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  1. melissia

    melissia New Member

    Hi To All,My name is Melissia and I'm new here. I'm wondering about these rebate processing work from home jobs. I recently went through our local pennysaver paper and found an ad for rebate processors The owner is Sarah Johnson,they claim. She is asking you to pay $97.00 to get her program in whitch she claims covers the software and to be certain you are serious about doing the program. Has anyone heard of this? Thanks, Melissia
  2. Gail

    Gail New Member

    I have been told never to pay money to get a job. Real offers come from companies that supply their software and pay you to work. Her income is coming from those that are buying her product.[​IMG]
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Avoid any program where you have to pay a processing fee, most are scams
  4. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    I think it's important to separate work from home JOBS from a work from home BUSINESS.

    If we are applying for a JOB then I would NEVER pay a fee. However, if we are interested in creating a WAH BUSINESS then I think we should expect to provide our own assets, meaning both personal time and personal money.

    I've yet to see a real BUSINESS that didn't require both of those elements in order to be successful. And if someone tells you that you can make millions without investing at least one of the two (and preferably both) of these elements then you should run away quickly.

  5. stacy

    stacy New Member

    melissia - I checked it out and it's very tempting. I mean the free laptop alone is worth $97, but there has to be a catch. I would not expect to make that much money right away, from any program. I would find out more about it, specifically the laptop they are giving away. Surely, you cna find someone on this forum that has signed up for it or investigated it.
  6. sjelfo89

    sjelfo89 New Member is nothing but a scam. I was stupid enough to sign-up for the service, thinking that if all else failed, I'd still be able to get my money back through their refund policy. This is not the case. I've emailed customer support twice a week for the past three weeks and have yet hear from anyone regarding the refund. Steer clear.
  7. catalyzt

    catalyzt New Member

    i did a who is on this company and their host is located in panama ciudad lol so good luck getting your money back - you can't even complain to their state office of attorney general they arent in america
    the truth is there are no get rich schemes - they just dont exist - you re either born rich or work hard or very lucky and that is the only way you are going to get rich
  8. hdmi38

    hdmi38 New Member

    did you find out about
  9. million2

    million2 New Member

    I agree with Gail you should never have to pay to get a job,that individual is making some good money from people who are looking to make a living online.
  10. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    For me, any job that need to pay upfront, it is most likely a scam.
    Just need to be careful
  11. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    Personally, you should never pay someone to process. Now, if you were starting your own home business, then I would invest. Did you look into this further?? Be careful.

    To your massive success,
  12. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    Don't pay, don't bother with them, walk away and don't look back!
    I remember looking for something along those lines and I only found lying scum-bags.

    Don't give up hope though, there are ways to make money online you just sometimes need to filter through the scum before you can get to the good stuff.

    Don't lose hope!!
  13. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    Some people don't know what is real & what is not. I know quite a few people on this forum that are in a very good business. I myself, have found and am working for a very legit business. Just look around, you'll find one that will work great for you.

    To your massive success,
  14. kpm2319

    kpm2319 New Member

    Rebate processing is a scam. And first of all, it costs too much to get in. $97 is hogwash for any system. They just want to get enough people in to get rich quick before everybody finds out it's a dead end. Find something affordable with a good support system. If it's affordable and has a good support team, that means they care about their members.

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