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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by Facta, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Facta

    Facta New Member

    Please let me know if anyone knows why
    1.- does not work? I bought the "8 Day Resort Getaway" from Level II and this web page is for viewing availability and make reservations but it doesn??t work since a couple of weeks ago.
    2.- I got in my LI package 2 discount cards -Tour membership card and travel card-that have the next web page to use them "" but this one also doesn??t work.
    3.- I bought 8 of the "Mexican Fly and Stay" and in there it says to get in touch with Do they still work???? I live in Mexico and it is so expensive to get them back to the US....... [​IMG]
  2. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    I am not sure about the other vendors, but if you look at the thread titled "Warning for all Coastal members"
    you will see we are having trouble with They have started their own company like Coastal and so they are competing with us. I don't think Coastal is doing business with this vendor anymore. You should have received a different voucher to replace the fly and stay.

    As for the cards. I am not sure which cards you are using but there is this website for the access card. You will have to fill in your number from the front of your card.

    I would recommend getting on one of the BOD calls and ask them about these vacations and what you can do.
    Hope this helps.

  3. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    Quoting: Facta1.- does not work? I bought the "8 Day Resort Getaway" from Level II and this web page is for viewing availability and make reservations but it doesn??t work since a couple of weeks ago.

    Just wanted to let you know that I just tried this site and it is working!

  4. Facta

    Facta New Member

    Quoting: PNL TravelJust wanted to let you know that I just tried this site and it is working!
    Lora, This web page opens but it doesn??t have the lower part where I used to view availability.... and of couse I cann??t make reservations. And if you go to you??ll se how it works but you won??t be able to find any availability anywhere. Does anyone knows if this is going to work or not???
  5. cgmom

    cgmom Member

    I emailed the company about a week ago and he said that were having availability issues with their vendors and it should be fixed in a couple of weeks. I just tried it and didnt get anything.
  6. Facta

    Facta New Member

    Quoting: Facta I got in my LI package 2 discount cards -Tour membership card and travel card-that have the next web page to use them "" but this one also doesn??t work.
    Thank you for the Info! Hope they can fix these issues!
    And do you know anything about this web page that comes in the back of 2 of the cards?
    Quoting: cgmomI emailed the company about a week ago and he said that were having availability issues with their vendors and it should be fixed in a couple of weeks. I just tried it and didnt get anything.
  7. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    Hey Guys.... Gals...

    Let's not post the gory details of our prized vendor lists here in a public forum....

    Use code words. Like TraveljimBob or something like that. I am being silly. But seriously... might not be a good idea for public to see our insides.

  8. cashwealth

    cashwealth Guest

    Well, looks like site is down. Every inquiry all I get is:
    ""We've got thousands of units available, but none that match your criteria at this time.
    Please try again.""

    Is anybody were able to use booking eng lately?

  9. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    Order condo weeks through Memberweb or through a voucher, or SIrewards is my opinion.
  10. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    hi there everyone i wanted to let you know about funtime vacations. they are not our competition. myself and lots of other coastal directors have been using funtimes business packages to build our coastal programs and am having great success. al the board of directors has told me that funtime is coastals leading vendor and funtime is taking over the travel agents program for coastal that there program is far better than intelatravel. there is big news comming . all the coastal directors will have access to use all of funtimes programs such as the travel agent program with commissions, and they have a great leads website, and a whole lot more. there is a new site for coastal comming out that is going to help us all a great deal . it is being built as we speak. you can all preview it at [Link removed - Admin] i have been on there training calls and it has helped me alot. i have all of my down line on the calls as well . there lead generation program is incredable and i havnt had to buy a lead since i started with them . the new coastal website will be at [Link removed - Admin] and will be up in 1 week you all need to check it out .
  11. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    OK Sportsnut,
    please explain somthings to us. You seem to be "in the know" about all of this stuff while absolutely NOONE else I ask that I would consider people who should know actually know anything about it. Why would Al keep this from all of us in Coastal? Why would he sit around while there is complaint after complaint about Funtime coming in and he is secretly working up some kind of deal with them? This doesn't make sense. Why would Al and the BOD roll out Joystar as their recommended travel agent program at the March conference and then all of the sudden change it to Funtime's program. Inteletravel offers many more than 5 FAM trips and they have an IATA card and all of the things that you mention. This all doesn't make sense. So, what gives?[​IMG]
  12. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Yes sporttsnut - do tell. I have talked to Mr. Dillion directly - innocently trying to book a vacation - and I had a bad feeling about the whole conversation. If there was something like this in the works, why would he bad mouth Coastal? Wouldn't he talk it up? Where does Joystar fit in to the picture? What is your position that you know all about this? How is this big announcement going to take place?

  13. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    thanks for asking these questions. these are the same questions that i needed answers for. so i asked mr dillon. al and he have know each other for over 10 or more years and they are friends, because alot of the vendors in the coastal package were being shut down or going out of business al contacted mr dillon and asked him to put his products in the coastal package then funtime started getting alot of calls from people who had sent in money to these companys and never heard from them . ( the old fly and stay, the old cruise and stay) mr dillon said it was very frustrating to his staff and he especially the fly and stay by travel fox. alot of coastal directors wanted to start using funtime products in there coastal package so there customers wouldnt have any problem traveling. funtime set up a semimar in the bahamas last october and had about 100 people from coastal go. i talk to these people on the calls every week and they loved the training and the trip. after that seminar funtime started putting togeather their business packages and lots of coastal directors are using them because they offer deals to us that we cant get anywhere else . here is where the problem came from.when all this was going on some coastal directors got the impression that funtime was trying to recruite our directors then rumors started. al told me the other day that he and mr dillon have made an agreement to put all of funtimes products into coastal so we will have access to the best vacations on the market. and have the best travel agent program, lead program and alot more . please take the time to take a close look at what funtime and coastal are doing. one of the biggest complaints they here is about the quality of the leads that are being sold to us. and funtime has solved that problem. with there triple click through buisness op leads. they realy work. there system of lead generation is unique. i havnt had to pay for a lead since i recieved my buisness package. since i signed up i have sold 11 coastal packages and have brought 13 people into my down line team and i am getting a check from funtime for $1,300.00 per month just for building my team. i get 40,000 free leads per month for my auto responder. and with there system i get 5 to 15 triple click through real time buisness opportunity leads per day free. i havnt had a single customer service problem and the training on how to use there system to build my coastal buisness is wonderful. with funtimes travel agent program you can actualy get your own website with all of your contact info on it . my auto responder sends out 20,000 emails per day exclusive to my customers. i am getting commissions for people booking travel on my very own site and it is also creating great biz op leads for my coastal business. every time i give away a travel voucher i get commissions when the customer activates it as well . wow soory i am rambling on i am so happy to be a part of this and irealy like what i am doing. i just dont want anyone getting the wrong impression about funtime.
  14. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    This just does not seem right. You talk to Al directly? Can you PM me his number? It just seems very strange that NO ONE from Coastal has ever heard of this. The only way we are hearing about this is from this forum?? Something is just not ringing true here. I do not see how Coastal and Funtime are integrated. It seems to me that they are 2 separate businesses in the same industry.

    Why don't you get on the BOD call on Thursday night and we can all talk about this, because if what you are saying is true, we should be informed when Al is taking the business in a different direction. Will you do that?

  15. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    here is the number that i call to speak with al 1-407-566-8331 i leave a mess and he calls me back. mr dillon is at 301-916-9840 he would be glad to talk to you and answer any questions you would like he is realy a nice guy. if you look at the new coastal site you can clearly see that funtime has everything in one business that we have in alot of vendors in coastal except that it is better. if you give me your number i will have mr dillon call you .
  16. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Wow this is a great conversation! My name is Adam and I am extremely successful in Coastal Vacations (served on CSG Leadership Board + Level III Director) and Fun Time Vacations Club. My wife and I have been featured in the HBC Magazine (May 2006). We started our Fun Time business just over a month ago and have created a residual income of thousands already. Our decision to join Fun Times program came out of a need many of you might face with your own growing teams. That need is affordable leads. Without leads you dont have a business. We saw there lead generation program and immediately saw the value and potential. For $300 we were able to get 40,000 leads. Many of our team members spent much more than that on a monthly basis. So it made financial sense. Now alot has been talked about pitting one business opportunity vs. the other. That was another of our concerns. But lets look at it this was. Our need was leads so we got what we needed. Is there a business opportunity? Yes there is but it doesnt have to be the focus. We market Coastal as a "TRAVEL PACKAGE" with a business opportunity attached. Why not look at Fun Time as a "LEADS GENERATION PROGRAM" with a business opportunity attached. That made perfect sense. Another added bonus we saw is that Fun Time is a vendor in our Coastal Package. They take care of the Disney Vacations, the cruises and the cruise and stays to the Bahamas. So they had credibility. Rusty Dillon is one of the most accessible wealthy businessmen ive ever met. His is number is posted in so many different areas. Not to mention the training we have received has been top notch. Having been a trainer for the CSG I truly respect good training as that is what im accustomed to. So my decision to be come involved with Fun Time was a great one for us. We have an valued addition to our travel business. Our business is now very well rounded. We are travel agents. We have vacation vouchers with Fun Time. And most importantly we have enough leads to feed our very profitable Coastal business. You can't beat commissions of $9705, $3200, + $1000. So I hope I have added something of value to this conversation. In future I see that there is no competition among these very related businesses. Instead lets look at it as this gives everyone an opportunity to grow their business in a manner that suits them. And more importantly we have everything a customer needs as far as travel. Be sure to reply or use my profile to contact me if you have any questions about Coastal Vacations, Fun Time Vacations or how to make the right decision to grow your business.
  17. kimrojas

    kimrojas New Member

    I agree with sportsnut....Fun Time is NOT in competition with Coastal. They are simply merging together to give people the ability to make even more money. Coastal will be making a major announcement about that in the next 2 weeks or so and then everyone will know all the details. I don't know HOW they will make this announcement but it IS coming. The people that are bad mouthing Fun Time simply don't have all the details. They are making a lot of assumptions and just need to realize that this is something that IS going to happen and if they will just have an open mind...they will become very rich. Fun Time has been in business for over 15 years now and they offer many ways to make money here. We also have a fantastic leads program. We have triple opt in leads that are NOT sold to anyone else like other lead sources do. I don't have to spend one penny on leads anymore....they are provided to me each month.

    There are simply a lot of people who are not aware of how things are working here and if you would all just take some time to get the truth about Fun Time you will quickly realize that this is going to be something that will help your Coastal business like you can not even imagine.

    Imagine being able to sell individual vacation certificates, then getting commissions on the activation fees that people pay when scheduling the vacations...then on top of all of that...having vacations with NO blackout dates, 100% fulfilled and can be resold!!!

    Just keep an open mind and we will all make money!
  18. kimrojas

    kimrojas New Member

    This entry is based on people who do not have the details nor do they know what they are actually talking about.

    Fun Time has not JUST started their company "like" Coastal's. Fun Time has been in business for 16 years now. We are NOT competing with Coastal at all. Very shortly you will all see how we will all be working together in this industry to make lots of money.

    YES...Coastal IS doing business with Fun Time and they are merging in the next 2 weeks. The Fly & Stay vouchers Coastal was using were not originally from Fun Time...we were asked to replace those vacations with something we offered to help out.

    Fun Time is simply going to be offering you all vacations with NO blackout dates, they are 100% can RESELL them and make tons of money.....
  19. SAS78

    SAS78 New Member

    Quoting: FactaPlease let me know if anyone knows why
    1.- does not work? I bought the "8 Day Resort Getaway" from Level II

    Hello All, if you've read my other post you'll know that I'm in the process of researching this business opportunity and asking ~ A LOT of questions!!! Just curious about this one, this member said that "they bought" a specific get-away. I thought all trips under a certain package were included. How does buying individual trips work??
  20. griffiths

    griffiths New Member

    When you purchase your coastal package you are buying a lifetime membership which allows you access to virtually hundreds of different vacations, condos, cruises, ect. However each vacation that you decide to take requires a shipping and handling fee in order to process and ship additional information to you. the fee for the majority of the vacations is $6.95. other week long condo stays and certain cruises charge a $20.00 processing fee. After that, you only pay the associated taxes and tips (if applicable). So if you "buy" a vacation from you coastal package, you are just paying that minimal processing fee to activate your vacation. Hope that helps [​IMG]

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