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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by CashFlowProfit, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. CashFlowProfit

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    Hello everyone,

    While there have been various topics dedicated to particular Cash Leverage systems, I thought it would be good to organize something under one topic to help others understand which Cash Leverage systems are working really well. (or not)

    Please do give your Pros and Cons and try keep this informative for other members!

    Initially I was attracted to the TCLS program, but as it turns out that I was greatly influenced by just one blog regarding TCLS and so switched over to the Eprospectfinder program.
    Anyhow these are my initial comments about this sytem. You might have your own, please feel free to add more.

    Pros I see with this system are :
    Very low entry cost
    One time membership, no recurring fees
    Some good software much more worth than your investment
    Paid directly
    No Sales of products
    Fundamentally the system is strong, works fine. Payout is immediate.
    Setup is very easy.

    Cons :

    The website shouts out too loud, as with most Internet marketing websites. Unfortunately the Hype is very apparent!

    Though there is a lot of potential to make money, it has not been tested for a very long time.

    The products being given after signup is useful, but I am not sure it is unique.

    Anyway, these are just some thoughts I have gathered.

    Anyone care to describe other systems you have joined and your experiences with them??

  2. HelenaJ

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    tell me more about eProspect - i'm looking at both Levrage websites - TCLS is more straight to the point and clear and is very clear on what you will be doing. Since I would be promoting it to newbies ( like me...) this is a big selling point . How is the back office for eProspect ?
  3. CashFlowProfit

    CashFlowProfit New Member

    To be very honest, I did not have any problems with the sign up and my sponser was very eager to help me to Signup (why wouldnt he?).
    But I think that there is enough Software there which is worth thousands of dollars. I should mention that the software is not what most people would use (but its a kicker), so no problems there. Some have reseller rights there.

    On the whole I reasoned that if I had to lose money, might as well spend 15$ rather than 25$. This is fun project for me to see how this works. I am not planning to retire on money made from this.

    I think TCLS and Eprospect are working on same principle. Both are cash leverage systems. I think the decision for me was regarding the software, if nothing you are gaining so much software for the 15$. Frankly, the software has got nothing to do with the system, it is there as a bait and works quite nicely. Worth it too.

    Any other systems out there which work for other people??

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