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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Soccergirl25, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Soccergirl25

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    So, last Monday I failed my training. I went to take my 2nd test on the 2nd chance you are given and before I could even finish the test and submit all answers, it locks me out of training all together and says "Failed." I've worked in a very fast pace call center for 2 years and I hate to think I've "Failed" at something I KNOW I can do and something I have EXPERIENCE in. So, I called and talked to a PAL on Monday- he was kind of rude, said he'd email his supervisor. Then, I called back Tuesday and talked to a very nice PAL... she said that once HR gets notification I failed DR training (within a couple days) I'd probably get a new skill (within a couple days). Well....I've yet to hear anything or see any new ones available. I desperately need money for bills and I applied at Arise but am very very very skeptical of investing hundreds of dollars into something I don't know much about. So, does anyone have any advice? Should I call and talk to a PAL again tomorrow? Email someone? What do I do? Thanks in advance.
  2. Carolinafan79

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    Sorry. I failed DR training back on October 12th and have yet to get another skill.
  3. kandmh

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    Ah - I have 3 more sections to pass of the DR and it seems to be getting harder and harder. It's not that it's hard, it's just alot of information, etc. What parts did yall fail. I am hoping you are going to say, I'm past the hard part and on to smoother ground.... but who knows.

    But to address your question... I'm sorry, I've only been given DR, but will be looking for another skill after I get the hang of DR. I hope you get something offered soon, or maybe someone will post some helpful information.
  4. InsipidMess

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    There is no rhyme or reason on how Dubya hands out skill invites. You may luck out and recieve an invite right away, or you may have to wait months before a new skill is offered. Patience is the key with West. Good luck!

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