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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by jpb1958, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. jpb1958

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    Hello everyone.
    This is my first posting here so if this topic is in the wrong place please accept my apologies.

    I received an email tonight with the promise of work using my PC.

    Here is the blurb...

    When the prospective client intends to buy our products or services he signs a contract and sends an international wire from his local bank. The central problem of our activity in UK is the prolonged duration of funds transfers from our clients to us. As a result our client waits from one week to over month until his transfer reaches our account and our Managers give an order to ship products to a customer.

    1. Our customer (located in your area) informs us about his wish to buy specified products or services..
    2. We supply our client with your contact details and he transfers funds directly to you (cheque sent to postal address specified by you or via bank transfer to your bank account). You inform us the moment the funds arrive.
    3. We immediately give an order to ship products to the customer. In most cases this will allow us to ship client's order on the same or next business day.
    4. You then transfer the client??™s funds to our bank account (or follow other transferring methods as will be stated in your instructions).

    Let me know if anyone has heard of something like this before and if I should avoid/ go for it. Seems dodgy to me but you never know. If someone sends money to me and then I send it to 'the company' I am the sole contact should things go wrong!!!

    Thanks in advance

    P.S There are no fees for starting, just a form to fill in.
  2. spad

    spad New Member

  3. jpb1958

    jpb1958 New Member

    Thanks spad
    Will steer clear.
  4. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    If the company would consider 50% down and 50% when the item arrives, I wouldn't be so suspicious. I certainly wouldn't send any merchandise until payment was received. This one sounds iffy to me, too.
  5. ladybug

    ladybug New Member

    I received something very similar to that. It sounds like money laundering or some other scheme. I also found two other posts on the internet, one regarding OWT Group. Apparently somebody bought their pitch, went for it and almost wind up in jail. Oddly enough, they all originate in the UK
  6. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Never believe those emails that send to u directly.

    A legitimate company will not do that.

    Be careful on those scams
  7. Hobgoblin

    Hobgoblin New Member

    Stay away, stay away, stay away!

    Sorry to shout but that HAS to be a scam. I'd be very careful of a company that needs to pay someone else to use their own bank account in order to process money for them. Why can't they open their own bank account in whatever country they are doing business in to do this? Better yet, they can use PayPal. No, I'm sorry but this smells of the same sort of crookery that gave the world the 419 scam.

    I know this thread is old- I'm new[​IMG] but I really hope you stayed away from them
  8. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Frankly, I think the guy is attempting to avoid the VAT (UK taxes are really high...SO...he can afford to pay someone in the States if he can avoid paying the taxes). Naturally, that's highly illegal...avoid it like the plague. [​IMG]

    PS My dad received an e-mail like this a month or two ago...and we looked into it. Our conclusion was what I just mentioned. [​IMG] Hope that provides some insight, as well. :-D
  9. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    PSS I know that the person who sent it to my dad was listed as a legitimate employer on a find work website, so be very careful! Just because an employer has posted a job (or has contacted you about a resume) does not mean that they are on the up and up. [​IMG] Should have added that in my first message, as it is somewhat important. [​IMG]
  10. kyrash

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    This is what will happen!!! They will pay the funds into your account alright but within one month you will either receive a call from the FBI or your local police. You account will also be frozen, i am speaking from experience, my friend alsmost went to jail for this same exact kind of business. Dont touch it witha long pole.

    They are fraudstars who need account to receive payments from clients whom they have defrauded and it takes one of those clients to start and enquiry and the s**t hits the fan.

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