Remember Velma Hart - a tale of a white collar worker's recession woes

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by FreeCashMan, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. FreeCashMan

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    Velma Hart, a White Collar worker who asked in town hall meeting with the USA President Obama, about the state of the economy and jobs, has recently become the victim of the changing landscape of jobs in U.S. America.

    Velma Hart has now lost her $200,000+ a year job. See story here: 010112205275

    While the matter of jobs is way bigger than the issue of who's the president, and what he may or may not be doing, the facts remains that if you are going to function in a fantasy about having or looking for a job, you are going to subject yourself to waking up to reality of the changing economic landscape, that your job is subject to giving you the "boot."

    Dear people don't sit back and wait on tragedy, or another one, before taking action to do something for yourself to add income to your household. Why do so many sit back in hope and prayer that "it" won't happen to them.

    Jobs are not rebounding, don't believe the media hype, or slight change in unemployment numbers. If think the employment rate is coming down based on whois or is not working at places like Wal-mart, you are just continuing the fantasy.

    There are powerful income producing opportunity out there and a networking home business is the ideal one to participate in because of the ability to apply leverage in generating income like absolutely nothing else accept trading in the financial markets.

    Don't run from network marketing/mlm, embrace it, learn it, and succeed with it. Technology has made it so much better and simpler these days for more to succeed. The riches are not likely to come overnight, but they can manifest if you put in the work.

    I can only imagine where The Velma's of the world would be if they had put some time into doing something for themselves in stead of depending on someone else to be the driving force for their complete economic survival for years and years, and praying that it would last. Her fears became a reality, but she could have stepped up and did something about it a long time ago, and not been in such a state of disarray.

    You can do something about your financial future right now also, and have a leg to stand on if your job income stream gets pulled from underneath you all of a sudden, you only need to TAKE ACTION NOW!

    Don't blame the government or politicians for not doing something you can do for yourself. Be about making your own money, monthly residual income is the wises path.
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Here's a comically presented but powerful video I came across about understanding the real unemployment numbers and situation in the USA:

    Quite frankly if people are waiting on the return of "yesterdays" jobs, paying "yesterdays" nice income, they are on a path to nowhere.

    Time to realize, more than ever it's do for self-time, if you want to survive and thrive in these economic times and beyond.
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    You are so right FreeCashMan. Even Bernake said it would be 4-5 years before we return to normal UNemployment.
    I thank God (& Robert G. Allen) I learned to create Multiple Streams of Income long ago.
    MLM is just one of them, but definitely the sweet spot for leverage.
    No matter how secure a job may seem, the dollar isn't so healthy.
    The only person you can count on to CREATE jobs is yourself.
    There are Infinite possibilities waiting for everyone.
    Find your passion and just do it for the fun of it.
    The money flow when you are in the flow.
    Row, row, row your boat...
  4. A8ch

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    FreeCashMan: Time to realize, more than ever it's do for self-time, if you want to survive and thrive in these economic times and beyond.
    Indeed! Very thought-provoking and timely posts.

    Just2EZ: Row, row, row your boat...
    I use a similar expression myself. It goes like this: Row your own #@%$&* boat! [​IMG]


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