Reasons to start a web hosting and domain business.

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    Here is an article i recently wrote:

    So you want to make more money, huh?

    Well, if you are still reading, you are definitely willing to make something about it. Great, we all want to make more money and we all do something about it, right? Wrong. There are a lot of people who want to increase their cash flow and become a millionaire but they still remain with their butt pasted to the sofa watching tv and eating popcorn. At least you are here, reading and researching for more ways to make money.

    So first of all, let me congratulate you because you are now starting the second stage in the process of making money, in life, the second step to accomplishing anything is to look for ways to achieve your goal. (Obviously, the first step is establishing a specific goal.) So I am going to tell you a way to make more money if you stand up from the sofa and make an effort to work hard.

    We start by selling a product that satisfies one of the main human needs. We all have a very important human need which is the need of existence or significance. The need to tell people that I exist and that I am a human being belonging to this society in this world. Regardless of the industry, companies have a need to sell their products, professional have the need to offer their services, students have a need to share knowledge with other, families have a need to share photos and experiences, human beings have a need to tell the world "I exist".

    Internet has revolutionized the way we satisfy this need of significance, the way people live, communicate and share. People use computers approximately 8 hours a day for a minimum of 5 days a week. Now, we definitely need 3 specific things to communicate through the Internet. These 3 products, your best selling products, are: email, domain and web hosting.

    Every year the amount of registered domains increases in astonishing proportions. The Internet is growing at tremendous speeds and everyone needs these three things to stand out and communicate. So starting a web hosting and domain business is definetely a must.

    So how can I start a web hosting and domain business if I don't know anything about it. Don't worry you can learn the basics and there are reseller companies that handle all customer technical inquires and support, you just have to market your brand. You can start selling your business with your family members, friends and close contacts and move your way up.

    Good luck in your journey to making more money by filling a real and important Internet human need.
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    Building your reputation online is one of the most important things you can do to aid the success of your Internet business.

    One of the most popular ways among the top Internet gurus to do this is to provide highly useful, interesting and profitable information to people interested in your industry.

    When people see you as a provider of good information that they can use and profit from then your reputation and the reputation of your company becomes more credible. When this happens people will be more likely to buy your products and services or indeed the products or services you recommend them.

    One of the best and fastest ways to get the name of your company and your own name spread on the web is to begin writing articles for other ezines and websites or indeed just submit previously written articles to them.

    If your articles are of good quality and informative then ezine and website publishers will be interested in them and your work could end up being published in endless ezine editions and hundreds of websites.

    Not only will this increase your credibility but it could also result in 1000's more visitors, this is because at the end of all your articles which you allow others to publish will be a link back to your site. Don't forget also that if lots of your articles are published on websites then your link popularity will improve drastically. This in turn will result in higher search engine rankings in Google and the other engines which use link popularity as a ranking factor, this of course means lots more visitors and profit.

    First of all you've got to make sure your article is properly formatted. By this I mean readable, if it's not readable then it doesn't matter how good your article is because no busy ezine publisher will bother to format it for you, that's your job. The correct way to format your articles is to hit the carriage return button or enter button on your keyboard every 65 characters including spaces. It's recommended that you do this using Notepad as MS Word and other word processors aren't good at this sort of thing.

    Good luck.
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    Excellent Article!
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    So is this talking about using Global Domains International or just starting a complete hosting company from scratch. It would really take alot of work to do one from scratch wouldn't it?
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    Hi !!!

    I just read your article. Very impressive. But I would asked the same question as Gadiandi :

    Quoting: GadiandiSo is this talking about using Global Domains International or just starting a complete hosting company from scratch. It would really take alot of work to do one from scratch wouldn't it?
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    Webhosting as a business is only faeasible if you have a reliable ISP and electricity supply
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    You can always promote web hosting affiliate programs - that's where the real money is! [​IMG]

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