how to set up online businesses and showing them how to successfully market their business online & offline for years now & I have pushed every company I have ever represented to do what Prosperity International has done for those who are unable to go through the necessary learning curve.

    Prosperity International has created a system that enables everyone who participates to experience success.

    For the first time ever in this industry they have eliminated the problems that plague the home based business arena & they have developed a true Turnkey Business Model.

    There are a lot of companies that are claiming to be turnkey & automated but they are far from duplicateable.

    They push outdated marketing structures, bad resources & you have to be a sales professional to experience any sort of success. The truth is that in order to reap the rewards from the majority of the companies being offered today you will have to call hundreds of unqualified leads all day to make money or you will have to learn how to market your business yourself.

    Lets face it, most people work full time & they don't have the time or patience to go through what is necessary to make it in this industry & the dreams & large investments are a loss.

    Not anymore!

    Kevin Thomasson
    GWS Marketing: 760.466.7356
  3. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    This should be a GREAT System that will earn a lot of people cash if they just do their advertising and let the system do the rest!

    Winner's International
  4. wealthymom36

    wealthymom36 New Member

    I ask EVERYONE reading this post to register FREE. After all, wouldn't you like to know what kind of opportunity this is? $2,500 per sale sounds good to me! Get in , there is nothing to lose!
  5. Amritash

    Amritash New Member

    Despite repeated requests for evidence of supposed violation caused on my account ,The Megawealth Corporation has failed to supply me with the necessary details.

    I HAVE WRITTEN TO BOTH YOUR FOUNDER MEMBERS,SIMON JOHANSSSEN( Or Simon J Hill as the BBC have investigated from Brnsley,UK[if anyone is interested,e-mail me and I will give u the url] & HARMONY THIESSEN BUT HAVE RECEIVED NO REPLY.

    Further,as per the Terms & Conditions ,below is a section of the T&C which seem to have been blatantly ignored and violated by the company;

    'An Affiliate may be terminated for violating any of the terms of this Agreement. Prosperity International will give written notice of termination of the Affiliate position of a violating Affiliate, citing evidence of the violation. Should no response be provided by the Affiliate within 15 days, termination will become effective upon final decision of Prosperity International '

    I would like to point out:-

    a) I have been given no notice prior to termination.
    b)My site was deactivated without warning and without citing evidence.
    c) I have not been given the chance to respond to the evidence as I have not been provided with any by you.
    c)Also, my site is being redirected to someone else's site,without any notice to myself or to the clients who are accessing the site.They will be assuming it to be mine.Even Paid for leads of mine,who are going to my site are unknowingly being redirected to someone else's!!

  6. Amritash

    Amritash New Member

    To get more info on the front people behind Megawealth Corporation,Prosperity International,

    check out:-

    Tell me what u make of it!!

    One of my associates got an e-mail from a Megawealth Corporation/Prosperity International affiliate, saying that he had made 70,000 pounds over the last six months with the company.

    When he called the business advisors, he was told tht this company was only operational since October.

    When he advised the business advisor of the e-mail, he was told that Megawealth had taken over PAS.

    I THOUGHT AS DID ALL THE PAS PEOPLE, THAT MEGAWEALTH CORPORATION's takeover of PAS failed!! Maybe Megawealth is acting as front men for the old PAS people??I dont know. If this is the case, then we all PAS members have a claim for compensation on Megawealth Corporation!!

    With the things I am unearthing abt the founders of Megawealth Corporation,Harmony Thiessen and Simon Johansson(simon J Hill??) I don't know what is the truth?? Can someone pls clarify for me??

    Do u c how and why I thin this info will be of inerest to you as well..

    Await yr comments.
  7. Amritash

    Amritash New Member


    It appears that Megawealth Corporation have little intention to resolve the situation.

    As such,apart from the Attorney General's Office, FBI, FTC, SEC, UK-MI5/MI6, Serious Fraud Office, Newspapers, TV & Cable channels

    Where else should Megawealth Corporation and Prosperity International be reported to so people are made aware of the case??

    Pls provide links or direct me to web sites where I should make people aware and also Governmental Institution links for reporting Breach of Contract.

    I also need more contacts for good MLM lawyers in North America,Canada,UK/EU, so I can get them to join in the team of lawyers I am assembling.

    Others who want to join in the suit,kindly message me yr intention,reason and contact details & someone from my team will revert to u ASAP!

    Thks in advance!!
  8. Amritash

    Amritash New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Just to update you on the Megawealth Corporation & Prosperity International saga.

    Yesterday, I recd an email from the company, with an attachment letter from one of it's founders.

    Basically, they are wanting me to sign and return a letter,which,...(WAIT FOR IT!!)


    The e-mail also states the AFTER RECEIVING THIS SIGNED LETTER FROM ME,

    I ask all you experienced business folk and network marketers and newbies out there, WHAT AN INTERESTING REPLY!!

    What should I do??
  9. Amritash

    Amritash New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Need yr HELP in narrowing down on a few Legal terms for the following:-

    1)Promoting a Company with Biographies and photos of its founder members while giving a false name for one of the founders?

    2)Failing to reveal the real name of the founder of a company and their true Biography.

    3)Inviting people to invest in an opportunity floated by the company giving incomplete and potentially incorrect indentities of teh founders?

    4)Being a cofounder of such a company,knowing that the aforementioned has taken place?

    5) Continuing to market and remain as advertised founders of a company knowing the aforementioned has taken place?

    6) Not advising the investers,bankers ,GOvernment Authorities and buyers of the companies products, of the aforementioned violations of LAW both potentially Civil Violations and also potentially criminal violations?

    7) Getting the investers,affiliates and members of the company to market their product knowing the aforementioned violations have taken place?


    Thks in advance!
  10. bigmoneyPRO

    bigmoneyPRO Guest

    I think this is agreat business that can make you some real income
    how can you sign up for free.It says you must pay $99 to be a affliate?
  11. Onlinbiz8

    Onlinbiz8 New Member

    Hi, just wanted to know if there is anyone out there who is with Prosperity International and how they are doing up to now...what methods you are using to advertise and the results you are getting. Would love to hear from my fellow Prosperity International members.
  12. Amritash

    Amritash New Member

    Hi all,

    I hear on the grapevine,PI and Megawealth Corporation is closing/closed, laid off staff and will soon disappear with everyone's money. Is this true? has anyone else also heard this?
  13. Mad Bill

    Mad Bill New Member

    Big Rip Off! don't do it. I lost over 30K in advertising with not one sale. This is a terrific scam.

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