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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by smcsween, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. smcsween

    smcsween New Member

    Hi everyone! [​IMG]
    I have a few questions about coastal and I am hoping someone could answer my inquiries.
    I am finding it hard to explain to interested parties how these vacations brochures are redeemed.
    Many people have concerns about the hotels they will be staying at. Also I have had a few inquiries about whether or not they are able to submit more than one vacation slip at the same time and pay only one fee of $6.95 (for the shipping and handling).

    Could somebody please clearly explain how the vacations are redeemed and what information you receive when you send in a money order for a specific one?
    Is there a number I could contact for assistance?
    I would really apreciate any help possible in order to relay this information to interested coastal individuals.
  2. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    I know you can't save on shipping and handling by ordering more than one voucher at a time. I ordered more than one voucher and had to send the $6.95 twice (you can write one check). You have to send it through a cashiers check or money order. By ordering more than one at a time, you save on the cost of buying more than one money order or cashier's check and a stamp.

    Hope this helps you.
  3. smcsween

    smcsween New Member

    Thanks susaneng! I appreciate your help.
    Any further explainations on how the whole process works to redeem the vacations? (ex: hotels you can stay at etc.)

    Thanks [​IMG]
  4. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member


    As Coastal Directors, we all get these questions often. This response is somewhat lengthy, but below is a synopsis of how I like to describe the package...

    "Essentially, the package itself can be viewed in two ways:

    First, the complimentary vacations. We have over 60 vendors, each of whom will be represented by a licensed travel agent when you redeem your certificate for $6.95. That agent will be able to tell you the specifics about the hotels that are participating when you actually book your vacation, as well as make any special arrangements or upgrades (always your choice) for you.

    Now, the reason that their are no specific hotels listed on our vouchers is because the Coastal package and membership are good for a LIFETIME. Coastal guarantees that no matter when you choose to redeem your certificate, it will be honored. We do this through our contractual relationships with the vendors who are behind the certificates. And while all of vendors are of a high-caliber and have substantial longevity in the travel industry, Coastal does not mention specific hotels to insure that no matter what, desirable accomodations will be available to you now or 30 years from now!

    Second, the 20+ membership cards - including a fabulous upgrade option to become your own travel agent - allow you to save instantly on all of your travel needs. In many cases, you will save up to 50% or more by using the Access or Quest cards, and there is no need to be flexible with your dates. These cards offer discounts on everything from airfare and hotels to condo and car rentals, along with camping and recreational discounts."

    Yes, you can redeem multiple vacations at once, but will still have to pay the S/H fee of $6.95 *per certificate*. This is to cover the shipping center's costs for labor, etc. One nice thing to know is that our competitors charge a minum of $10-$20 to activate similar certificates, so Coastal beats their prices by a wide margin!

    The recipient will receive a "glossy" from the shipping center after they send in their $6.95. These vary depending on the vacation, but basically they will contain the contact information and instructions for booking the stay. If you still have your activated cruises from the Level 1 package, take a look at them to get an idea of what I mean.

    No, there isn't a specific list of hotels, but Coastal deals only with major vendors - Carnival, Mariott, etc. In fact, it is primarily the best in the travel industry who are able to offer free stays, because they have so many enterprises throughout the world - and the need to keep those rooms full. Also, you can review the booklets that came with your cards for names of hotels that are available via the Coastal cards.

    Elsewhere on this forum, I have mentioned the Coastal testimonial booklet, which is a great resource to show your potential customers. And Maria Porter has a wonderful testimonial website that she has invited anyone to share with people interested in Coastal. These would be good resources for you to use. And, as I mentioned in another post, using my Coastal package I have stayed at:

    The Disney Contemporary Resort
    The Salem Inn B&B
    The Clarion Hotel

    As well as rented from Budget Rent-A-Car. Feel free to share these specifics.

    I hope this helps!

    Tonya Kopp
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  5. Judy

    Judy New Member

    That was a very informative post. Can I use it when sending out info to prospects? I just finished the Discovery call at WCYS and was told that sometimes like in Florida you won't know where you are staying until you arrive and go to the Welcome Centre where they will let you know which of their top hotels have availability -kind of exciting in a way -scary in another!
    Do you know if you can book vacations for your friends/family with your cards and do you need to give them the card when they go?

  6. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Hi Judy,

    Yes, feel free to use it - anything on a public forum is fair game in my view.

    I have not heard that about Florida, but when I went I used my cards as I needed to be there on specific dates to attend the Coastal seminar. Maybe Jeff Mills can tell you more?

    Regarding the cards, I have heard it is possible to let others use , but I have never done it. Also, every time I have used them I have needed to show the card, though they aren't imprinted with my name.

    I think the best way to get discounts for family and friends is to book through Inteletravel. That way, they get to save money and you get to keep the commission, which is a win/win!

    Tonya Kopp
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  7. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    What I do is if I am using the VOUCHER ordering method, I get the reservation glossy from NB which connects me to the final vendor, on that form, usually, is a phone # or contact details.

    I get on the phone call them, ask around, about locations, dates, types of accomodations.

    I do this with potential customers too, before they even join Coastal so they can see how good our vendors are and how real this is.

    Usually, a person gets a choice of 3-4 hotel chains, and in Florida, the choices I have seen the most are:

    1. Disney Grosvenor
    2. Ramada
    3. Howard Johnson
    4. Clarion types.

    So you know you are always getting a name brand, and you'll only pay taxes on check out.

    If you want to do a timeshare tour, they'll certainly ask you, but you can say no.

    If you have some time, and want to make $50 or more, go on a tour, be firm, say NO to the closer and push coastal on them and tell them you can stay at over 3500 condos anytime their is availability, no exchange fees, no transfer fees, no taxes, no maintenance fees, and you make $1000-$9700 in commissions per sale.

    Then proceed to ask him how much he or she makes on commission and convert them into selling Coastal packages. If they love to sell, they might be a great new rep for you, cause they get paid Peanuts, while the company keeps all the commissions.

    Food for thought, but this is how I find out what I am doing with the voucher model, I just pick up the phone and make connections and talk to the vendors, and it's easy.

  8. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Hey Jeff,

    I tried that on a few timeshare people myself. Hear my story as it is amazing. My wife and used our Coastal access card to get a 4 bedroom condo in Williamsburg VA. We got it for hear this $259 for the week. Everyone else spent $3600 for it. We saved over $3300. Now when we checked into this great place I think it was called Greensprings Plantation they have a timeshare appt setter at a desk. So being the talker I am we ventured over. She asked how did we like our reservations and we stated we got it for $259. She thought we meant a night so I pointed out no thats for the week. Her jaw dropped and no sooner than she picked it up I was giving her my info. We even signed up for the timeshare. Now I had never been on one of them b4 but my wife had. Was I in for a shock. Let me do say we went on 3 and got $200 in cash and half price tix to Busch gardens but they are the pushiest people ever. The 30 min presentation is more like 3 hours. It was funny though at one they brought int he master closer as we keep saying no. He tried his pitch and I cut him off and said hey I have a coastal membership where I get this same place so are trying to sell me for 20k (it was a nice place though and 20k was a good deal) for anytime I want for maybe $400 a week. He said Oh Coastal yeah we had a guy who just quit here that is doing that. Ok thanks for you time he said go to the desk to pick up you reward. I laughed. So the morale is if you have time then do the time share but if you dont then no need to waste your time.

    Wholesale travel the best way to travel and live.

    Adam Frederick
  9. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    If people only knew what a scam timeshare is and how we so beat that system to a pulp, but the Timeshare giants all have the money and we are all little guys and in some strange way, we all feed eachother too, because if they did not sell $29k inventory, we could not offer it for $300 for the week! [​IMG]
  10. wapahm

    wapahm New Member

    Hello Jeff, Tonya and Adam
    It seems as though ya'll have had some experiance using the package for your own travel needs so......

    Which method (vouchers or using our club cards) gives us as members the most bang for our buck?

    Since different vouchers are honored by different companies which ones would ya'll recomend as the best?
    Which card?
    Thanks, Cindy
  11. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    I love to use the week long condo discounts, and find the inventory online and book instanlty online.

    This is how I roll with my travel package and where I get the most bang for my dollar.

    You use the package according to how you like to travel and find the ways within the package to allow you to save the most you can with what you are trying to do.

    Short term trips are different than booking long term trips and should be looked at to understand how the cards work and compared to how the vouchers work to see which one fits your individual tastes and travel best.

  12. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Jeff, et'al

    The biggest chunk of what it costs to travel is the airline fares.
    yes with Coastal we get the disount vouchers but sometimes it's cheaper to get the airlines best fares instead of using the vouchers.

  13. cashwealth

    cashwealth Guest

    Did somebody used the 'Atlantic City' 3days/2night certificate??

    I give it away and now she got cert back from full-fill center and they asking her for $50 deposit in return. Is that usual??
    I don't have a chance to use any of my cert yet.

  14. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Guys you must jump into your package and really get a feel for it. Think of it this way. There are 2 parts. First is your discount cards. Look at them for your immediate needs. Most of them allow you to go online and get discounts on whatever the card is for right away. I love this part of the package. Many a time I have just got online and booked something for myself or a friend and saved up to 75% off of regular rates. Good deal. Now the second part of the package are our complimentary vacation vouchers. They are from different vendors and have different terms and conditions but what I do is plan them 60-90days in advance and understand many have processing fee's and sometimes deposits. It still comes out cheaper than anything else out there. You just have to plan. For Cashwealth...yes the Atlantic City voucher has I believe a $50 refundable deposit with it. When I use a voucher ive never used b4 I have it sent to me first. I get the $6.95 for the client if they are paying for it or I send it in myself and have the voucher first mailed to me so I can see the terms and conditions first. Then you can talk to the client about it when you send them their voucher back. Hope that helps.

  15. beckie1229

    beckie1229 New Member

    the hotel's main goal of providing vouchers is to fill vacancies so that you will shop in their shops, and eat their food, and put money into their town's economy.

    If you don't pay a deposit, you may not take your reservation seriously because it's "free". The hotel, however, needs you to show up.

    That's the reason for the deposit. It's insurance for them to have you actually arrive.
  16. cashwealth

    cashwealth Guest

    Thanks Beckie and Adam!

    No problem w/deposit. Looks like same apply for the rest of 'free' certificates...

  17. SAS78

    SAS78 New Member

    Hello All!

    I have recently sent in the Vegas voucher along with the $6.95. Any ideas how long it will take me to receive whatever it is that I am expecting back in the mail?

    By the way, what it is that I should be expecting?

    Thanks....I new to this and still learning [​IMG]
  18. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    you will get what is called a "Glossy" brochure. That will give you absolute directions on what to do to schedule your trip. I usually takes a week to 10 days to get it.

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