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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by Paulette, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Paulette

    Paulette New Member


    I have question about the Disneyworld Vacation. I gave my daughter this vacation to try out, and she is doing the 4 days and 3 nights accomendations includes 2 complimemntary tickets.
    She submitted this and recieved a call today stating that there weren't anymore $49.00 resorts packages. But, he had $79 resort package and to get this she had to go to a time share tour.
    I thought we didn't have to do the tours and he said if she didn't do the tour he had no rooms available for her.
    Can Funtime do this? I am not real happy it was put to her this way. I hope someone can help me out before I call and put in my 2 cents worth, am I wrong?
  2. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    I am not sure about that vacation but Stephanie has said on the Product calls that you must follow the terms in order to get a certain price and to avoid the Timeshare presentations as an example if it states to book 60 days or more out and you book 45 days out then the said terms are no longer valid.

    Did that make sense?
  3. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    Thank-you Rhonda for responding and was aware of what your telling me. If I am not mistaken I am sure we read 30 days and did submit it within that range.

    The way this person made it sound was more of we don't have any of those rooms on the days you requested but, if you want I have rooms available for $79 a person but, you have to attend the timeshare persentation to get it.
  4. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    I am sorry I mis understood my daughter. The guy that called her stated that the dates she has requested were no longer available. However, they could put her into an upgraded hotel that is much nicer for the dates she requested but she would have to do the 60 minute orientation walk through to get it for free along with the tickets.

    When my daughter looked online at the hotels today that were originally offered with the package; they were showing those dates as available. So she is a little confused why he is saying that none of the original hotels have no room and now is offering this other "upgraded" hotel and making them go through the orientation.
  5. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Just a quick note. Paulette. Some online booking options will give you options for your date, but when you go to secure that date, it's not available. Also, rates book quickly. I watched as several options I looked at in 1 day got booked.

    I am spoiled and now require a condo resort over a bed and a room...there are some great options there as well.

    Jay NaPier
  6. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Hi Paulette I that you have mentioned fun time. if your daughter called today i would have been the one she talked with . I was handling to disney reservations today. I have a staff member that has been out for a week. we take notes on all of our reservation calls . if you would like please email me at funtimevacation and i will look up the reservation. i will be leaving town at 11am tomorrow thanks.
  7. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    hi paulette sorry its late.
  8. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    There we have it....and I might add that Rusty didn't have to post this at all. Quality Service is what we are all looking for and Rusty provides great service.

    Jay NaPier
  9. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    Hi Vernon
    My daughter emailed you with who she spoke with.
  10. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    Ok Rusty is who she spoke with. There is no question on the quality of service; very nice on the phone, it was just the confusion that we (as Coastal) have always been told as long as we have done everything correctly that our members would not have to go through any type of time share orientation in order to get the deal. I understand the offer he gave her because there were no other dates available and he was offering this option. Just my son in law is on his way home from Iraq for 18 days and I am sure he is not wanting to sit through an hour long presentation that he knows he is not wanting to do.

    I appreciate all the information and help.

    I am still new at this so there was a little confusion.
  11. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    I'm curious as to which week she is looking at. It seems like this would be a slow time in Orlando - I would think lots of rooms would be available.

    Rusty, can you explain how this works? Are you (Funtime) allocated a certain number of rooms that you can distribute at a certain price or are you working off inventory that all travel booking companies have access to?
  12. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Great question and this will help you to know how much we go through so that we do not have to use ( Breakage ) companies. in order for us to offer these kinds of deals to coastal and other vacation companies you have to first be a big companies that can send a large volume of people per year on a specific vacation
    ( like disney).
    fun time sends thousands of people to disney a year and it is based on a network of blocked promotional rooms. as we grow the block grows.
    we are not the only one useing rooms out of the block. in order to be in the network you have to have had longevity in the travel industrie they monitor your customer service and so on. in this case the block was full. so to help this person out that could only go on certain dates and her husband is comming back from serving our country i arranged for her to get a FREE 4 night upgrade to the raddison hotel and still keep her disney tickets. in this case the name raddison says it all. if I didnt take those steps to help her she would have had to change her dates and that would have been bad for her. I want to point out that this is why fun time has been around for so long and COASTAL doesnt get any customer complaints about us. fun time is the biggest vendor in COASTAL and has been with COASTAL longer than any other vendor. im real happy that i was able to help her with her special time
  13. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Thanks for that information Rusty.

    It was helpful.
  14. Paulette

    Paulette New Member


    I just want to send you a big thank-you for taking care of my daughter and her family. I apperciate everyone stepping out to give their help.

    Thank-you again for the offer to give them an extra day, this will be a special time for them. This being my first time actually getting someone through the process. I see this as a learning experience and one that has shown me this does work.
  15. JenaV

    JenaV New Member


    Awesome Svc!!! [​IMG]

    Coastal has it all. Great Vendors, awesome savings. This is why I charge forward in my business everyday, because we have a product & a business I CAN Fully believe in!

    You know last year, when I was looking.... The person that was prospecting me said we have Vendors such as... Hertz, Avis, and Budget Rent a Car.

    DING, Ding, ding... Bells went OFF - my husband has been a Corporate employee of Budget for 12 going on 13 years (lower mgmt - svc agent supervisor) When they called out those names, I asked my husband. Now, my husband doesn't work with the front desk and booking rentals.

    So he didn't know about Coastal or Access Membership discounts. He went to the General Manager and asked. Buddy replied Yep, they get BETTER discounts than our employees!

    That's what drove the nail in, for my decision. Then I presented my Case to my hubby. LOL [​IMG]

    P.S. FYI Cendant bought Budget & Avis, then merged them in 2003. Have a Blessed Weekend everyone!

  16. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Im glad that the situation was handled in a timely manner by FTV in this case. With the situation at hand it was warranted. I will say that we hope that continues to be the case in any issues that come up with the vendors. As FTV is a major part of our Coastal Package and as this is a Coastal thread and sub-forum it only made sense that it was addressed right away. As we are talking about the situation I will say that my experience has not been the same with FTV. Its good though that they are making strides to change that image.

    As we are all members of the Coastal Package I think its imperative we all hold the vendors to a high standard. If they dont live up to that standard just as we are giving them kudo's in this case we should put their feet to the fire as well with no worries of being looked at in a bad light for speaking out.

    I appreciate the owners of FTV being on this forum and addressing the concerns of all of the Coastal Members. I know that as time goes on and we all address issues they should be handled in the same timely fashion. I wish that we had more of the vendors on the forum it seems they could really increase their business and put themselves in a better customer friendly light by getting to where the end users are. It also allows us to express our concerns with the vendors as well. I for one hope we can have that open door policy with any vendor that does make the effort to post here. Its good they can drum up more business but it's important they are responsible to concerns in the same manner.

    Paulette I look forward to hearing your testimony on how the trip panned out and God Bless your son-in-law in all he does to make America the place where we can speak up for ourselves.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
  17. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    it is awesome to know we can come on here and get all these answers - Rusty, thanks for taking the time to help out.. great explanation...


  18. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Thank you everyone for the great post. I look forward to all of you traveling with us in the future, AL ROMINE will be making a very special announcment soon that will surely
    thank you Paulett for giving me the chance to show you what we can do.
    AND ADAM your comment about you not being happy with funtime was uncalled for at this time . you always make an excuse that you tell it like it is. well there is 2 sides to that. maybe in the future we MIGHT want to do business with you again but its comments like that that will make sure it doesnt happen. time and time again you put your 2 cents in at the wrong time.
    as always im sure you will have yet another comment to say about this. you cant help yourself its your nature. thats ok though people are smart and they can see through all the smoke and mirrors. sorry everyone for my comments ive tried hard to not make any comments about adams consistant negative comments but i do not like his attact on fun time. at one point a month ago his complaints were valid when we were having problems with our auto responder system and we were as frustrated as anyone else. and it took us time to repair the problem . just like anything new you overcome the problem and move on. and now its better than it was before. but adam cant seem to move on. what he doesnt see is that he is trying to damage the thing that we all are using to help us make money and thats ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS THAT FUN TIME IS GIVING ALL THE COASTAL DIRECTORS. he thinks he is hurting FUN TIME but in reality he is only hurting himself he just hasnt realized it yet.
    fun time is now a part of alot of different businesses and every day we make more and more progress developing things that are helping other people make money. i would be fullish to say we are never going to have problems but just look at what we have done since january hahaha i cant wait to see what the next year brings.
    i will finish by saying that there is alot that you dont know about that happened with adam and if anyone want to know just call me. however i dont want to waist time on the subject . i would rather keep working hard to supply you with the best products that i can to help us all make money.
    again thank you all for using fun time whenever you can and i look forward to meeting you all in the future.
  19. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quoting: vernon dillon i would be fullish to say we are never going to have problems but just look at what we have done since january hahaha i cant wait to see what the next year brings.

    Very true and the way you handle challenges makes the difference between success and failure as a company. I've seen some awsome companies go away because of issues....BUT I've also seen them shine at their toughest hour.

    Much success in all you do.

    Jay NaPier
  20. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    V. Dillion,

    Thank you for the update about the annoucement. Do you know when this will happen?

    Thx so much.

    Warm Regards,

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