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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by schwartzcy, May 6, 2009.

  1. schwartzcy

    schwartzcy New Member

    I just joined gypsybug, and have been told by a few people that it is horrible. Is anyone else doing gypsy bug, how have you been able to get people signed up?

    why is it so hard to get quality people to join? I have been posting on craigslist, but I just get some deadbeats.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Cameron - are you trying to get signups for gypsybug or your photography site?

    If you are trying to get signups for our photography, have you tried anything else other than flat out selling?? [​IMG] (which is basically what you do on Craigslist )

    You could join forums related to your products.... set up simple blogs and Squidoo lenses with quality information for people regarding your stuff... and then link it all to your websites, of course... and these are all free methods...

    just a thought - there are many , many ways to use the internet to promote whatever you want to - [​IMG]
  3. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    if you want to get the quality leads. you have to know where your target are..
  4. samda

    samda Member

    I would suggest a method that is working for me. Just add a signature to this forum and try to contribute in a positive manner. You would get quality leads in the days to come....
  5. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Join GypsyBug? is it a MLM?

    You gotta come to grips with reality, Cameron -
    you'll get "quality" people by making an offer that
    attracts them.

    "Free" isn't it.

    "Free" attracts people who want something-for-nothing -
    and are easily seduced by the next thing that is free and
    looks easy to make money with.

    If you want to build a sales force you need to get
    committed people on board. Either you need a way
    to exert social pressure (ie. lay a guilt-trip on your
    team if they don't go to work) or get people to put
    some of their own skin-in-the-game.

    Ie. Not Free.
  6. 7FigureHelper

    7FigureHelper New Member

    What in the world is Gypsybug?
  7. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    Buying leads is not going to make happen. At least that was my case and many other people. The best leads are the ones you generate yourself.

    Example of purchased leads;

    ring, ring you called

    "Hello Mr. (Smith)? Yes my name is (YOU) I'm calling you about the information that you requested about working from home?

    -Mr. (Smith) I don't remember requesting any information and you are the 5th person to contacted me today. Please for the last time take off my name from your list I'm not interested, I'm just looking for a job." [​IMG]

    Example of self generated leads;

    ring, ring they called you,

    "Hi (John) thank you for taking the time to contacted me. I'm really interested in what you are offering and I'm ready to move forward with it. Can you please assist me?" [​IMG]

    If you learn to do this right you will be like a magnet people will be contacting you credit card in hand. This is how the gurus build mlm empires. Search this forum good and you will learn to do this the right way. You may want to contact someone that can point you in the right direction. [​IMG]
  8. EwanRobb

    EwanRobb New Member

    Great point Franklin

    Never buy leads, they are just dead beatswho opted into a list usually because they had the chance to win a car or something. People dont care about your opportunity etc, they are looking for a leader to follow. you need to learn and practise attraction marketing and have prospects chasing you.
  9. truehealth

    truehealth New Member

    I agree with the above posts regarding creating your own leads. That is the best way to position yourself as a leader and attract yourself to the right people. While there may be good lead sources out there, contacting cold leads puts the favors against you because the individual may be looking for a "job" at home as opposed to a business, there may have been incentives for them to fill out info, they may not have much money to get started and many other reasons.
  10. freebieforceusa

    freebieforceusa New Member

    i too agree. Im generating many quality leads for my business by targeting the right people who are looking for business and job. theres a big difference to both
  11. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    I agree with generating leads through magnetic marketing. You want people coming to you, not you chasing after them. I have tried both, and the chasing is horrible. People just aren't interested or don't have the time or what ever other excuse they want to give. When you get people calling you, you may not "sign them up," but you sure do have a much more pleasant conversation with alot more positive outcomes.
  12. gingerva

    gingerva Guest

    drunyan: You want people coming to you, not you chasing after them. I have tried both, and the chasing is horrible. People just aren't interested or don't have the time or what ever other excuse they want to give. When you get people calling you, you may not "sign them up," but you sure do have a much more pleasant conversation with alot more positive outcomes.
    I agree with you totally...the chasing is horrible. I'd much rather have someone not join and make a new friend than have my "friends" go into witness protection and not return my calls.

    Ginger Hogue
  13. BruceMiles

    BruceMiles New Member

    I have never heard about GypsyBug. Can you tell me in detail about it?
  14. Dana K

    Dana K New Member

    Cameron, I recently joined a network marketing business. One of the things I looked for was someone who would coach and mentor me to become successful.

    People are looking for leaders. Someone to answer their questions on how & what to do. (Isn't that why we're all on this forum?)

    Learn and become the person others look to for answers. People will ASK to join your team - not the other way around!

    It takes a little longer, but it's a heck of a lot more fun.
  15. floridalady

    floridalady New Member

    I do not use network marketing leads because too many people get the same leads and the people are just not interested. Creating your own leads is the best method to find people that will be interested in your company. Write articles about something that is related to the product of your company and post these articles on articles directories. Put a link to your web site or blog in the author's area. Post in social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.), makes friends and develope a large group or followers and then talk about your business.
    Create a video about your business and submit the video to video sites. There are many ways create your own leads.
  16. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    In order to get quality leads into any niche, you have got to target your niche and if you are using a traffic source like PPC, you have to to make sure that you are targeting the right people.
  17. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    I agree. You don't want to be throwing good money after empty leads, ie. people who don't have any interest in what you have for sale. PPC ads need to be aimed at the right crowd.
    Have a nice day,
  18. wrlawrence

    wrlawrence New Member

    I really need to keep things simple. I purchased and built a site build it website and spent a few months doing the step by step instructions and now get free targeted prospects contacting me weekly. I've been so busy that there is no sense in looking at any other way. My site has 10,000 visitors for the month of April & growing and is just a few months old.
  19. jeffreysloe

    jeffreysloe Member

    Generating your own targeted leads is the way to go. The self-generated leads are usually waiting for a pone call from you, and look forward to talking to you.

    ON the other hand, buying leads is a waste of time and money. The purchased leads have been bought and sold so many times. If you can reach them, they will probably tell you not to call them again, and it may not be said that nicely.

  20. Mike McClurg

    Mike McClurg New Member

    Yes that's right Jeffery

    I'll NEVER buy leads ever

    They are totally a waste of time and money

    But, I don't mind buying customers

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