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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by WhiteSox, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. WhiteSox

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    I was wondering if anyone out there has the same desire as I do. I do see that most sites on the rotator are of the "business opportunity" variety. There are some, like mine, that are regional and would benefit if they were viewed locally. I know that as ASD grows, the chances are better that this could get done. Has anyone heard anthing about this happening down the road? I live in the Tampa / St. Pete area and anyone out there viewing my site is a waste if they aren't in thye same region.

    Also, has anyone been involved with or have info on MRS VIP which from what I understand is similar in a small way but pays back more realistic in the long run?
  2. hiseikon

    hiseikon New Member

    I have been thinking along the same lines . . .

    My idea is to view websites promoting things that I have an interest in, as well as services that I might be looking for in my area.

    I guess I felt that this is something that ASD would do in the future.
  3. iggyigette

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    Regional Advertising was in the gameplan when ASD Offer Universe was being developed. I've been talking to the Web Designer of ASD Offer Universe recently and I know they were working on that project...

    In Touch Media and ASD are still collaborating on a number of projects together.

    Now that the project is Off the Tables, I'm not sure what ASD has in mind but the Subject was on their radar screen back then.

    One scenario I see in the future is the number of ASD Rallies that's been held in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States could be a catalyst to signing up lots of members from those cities which could act as a catalyst to launch Regional Advertising Program like this...but I am purely speculating...or more like Guessing...
  4. rippinrod

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    Yes, it seems with the growth of ASD that there will be no reason why there cannot be growth in a regional aspect such as has accomplished.

    Particularly in the area of services, etc.

    Of course, a lot of people are attracted to the FREE aspect of craigslist. But speaking for myself, I would find it attractive to have a site to find local services, etc. for mundane or selective needs/services.

  5. Louminous

    Louminous New Member

    I agree 100%, I think it could be very affective if they had some type of profile you had to fill out, every other networking site does. Thats what is so key about online advertising, you can go after a specific target market.

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