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    A few things i found interesting about this company that eventually led to me enrolling was the industries they were tapping into. One obviously well established was the weightloss industry. Their product, RegeneSlim, is a simple, yet effective one that has had great reviews (one coming from the person who introduced it to me) that i shared it with my sister and she had the same positive results. The other product, RegenErect, has had some mixed reviews. There has been a formula change on that one for some reason i'm not sure if it was due to any side effects or what. Nonetheless, it is still getting very good reviews by others. This one taps into the male enhancement industry which compared to the drugs used for erectile dysfunction seems to be big. They have some other products in the works too. The enrollment options are 3. One is free but limits the owner to just retail sales from site purchases. Second option gives the owner websites and entitles to a kit, retail sales and commissions at 50%. Third is about the same but at 100% commissions. Now here's the other interesting part. They have their own advertising on tv, radio stations and other media going for getting customers. Then the customer may be acquired by any business owner with points acquired by purchase thru their back office. They also have a training program called Regeneca University that can also be purchased in the back office. Another program they have is called One Step Millionaire where all you have to do is get the prospect to connect to the call center and they do all the selling for you. All these plus the networking aspect is putting this company in the spotlight. Looks like they are trying to hit all the bases for fastest results. I've tried the RegenErect but did'nt notice anything different but since there is a dosing period i may have just stopped short of noticing results. Not that i needed any help in that area. I would keep a careful watch on their progress. They seem to be moving at a fast pace. Check out their site at: http://www.regeneca.com They also have something that came out on PBS. I think they need to make changes to some of their pages, like an opt-in or inquiry section added to improve them. I'll keep giving updates as i find out more.
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    I never heard of them before. I guess that everyone wants to get their piece of the big pie.
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    The FDA came down on Regeneca on the male enhancement product that's why the change.

    I know of some doing well marketing it and other that had a challenge in marketing the "sex pill" because it's not particularly something that people openly want to get into a discussion about.

    However, "it works if you work it" Les Brown said.

    All the best

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    There have been mixed reviews/testimonies on the "sex pill" for both before and after formulation changes. The FDA was involved at some point but the company has been abiding by all the FDA's regulations. That being said, discussions about the capsules really have'nt been that taboo. I know this from my experience with a co-worker and such. It would seem like an exciting subject to bring up at clubs, bars and certain parties. My co-worker talked about it with his church buddies. There's more of that pie to get, there's something in the works for women too. Work it i will, thanks.[​IMG]
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    I'd like to know your marketing strategy to present sexualy oriented products to somebody ? How do the company advertise those products on tv, radio, etc.


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    totojerry, it basically depends on whether you know the person or not. If you know them, even as an acquaintance or co-worker, you can work it in during a conversation. If you don't, then you introduce yourself and build rapport. A factor to consider is the environment settings. Always have samples and business cards on hand. This is preparation. This does'nt get shown or given right up front. As far as the company ads, they have them played at certain times of the night or evening when the target market is in front of the tube and the radio stations that the target market listen to. There's one called Bill The Batter that is comedic and another one that more subtle.
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    After checking sites like Fiverr and seeing that you can't just pay anyone $5 to make a testimonial, I don't believe in that kind of promotion anymore when it comes to being convinced to buy a product.

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    PeterFrosen, handing out samples is the key to acquiring customers. They are considered high impact products. They work immediately, are safe and natural. Free samples can also be ordered online, plus shipping of course.

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