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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by angel41372, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. angel41372

    angel41372 New Member

    I was recently hired and told to sign up for a skill. Over the past two days the only skill that is coming up is Direct Response. And DR is only showing up occasionally through out the day. After reading this forum I decided that maybe I should wait for another skill to show up. But my question is this: will I be offered another skill or is DR my only option until I take so many calls? Does that make sense? Should I just take DR and wait until I'm offered something else or just wait it out? Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. snowball

    snowball New Member

    vm is better then dr is you can wait at least you don't have all those upsells ,apos to mess with
  3. snowmama

    snowmama New Member

    I have been given Dr, VM and H$N too but I am waiting on my cable guy to come out tomorrow (Friday) so I have watched it this week every day just to see first it was just DR then all three and I was going to go ahead and click on H$N cause I haven't heard anything bad yet about them but now it's gone and I just have VM and DR left. Has anyone heard anything about H$N would that have been ok and I have read some bad things about VM on here too so what is your take on it. Please let me know,
    Thanks Kimberly [​IMG]
  4. snowball

    snowball New Member

    vm is better then dr at least you do not have to deal with apo's and upsells

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