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  1. doftring

    doftring New Member

    Has anyone tried or been duped by this website?

    I doubt this one works, but I would like to hear some feedback from anyone who has tried it.
  2. nafenisr

    nafenisr New Member

    Funny you should mention it, I just started with it about a week ago. It does require a little advertising money to start, but I have already made money with it. The advertisers they recommend have provided me with an excellent return on investment. I started seeing money after about 48 hours in the program. If you have any questions you can email me.
  3. dreamweavinit

    dreamweavinit New Member

    It has been a few days since you posted.....are you still happy with it.
  4. nafenisr

    nafenisr New Member

    Yes...things moving along quite nicely. [​IMG]
  5. judavigo

    judavigo New Member

    Hello nafenisr,
    I am about to enroll in the realmoneysystem and I lwould like you to up date me with your experience with it, do you still have making money and how much do I have to expend in advertising (an estimate).

    Thanks a lot.
  6. nafenisr

    nafenisr New Member

    Hello all,

    Just to give you an update, I feel bad about not posting here in a while. To summarize, yes, you can make money with this system, but there's a few things you should know first. Send me an email and I'll help you in any way I can.
  7. judavigo

    judavigo New Member

    Thanks a lot Nathan, I just sent you an email asking about the Realmoneysystem if you can help me with that, I would appreciate it.
  8. nafenisr

    nafenisr New Member

    You're welcome, judavigo. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. Truman

    Truman New Member

    i just sent you an email, nafe. hope to hear from you soon. thanks.
  10. nafenisr

    nafenisr New Member

    no problem, truman
  11. rhoven

    rhoven New Member

    Hi nafenisr,
    I just sent you an email wondering about this program and if it really works and if so I am looking for so help if you can.
  12. 5star

    5star New Member

    Are you still dong well in the realmoney system and how much have you made? ( If you don't mind me asking) Just wondering if they do what they say as far as AMAZING results.
    Thanks for your soon response
  13. arberration

    arberration New Member

    I saw and bought the real money system a few months ago. I jumped at the chance of possibly earning lots of money with this program. It was the first of it's type I'd ever seen and I believed the claims. I did everything it instructed me to do and followed every step... I advertised and submitted everything as instructed and paid for the most I could. My return after spending a few hundred pounds was precisely ??0.00
  14. pricha12

    pricha12 New Member

    Hey I was thinking about getting in on this Real Money System and I am a beginner in this field. Is anyone having success with the program? Is there any catch I should know about? Let me know if I can e-mail any of you.
  15. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    My advice... Steer clear of sites that claim rediculous high income potential or require you to invest in their opportunity. A real business opp would not ask for a penny unless it was to purchase something that you can hold in your hand.
  16. bee7244

    bee7244 New Member

    Hai nafe, i have send an email to your yahoo account asking for help about me..
  17. cyberchick

    cyberchick New Member

    MMhhh... do you suspect what I do [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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