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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by LilifyFey, Dec 10, 2008.

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    OK OK I've read about the Average Joe Income Package, but I couldn't really find any help here about Honest Riches. All I found was that it's a good program for beginners compared to Average Joe. I have the time to do this honestly but can or will someone just tell me the pro's and con's of each?[​IMG] Also if I do get a program would anyone be willing to help. Not trying to violate rules here. If I did I'm sorry. ~ Lilify
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    Hi Lilify,

    I think I just answered a question you posted in the Honest Riches forum. [​IMG] Welcome here, too. [​IMG]

    I haven't ever purchased Average Joe, so I'll let someone else give you a review of that one.

    I purchased Holly's Honest Riches book 2 years ago. It wasn't terribly expensive and it did have honest information in it about affiliate marketing, but it wasn't enough for me, personally, to make 'sense' of it all and bring in any money.

    Honest Riches more or less gives you information on how to implement affiliate marketing, but it is not really a program in and of itself. If you decide to build a website business, you'll still need to purchase a domain, hosting, research tools, autoresponder, learn SEO, etc.

    I was as green as grass and was completely confused and out of my depth. I didn't understand half the terms that were being batted around so effortlessly. The thought of having to figure out which tools to purchase and if they would be compatible, etc., terrified me.

    I kept looking for something that would be more complete and step by step to reduce the learning curve, knowing full well that I am NOT stupid, but I needed more help. [​IMG]

    I finally ran across a free affiliate marketing course by Sitesell that really made things click for me. I decided to purchase their site building program SiteBuildIt (SBI) and haven't looked back. It did have all the tools, domain, hosting, step by step instructions, etc. that I needed.

    So, the Honest Riches book I purchased wasn't a scam by any means, it just was not enough to get me on the road to success.

    I hope that helps answer at least half of your question. [​IMG] If you have further questions, you can ask them here or send me a private message by clicking on the little envelope by my name on the left.


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