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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by bearly09, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. bearly09

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    I have a real quick question. When writing articles or whatever and some places have it when you pick the category, you could also pick a sub-category. Would it better and would I get more people to see my article if I did pick a sub-category to go with it? I have just been putting the main category and that's it but will more people be able to find my articles and will they get more popular if they have a sub-category when that's offered? Thanks for any and all help![​IMG]
  2. A8ch

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    bearly09: Would it better and would I get more people to see my article if I did pick a sub-category to go with it?
    It's always recommended to pick a sub-category if available, because that's where you'll find the greatesat percentage of qualified prospects. Even though the actual number of views may be less than the those from the main category, the degree of interest would be higher.

    So, if your article is about "playing jazz piano", submitting it to a general category that reads "Playing the Piano" would attract people interested in all kinds of piano music - gospel, blues, jazz, classical and so on.

    On the other hand, if you placed the article directly in the "Playing Jazz Piano" sub category, you would immediately attract readers particularly interested in jazz piano. You'll be targeting your precise market niche. That should always be your objective.

  3. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Bearly,

    Hermas is right: Be as laser-targeted as possible aka relevant or specific. Speak to the ideal reader.

    That's what Hermas means by qualified and precise market niche.

    Additionally, put yourself in your ideal reader's shoes. If you were he/she, what would you like to see?

    That'll help you speak to your readers and they'll be able to relate to you and will have a higher chance of converting.

    Same is true with creating content for your site.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. getagrip

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    I think it might help a little to use a sub category, but I think this would help mainly from subscribers of the actual ezine. I think its more important to focus on quality keywords and that kind of a thing.
  5. irishguru

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    If the sub category is there, you should use it, as long as there is a sub category fitted to your article. I would only use it, if it relates and if it doesn't and I can skip it, I leave it that way.
  6. PowerSuccess

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    irishguru is correct, it's good to use it, but if you select the wrong category, you will do more harm than good. give careful consideration to your selections

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