QUIT while in training.. new SKILL?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by strictlytrading, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. strictlytrading

    strictlytrading New Member

    I know this was discussed under another topic.. What was the outcome?

    Does anyone know how bad it would be to stop training on a skill if you only have a few hours into it?

    Will you be offered another skill quickly?

    I know this will be only speculating but your opinions matter to me and others.

  2. inkindulgence

    inkindulgence New Member

    I have heard of it taking months for most people to get offered a new skill....if they even get offered a new one. Most people if they don't take what they are first handed end up having to find another job. At least from the people that I have talked to anyway. This company does not allow picky choosies! (not that you are picky choosy, but I'm just sayin)
  3. strictlytrading

    strictlytrading New Member

    Does WAH offer any additional skills if you are already working one?
  4. kemepling

    kemepling New Member

    Hi ladies,
    I have a big problem, and maybe one of you can help me[​IMG]
    I have been working for west now for only a week. today when I went to log in for my shift, it said that I had been temporarily locked out of my account! what is this all about? Am I in trouble for something? I keep racking my brain trying to figure out what I did to be locked out. I have adhered to the rules, have been very polite to customers, and I just can't figure it out. anyone else know why they do this? thanks for your advice!
  5. school44

    school44 New Member


    Did you call the P*L desk? Maybe they can help you sort it out. I'll bet it's just some sort of error. If you can't find the number send me an email dembree@neb.rr.com .

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