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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by RedRobin, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Has anyone out there had any experience with rebate processing? I started doing some research on types of work at home jobs on the Internet, and this concept came up. Any advice you can give me?
  2. etk330

    etk330 New Member

    I am also looking at the rebates processing.. I am researching to make sure this is legit.. I will let you know if this is legit.
  3. shantal24

    shantal24 New Member

    Iam also looking to be an rebate processer if any one find and work of ths kind from home please let me know.
  4. beccala

    beccala New Member

    have either of you (above) signed on or have any further info about this? I got approached by ""... but they require you to pay $100 up front... but there is also a 60 day guarantee??? Anyone's advice or experience is appreciated. I also get the impression that there is a hidden other task - that YOU have to drive people to some web site and get them to buy something - Before you get to "process" their refund... it says otherwise sneakily - but just my gut instinct talking there.


    Rebecca [​IMG]
  5. beth

    beth New Member

    my gut instinct telling me they won't refund you.
  6. anticipation

    anticipation New Member

    Has anyone noticed that and seem so similiar in their advertising,offerings and looks? With email inquiries sent to each with no reply, and to the link at the bottom of the page referring to sending emails for money.
    If anyone hears different, pass it on. Please

    FYI: Clickbank's policy on refunds (Clickbank is referred to by these business):

    "Refunded sales.
    If a customer dispute cannot be resolved we may be forced to refund the sale. When a sale is refunded the customer receives a 100% refund, and payouts from that sale are debited back out of the corresponding publisher and affiliate accounts. From the publisher's account we also deduct $1 per refunded online check sale. (There is no similar deduction for credit card refunds.)"
  7. gwen2049

    gwen2049 New Member

    I signed up and paid my $40 to do rebate processing with a company from Alberta, Canada. As I am also in Canada, I thought this would be a good choice. They took my money, and sent me a few emails promising to send the first assignment in the "next week". I never received anything of value from them. No assignments, no start up kit (which was promised in the website ad) etc. Looks to me like this is just a scam.
  8. simplyme1964

    simplyme1964 New Member

    I also signed up for Rebate Processors in Alberta, they sent me an email with a password and site to login to. The password does not work so I sent a reply, they replied back and said to "try again, the seems to be working" well it does not. Everyone stay away from this one.
  9. drinkflinger

    drinkflinger New Member

    gwen... have you received your pkg yet?.......curious..i too was about to mail the chq....let me know thanks.... (rebate - calgary)
  10. RRM

    RRM New Member

    I have been trying to obtain information concerning the rebate processing now for several weeks. I have yet to get a reply from anyone. I have noticed that no matter which rebate ad you click on it takes you back to the same orginal rebate processing ad. This is a bit odd considering that I looked at ads posted from Georgia, Ohio, as well as other states. I think we all should be very cautious about this one. Although, if someone gets some sort of reply or information that would support this " opportunity" please let me know.
    thanks RRM
  11. RRM

    RRM New Member

    I wanted to update you folks on the rebate site.
    It seems to have been taken off line. Hmm.
    Although I have continued to search look for a real legit work
    at "Home Opportunity" where we can make money that we can deposit in our bank accounts I havent found it yet.
    I do want to give a head up on the type at home opportunity
    located at this address I havent really
    gotten a response other than just automated emails.
    I'll let you folks know as soon as I get the low down on this one.

    Thanks [​IMG]
  12. RRM

    RRM New Member

    After posting my update I noticed a link at the end of this page.
    I highly suggest that everyone read the work at home advice.
    It gives a sound start at how to go about looking for work that we can do at home.
    Just wanted everyone to see what were up against.
  13. rocky1121

    rocky1121 New Member

    i am also looking into rebate processing... sounds almost too good to be true, but who knows. i am looking for someone who has actually done this & can tell me/us if this is for real or not. thx deb
  14. mantony_77

    mantony_77 New Member

    Don't waste your money on these sites advertising to make money at home. Check if the web site or business is legit at D=100050535

    This is a scam and you will never get your money back..
    these web sites are also similar or belong to the same person or group

    Other Websites:
  15. cmartel

    cmartel New Member

    Of course this is a scam. Why pay them so they can employ you? That's literally tossing your money away.
  16. rubikmoves

    rubikmoves New Member

  17. miggy12

    miggy12 New Member

    I also received this email with this address:

    don't know if it's legit. And of course there is a fee and a hefty one at that. I know, everyone has said it a million times, don't pay to work from home if it's for someone else, but I have a feeling it's for someone to start their own rebate processing business.

    Any thoughts would be great.


  18. Antivenin

    Antivenin New Member

    If they ask for a deposit, I would say with almost 100% certainty that it would NOT be legit.

    If they ask for money, keep looking
  19. ciobanul

    ciobanul New Member

    thanks rubikmoves, that article cleared up a lot. [​IMG]
  20. wiseenterprises

    wiseenterprises New Member

    I searched this topic and found that this work "rebate processor" is not really what it is cracked up to be. First, you get a list of companies who want their products sold. Second, you must create a website ($$$money$$$) that sells their product and if anyone buys from this website if the customer follows thru with the purchase, eventually you will make a commission. Nothing is guaranteed, there is no upfront jobs. Advertising costs on the internet are very spendy - did it, know it! Unless there is a high demand for a particular product, so to speak, a lot of sales, the cost for the internet advertising will be too high and the profit will not cover the cost.

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