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    PYURGLOBAL It The New Division Of 18 Year Old Health and Wellness Nutritional Company Which Had Just Announced An Amazing New Hearth Health Monitoring Device To Determine Your Internal Heart Health Age.

    We all know about the silent killer called heart disease and high blood pressure is something you do not realize until it is too late. Been there, have personal experience in how to lower blood pressure naturally through proper diet and nutrition, plus proper exercise which is critical as we age and the stresses of life increase daily and the years go by way to fast.

    OK, long story short, I hadn't been to doctor in decades, and if not for an accident, would probably have died of heart attack by now, so when I saw the high blood pressure, not only from the pain of accident, but from heredity as my Father died of heart attack at age 46, so this was a wake up call. Like most of us, we take supplements to try and avoid health issues, but do we really know if they are helping or hurting until we learn too late.

    I knew I should take care of my health to avoid heart disease, so I had purchased a blood pressure device to stay on top of my progress in keeping my blood pressure down. PYURGLOBAL has just introduced a device which uses your smart phone to monitor not only your blood pressure, pulse rate, but also oxygen levels in blood, plus allows you to determine your internal heart health age, something my doctor had explained vary's form person to person. So this made sense to me to take my monitoring a step further not knowing what my heart health was, just my pulse rate and blood pressure.

    Long story short, do you know what your heart health age is? Do you have any idea how important it is to prevent heart attacks and the silent killer that high blood pressure is? Simply put, knowing what I had learned about heart health, this new PYURGLOBAL heart monitor allows us to easily and conveniently monitor our internal heart health age and chart your internal age and actually watch it go down when taking specific heart health nutritional support products which go hand and hand with this new technological monitoring device which goes on your finger just like in hospitals to monitor you heart rate pulse.

    Technology is my main interest level beyond good health, so this 18 year old company is one that offers both, technology and health and nutritional products, so not getting too excited about any new products over the past decade, this got my attention and it just launched new division today. Worth checking out if you are a babyboomer or have concerns over your health like I have for years, this is a must have device which can demonstrate proof positive results once you get on our heart nutritional supplements.

    How many health related products have you evaluated personally over the years? Hundreds like I have, probably, but how many actually could feel an improvement? In my case, almost none, and heart disease is a silent killer, you could be taking every supplement in the world and still die of a massive heart attack. Monitoring is the secret to good health, knowing your blood pressure and heart pulse rate is not within normal range is critical. What is your blood oxygen level, another important aspect to monitor for optimum heart health. This is truly a unique new opportunity and given company is 18 years in business with some of the best nutritional products on the market, well proven management, this is a no brainer, so check it out.


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    Had a booth at local county fair to evaluate response to this new heart monitor technology and I found out first hand how curious everyone was to learn what their heart health age was. Similar to the booths where they would check your cholesterol levels which also were popular a few years back, before you could go to your major chain pharmacies and get checked, so the same interest in health exists today, if not more given heart disease is number one killer and growing.

    Long story short, a quick demonstration and it gets people thinking, in fact, how many even know what your blood pressure is? In asking people before attaching monitor if they new their blood pressure, almost none did unless under the care of a doctor already. So not only were people curious as to their blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen levels in blood, but none had a clue about their AORTIC PULSE WAVE VELOCITY?


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