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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by eber3, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. eber3

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    I recently had a customer want to talk to a supervisor, so I called a pal and got some woman who spoke so quietly she could barely be heard. The customer was wrong on what she was saying, as I'd already tried to explain to her. The pal did the same, in a barely hearable voice. When the customer kept insisting that she was right, I heard the pal sigh and then she hung up! Leaving me there with the customer and a call that was now running on 20 minutes long! I was going to call another pal and report her, but realized I never asked for her name. Why is it that the pals often don't offer their names anyway? But what I really want to know is this, do pals have a ID number like our agent numbers? Something like that would identify them better anyway. First thing I'm going to do with pal calls from now on is get their name, and number if they have one.
  2. snowmama

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    So sorry that you had an awful time with a pal not sure what I would have done if I had a problem with mine on top of everything else. I have H$N pals and they are great! However you have taught me a valuable lesson make sure to write down the pal you are talking to just in case.
  3. vagabond

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    They are supposed to give their name but not all do. I have learned (the hard way) it is best to always ask for and write down their name, of course, you are usually stressed when you are calling them so I know that is not easy to do.

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