1. Elise_tbsgt

    Elise_tbsgt New Member

    Hi. A couple months ago this woman approached me about a job in Advertising/distribution. At first I was really skeptical because my husband's family had tried this thing called Melaleuca(you may have heard of it). The bad things about Melaleuca were that you had to have money up front and you were required to use x amount of points every month as a member, and people who signed up under you were required to do the same. The most I ever got back from doing it was about 11 dollars and some change. But, I went to the meeting for Quixtar and I was really surprised. It is similar to Melaleuca in that you buy your regular products online instead of from a distributor(i.e. : Wal-Mart). But, you don't have to pay up front and neither are you required to buy things you don't need or want in order to fulfill your point requirement. You just order the things as you need them. For example, if you notice one week that you're almost out of dish soap and laundry detergent, you can just get that. Then, a couple weeks later you need shampoo and toothpaste or something -- you just order it online and it comes to your house instead of you using your own gas to go get it(and random things you didn't need). Not only that, it's the EXACT same products and they are partnered with tons of companies to sell their merchandise. For example, you can buy products from Sony, Circuit City, Barnes & Noble, OfficeMax, Pacsun, Craftsman, etc. It's basically an online mall. They offer everything except perishables and liquor. You get it cheaper, and for everyone(in any location)who shops with Quixtar because of your referral, you get a percentage from their purchases. If you're interested, just reply to this, and I'll send you my contact info and I'll find a meeting that you can go to in your area for training materials and information on how to get started. I'm already making money, and I know that there are scams everywhere but this is not one of them. People are really making money this way.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Quixtar is owned by Amway, and it is legit. It does, however, cost about $180 to join, which is not cheap, to say the least. I've heard of people being successful with Quixtar, but I've also heard of people also saying it was a waste of $180. I guess you get out of it what you put into it.
  3. stlmommy

    stlmommy New Member

    I can tell you from both sides -- I have relatives who have paid for all 3 of their kids' private school tuition off their Quixtar income, but for my husband and me it was a waste of $180...the stuff they sell isn't cheaper than going to Sam's Club, and to be really successful you have to get a lot of people under you...
  4. archermd

    archermd New Member

    here's something i found on the net about quixtar


    i a read half of it it's long 318 pages a story about a man and his wife in the amway business.

    from 1989 to 1999

    pretty interesting
  5. driver

    driver New Member

    quixtar, amway paved the way for much of mlm,s success today, I my self was involved for 8 years and did make some very good money,but the sacrifices to have success were great, in its time it was the best, in todays market you will struggle to build a business, there is a lot of neagative assocaited with the name, there are many programs today that are a much better choice
  6. malts2005

    malts2005 New Member

    I did amay and Quixtar and spent more money than I made. Not to mention the push to recruit more people. I wasted a lot of time. I have a free store now. Not as many products, but I am now learning how to sell without spending all the money.
  7. jenbriese

    jenbriese Guest

    For me it was a waste of the $180 dollars. The bathroom, cleaning, and laundry products were wonderful, but very expensive and the rest of the items were no cheaper if not more expensive than shopping somewhere else online. most people now a days do not want to change their lifestyles that much to make a living off of a business to show other's that the products are worth the money that you have to invest in them to make money. But if you are a good recruiter and a good salesperson you CAN make a really great income off of this program. My aunt has been in the business for almost 6 years now and makes a comfortable 5 figure income with it still.
  8. netvalar

    netvalar New Member

    The problem I saw with amway and recently looking at quixtar is that your income is mainly dependant on bringing people into the business. With any type of MLM or similar program your members need to be able to earn decent income from retail sales. Then they will have that much more to brag about for recruiting others into the business. The basic business plan is sound and works for those who are good at it but needs more versatility.
  9. kyfernung

    kyfernung New Member

    I am with Quixtar and have been for some time now. I am a little confused on the $180 sign up fee. If you want to start your business with Quixtar, you can do so for under $50 ($48).
  10. ipnomad

    ipnomad New Member

    Where I come from the start up fee is EC $565 which is roughly US $200. I did not make any money being in Quixtar but I learned some valuable stuff just going to the meetings and reading the books.

    Not making it with Quixtar was the best thing to happen to me since I was on a quest to succeed somehow and it led me to the internet - where I learned about affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate Marketing is my main focus right now and is much better than Quixtar in my opinion.
  11. QuikKitty

    QuikKitty New Member

    Um...ok. In Quixtar, you don't have to get people underneath of you if you don't want to. People will be placed under you by your upline. People you don't even know. I am personally in Quixtar. That's the good thing about this business. You can just do the "Cash Back Plan" and redirect your spending habits and make a profit. The "downline"will come all by itself! I personally love it, because I am a single mother of three darling little devils, lol, and I absolutely HATE going to the store. I can sit here in my nice little chair and order all my stuff, even my groceries!! It is also good for people in small towns that do not have big businesses such as Circuit City or Barnes and Noble, just to name a couple. My mom has to drive an hour just to go to Sams Club or Office Depot or the mall. She just orders through me and it's shipped right to her door. All of the products may not be as cheap as Wal-mart and such, but it sure as hell beats driving for an hour, fighting with your kids throughout the store and waitin in line for an hour, and then loading up your stuff and drivin the hour home and tryin to get the kids and the groceries in the house! Phew. I think that was a run-on sentence!! LOL. [​IMG] Quixtar IBO's do NOT build a pyramid. Pyramids fail every time. We, as Quixtar IBO's, work together as a team. You're in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Like I said earlier, tomorrow I could be makin bonuses and commissions off of mary jane and john doe from New York and Hawaii's purchases and their customers' purchases! You never know! We do not "stack" in this business. What happens in a pyramid and a third of "your people" just decide to up and quit one day? You're screwed. With Quixtar, it's no big deal. Their upline is building this thing with or without them. We'll just stick someone in their spot on the team. The good thing about Quixtar, also, is that points are transferable. If someone in your downline is, say, fifty points away from reaching that six percent bracket, and their sponsor is, say, 100 points over the eighteen percent bracket, that sponsor is gonna transfer points to that downline IBO to give them a boost! We are in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves! I have spent more money on helpin out my new IBO's in their first couple of months than they have lol. When a whole bunch of people decide to quit at once it leaves gaps in lots of different places under lots of different people that are easy to fill in. In a pyramid, if lots of people decide to up and quit, their sponsor is screwed. There goes their income, because They're all stacked together under one person. Quixtar is not like that. Instead of everyone being directly under me and quittin, they are placed strategically on the team so it doesn't matter if they quit. My business is still gonna be successfull one way or another with or without them! [​IMG]
  12. QuikKitty

    QuikKitty New Member

    What do you mean that this business needs more versatility?? There are ways to make double the profit. If you sell something at retail cost, you not only get the wholesale/retail profit, but you also earn the points which put you at different percentage brackets for the group sales volume! I, personally, sell Artistry and Nao cosmetics and skin care products. Do I have to do this? No! But, I love makeup and think it's fun to have the parties. So, not only do I get the wholesale/retail profit, but it gives me EXTRA points on top of the ones that I already have from buying my everyday neccessities (did i spell that right??). Even my cell phone (Alltel) and my Internet (Clearwire) and my satellite give me points. And, I get discounts on just about everything. Just for being a Quixtar IBO, I get like, 30% discounts on motels, and all kinds of major stores. I save tons of money on all kinds of stuff. At wal-mart, I have to pay about eighteen dollars a can for my new baby boy's soy formula. When I buy it from myself, I get it for about ten bucks. Yeah, there's the shippin cost, but it saves me gas in my car from havin to drive across town twice a week for formula. If you shop at wal-mart, they ain't NEVER gonna send you a check at the end of the month!! If you spend $500 a month at wal mart every day of the month, all you get is the product. And, you send the Walton's grandkids to college. If you REDIRECT your SPENDING HABITS, a portion of that profit from the stuff you were gonna spend that $500 anyways on at walmart will come back to you. You're sendin your own kids to college!!! It's like not only gettin rebates on EVERY SINGLE item you buy, but you can also get some kick ass discounts! And, you get commissions and bonuses on everyone you AND your upline puts underneath of you's purchases and their customers' purchases! When you sit down and calculate the figures, the results can be ASTRONOMICAL!!!! And, about the laundry soap costs and stuff. You don't have to buy that brand of laundry soap! That's just one of our Exclusive brands. They do have the highest point value, but you can go to one of our partner stores and buy cheaper brands. I have a friend who is also a Quixtar IBO and he owns his own meat business. He sells steak, chicken and seafood. What he does is he buys cases of our XS Energy drinks at his IBO cost and sells them for twice what he pays for them! He not only gets the wholesale/retail profit, but it gives him buttloads of points each month, on top of buying his every day stuff like his toilet paper and so on. I shop at one of our partner stores all the time. Webclothes dot com. I get super cute clothes for my kids at super cute prices lol, and also get the points for it. This business is Awesome and totally worth the $243 it took for me to get started!! (It doesn't cost most IBO's that much. I ordered the Artistry starter kits because I WANTED TO so I could do my parties!) I reccommend this business for EVERYONE!!!! There's also this AWESOME thing called "Ditto on the First." It's where you can automatically order all of your neccessities for that month on the first of every month. That way, you don't have to go in and order everything over again the next month, unless you happen to run out of something in particular. Anyways, contact me if you have any questions!
  13. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    The soap is the best on the market and the bleach is great also.

    Quixtar has awesome products but its hard to make a lot of money right away unless you know a lot of people and you are willing to share your business with them.

    The one thing that is not mentioned much is if you want clients you must learn to market. That will get you to where you want to go fast.
  14. Money4U

    Money4U New Member

    Good products but way overpriced. I am surprised you felt Melaleuca was worse. Melaleuca has more competitive products and less expernsive. You don't need to pay so much to join and you can also shop many different stores online though their main website.

    I buy for myself, and leave it up to people to decide what they want to do. Identity theft is my major focus at this point.

    All the best to all of you in whatever you chose to do!
  15. amicus curiae

    amicus curiae New Member

    hi, umm? i sussed out www.badbusiness.com and mlm watchdog, and heaps of googling etc..i dunno how anyone would go with quixar or amway after what i found out. ditto neways and herbalife.and usana for that matter.
    i know why so many people don,t want to have anything to do with anyone who even looks like mlm after a personal exp with amway myself 20years ago. it put me off everything for this long. bbb is good for seeing how comanies rate with handling complaints. and the above don,t rate too well there either.( what really sucks is amways just relabelling a product and hiking a huge profit. )and they are,nt concerned with safety- just profit type in umm was it hc 56 something like that!! the same name the same thing is available from the maker!! and its toxic . amway aust imports a tonne or so and rebottles it here. quixar is amway in diguise. neways owners went to jail and sold the company to an investment corp. so? do you think anything but money is their driving creedo??
    moneys ok, don,t get me wrong, but ethical earning is pretty important if you want to keep a customer base.all of these lack credible data to their products. sorry to be a "downer" but i went and looked and learnt and was amazed that any are still in business.
  16. pbrite

    pbrite New Member

    Don't mean to be a downer, but I did a report on quixtar after my mom became a part of it. I went to a couple of meetings and then went and did some research just so my mom was secure. As a customer, it isn't too bad of a deal depending on how far you live from shopping areas.
    But as a business person, she was mislead. Guys drove up in flashy cars saying "this could be yours, too, if you sign up with us!" The secret to the money they made wasn't in a pyramid or products.
    Ever wonder how much those motivational tapes cost to get made? Or who keeps the money from the seminar and cruise tickets? And why only certain people are allowed to sell them?
    You can succeed financially from quixtar, yes, but it won't be by selling paper towels.
  17. gravell69

    gravell69 New Member

    Actually Alticor is the Parent Company of Amway and Quixtar, for what ever that is worth.
  18. freecashhappens

    freecashhappens New Member

    I had moderate success in Amway/Quixtar. The key was how to market the BUSINESS not so much the product. The Products are the very best in the business. It really depends on your sponsor and not on the business. If you don't know how to market, you will struggle with any mlm.
  19. cricfan

    cricfan New Member

    one can be highly successful in MLM if you know HOW to market...so if you are thinking of joining, I would suggest that once you do, educate yourself on how to market the right way so that you can generate high quality leads...
  20. cricfan

    cricfan New Member

    I would highly recommend looking into Jonathan Budd's mlm training material...he has cutting edge marketing knowledge that can help you master marketing on the net...

    and those skills can be used for any business...basically, it's all about branding yourself as a leader and attracting the right prospects to you...you want business builders not tire kickers...and this can be done by adding value to ppl's lives

    that's the core concept of attraction marketing...if you can master that, you can succeed at any MLM or any other home based business...

    products are what keeps your partners in the business...ppl join YOU in business...

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