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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by luvtravel, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    I googled a travel business and this company had TOP RANKING listed so I thought how can that be, how can the travel company be listed under Unselfish Wealth and get top ranking.

    So my husband decided to look into it for us as we love to travel I have been a travel agent for over 12 years (hate to admit that[​IMG]

    Anyway bottom line after he listened to a audio on unselfish wealth's website by the owner of the travel company he was convinced, he said.."Terri I joined this" I was shocked he never did anything like that before, best decision he ever made!!

    We got a paid member after just 2 days, AND you can join unselfish wealth for free, the way it works is like this......

    You join unselfishwealth for free, once there when you join the travel company Travelencia from that link you are in a team builder for Travelencia and you get 4 members placed under you.

    That is HUGE! To start out your business with 4 members!!

    It feels good to go with a great company, look at their payplan wow! AND be under a team that cares about each one of us...truly unselfish!

    The members are paid members.

    Truly the way to start a great travel business, by giving to others and helping other team members, refreshing RIGHT?

    AND it just costs $50 to start in Travelencia.

    Hope that helped to explain joining Travelencia under Unselfish wealth and our team!

    My husband joined and never regreted it now I know why I married such a smart man!

    Of course all the other programs I joined he always supported ME to!

    FYI when you join a company make certain your sponsor is upfront with you, I have had sponsors who weren't upfront and know what? I QUIT, I will only join under someone I can TRUST and believe in! it's sad to think there are sponsors who wont be upfront or share with you.
  2. lethalboom

    lethalboom New Member

    thank you for sharing your experiences with us [​IMG]
  3. Escalade

    Escalade Guest

    I absolutely agree with you. I'm also an Unselfish Wealth team member and I am very impressed with the response Unselfish Wealth (team building system for Travelencia) is getting. It is going to be a remarkable program and I am proud to become part of this history. Due to the overwhelming response I am getting, I have no choice but to give away personal referrals. The system has a 4x6 matrix, meaning we can only have 4 personal referrals. The rest we have to give away to anyone who's part of my downline. Good luck to everyone who's already in the program and to the ones who are contemplating on becoming a part of this incredible travel program. [​IMG]
  4. teydean

    teydean New Member

    I'm also happy with the results I've received from the Unselfish Wealth/Travelencia Team. I was lucky enough to get in fairly early with ID #141. We have created a team that is screaming with momentum and we haven't even scratched the surface. I would recommend this team building system to anyone, from beginners to experienced marketers. Everyone can win with Unselfish Wealth.

    I have set all my other projects to the side so I can continue building my downline and help others do the same. Then we all can take a! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Sounds like a good program if network marketing is your thing...
  6. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Unselfish Wealth is the team building system we've all been waiting for.

    by giving away our personal referrals and sacrificing our fast start bonuses and concentrating on the bonus pools, we are truly building teams rather then just making a few people on top of the matrix rich.

    The Unselfish Wealth system is focusing on building extrememly long-term residual income.

    I've been getting a huge response.

    I am making custom capture pages for my UW team members that are converting 1 out of every 4.9 opt-ins right now and I'm excited about how fast this is building.

    This is just the beginning.
  7. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    teydean: I have set all my other projects to the side so I can continue building my downline and help others do the same. Then we all can take a!

    Me too, I definitely see this team building system being the most effective system at building teams ever so far.
  8. shallie

    shallie New Member

    I have a question with regard to sponsors and the 4 personal referrals if someone could possibly answer.

    I signed up in pre-launch and developed a rapport with my sponsor. However since the compression began I have been removed from my original sponsor and since the weekend have been moved again and put under a total of four different sponsors.

    Now I determined that this would have been because each sponsor had their total of 4 upgraded referrals, but this is not the case as my original sponsor has now only two referrals (that haven't upgraded)

    My dilema is that it is now my turn to upgrade but I would like to remain with my original sponsor. ( admin have been contacted but no reply as yet).
  9. David

    David New Member

    This thread seems to have gone cold? Is Unselfish Wealth still working well for you?
  10. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    Hi All I really am enjoying Unselfish Wealth its the first program I have ever been able to make money in.
  11. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    David: This thread seems to have gone cold? Is Unselfish Wealth still working well for you?

    Yes, this was looking pretty exciting for about four days!

    Not meaning to be facetious here but that seems to be what happened.
    4 days of exciting comments, then nothing!

    Anyway, it all sounded interesting.
    So if anyone actually got anywhere with this, please continue...!
  12. unselfishguy

    unselfishguy Guest

    Let's take a look at why Unselfish Wealth is a great system and why you need this system to build a home based/online business for yourself.

    Unselfish Wealth is creating a tremendous amount of buzz right now all over the Internet.
    What makes the Unselfish Wealth team building system stand out compared to the traditional business building model is takes that traditional model that doesn't work for 95% of the people and flipped it upside down and focus more in supporting the people who belong to that 95% instead of the ones from the 5%. You see, the 5% or the "gurus" will always make money regardless of what business program they promote. But what about the 5% of us who want to be in a home based/online program and earn a steady flow of residual income? As network marketers we need to earn a growing income month after month after month.

    What normally happens in the traditional network marketing model for the last several years is that the "guru" will position itself as an expert in the industry and market their program by promising the prospect spillovers and that they will become rich without lifting a finger. The prospects will then say, "Hey, that's great! What a wonderful world!" Then they sign up. What they really wanted us to do is join them so they can earn initial commission from our enrollment. Then once they've earned their commissions and burned up their list and their marketing campaign, they're off to the next program and do the exact same thing.

    What about the spillovers? Now, you may feel like you've just won a lottery whenever the heavy-hitters place spillovers underneath you. However, this idea is not necessarily what you should be hoping for. Don't get me wrong. You will still earn a small percentage of the matrix income. However, you will not be qualified for the bonuses, such as fast-start bonuses or matching bonuses, from the spillovers. As you know, there's a huge amount of money that you can earn from these bonuses. So who's earning the all these bonuses? If your answer is the person who placed the spillover underneath you, then you are absolutely correct.

    The Unselfish Wealth system is designed specifically for the masses, not just for the heavy-hitters. It is developed to drive support and assistance to the newer member whenever that person needs help. This is what differentiates the Unselfish Wealth system from the traditional model. It gives back network marketing to the masses because the gurus will make big money no matter what. Here's another reason why Unselfish Wealth is different. Even if you are given personal referrals, it is you who will be qualified for the bonuses, not the person who provided you with that personal referral.

    In conclusion, with this new team building system, the failure rate in Internet or network marketing is significantly reduced. With your motivation and consistent effort combined with this unique system, failure in network marketing is no longer an option.
  13. Grant Wilson

    Grant Wilson New Member

    TJamMoneyMan: Yes, this was looking pretty exciting for about four days!

    Not meaning to be facetious here but that seems to be what happened.
    4 days of exciting comments, then nothing!

    Anyway, it all sounded interesting.
    So if anyone actually got anywhere with this, please continue...!

    Hi TJ,

    Looks like you get around in this forum, but I like your honest and sincere approach when it come to any business Opportunity. You ask some really great questions TJ.

    I researched Unselfish Wealth and I have been in communication with the founder as well.

    First I have to say Unselfish Wealth has got a wonderful system which has been patented so no one can get 4 people in Travelencia, anyone else that joins after 4 goes right in the second level which means that they are earning from second level bonus. That means you end up having no more than 4 personal introduced.

    What Unselfish Wealth is not able to do is allow anyone come in to use their system, the only way that happens is you have to join Travelencia with them. The only problem I find with this is that what about those who joined Travelencia with out knowing about Unselfish Wealth? I was told not by the founder but by a member that is too bad.

    What are your thoughts of this TJ?

    I saw Unselfish Wealth been talked about in another forum but I was told by one poster that I was attacking UW and been aggressive with my post.

    TJ or anyone else that reads this are you allowed to mention the truth in the forum?

    Have an Inspiring Day

    Grant Wilson
  14. brightstar

    brightstar New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been online for well over 5 years now and been involved in many many programs and learnt alot on my journey.
    I can honestly say hand on heart how refreshing it is to be part of unselfishwealth/travelencia.
    Travelencia itself is going to be a huge success and is such a great product in these economical bad times.The credit crunch has hit many,over here in the UK many people are feeling the strain of increased energy,fuel and food costs.
    I beleive this will have a huge impact on the amount of people looking for a home business for additional income.
    Theres many travel busineses out there but where travelencia differs is in so many ways is firstly its affordable for most,
    will be available in 200 countries from launch!!(october 4th)
    offers 2 membership levels giving members the ability tio not only get wholesale prices on their travel but also the ability to finance this(up to $5000) with 0% finance and absolutely NO credit checks!
    The appeal of this as you can imagine will be huge.

    Now,couple this with the unselfishwealth system and in my honest opinion we have a business as close to 'perfect' that I have ever been involved in.
    Now its not some sort of 'magic' system where you join,sit back and expect to earn BIG........thats never going to happen anywhere.It's a business and needs treating as such....BUT, what makes the system unique is the fact that its set up to help the little guy.This is done by making sure everybody gets their 4 qualifying referals and then they get thiers etc etc.....
    Most companies out there you will always see the same 'big hitters' at the top of the leaderboards,this cannot happen in unselfishwealth because every person you bring in after your 4th is automatically given to those below........not spillover.......but actual referals.....meaning the new people will get paid fast starts on these.
    By building this way it not only ensures your downline will remain active(why would they quit when in profit?) but it also builds everyone into the company bonus pools which are normally only available to the big hitters.

    So far I have nothing but good things to say on this company and the way its set up to help everyone is so ethical and refreshing it just feels right.

    Hope this helped those considering this opportunity
    Take care
    Your friend in the UK
    Adrian [​IMG]
  15. unselfishbuddy

    unselfishbuddy New Member

    I can now say that this system is in fact the best team/residual income builder. This is how a business should definitely be built. It's all about equality and sharing your success with the rest of your team. Of course it will not work as effectively if you just choose to sit there and not do anything. This system is for business builders who are really looking to put together a team that will last for the longest term. [​IMG]
  16. HomeBizMama

    HomeBizMama New Member

    I've been checking out Unselfish Wealth and I think the idea is pretty good attracting newbies like me. However, there are probably many people that sign up and quit because they think they can get their downlines built with no work at all. Although, it seem like everyone is working as a team, I still do not know who to sign up with. I want to make sure my sponsor will be there for me and actually help me build my downlines with Travelencia, not Unselfish Wealth. To be sucessful with any MLM, you have to build a strong downline and keep your downlines from quitting on you.

    unselfishbuddy.. umm.. aren't you the guy on page 4.. Jerome? That's awesome that you have your testimonial on there. I was thinking... of signing up through the ADMIN page to make it fair on everyone because when I google "unselfish wealth" there's too many blogs and reviews trying to promote their links. And that's probably what they mean by the teamwork required when joining UW. Well.. back to more research.

  17. brightstar

    brightstar New Member

    Hi Sue,
    Adrian here from the UK,
    Great to see you here on the forum and great to see you looking at unselfishwealth/travelencia.
    I have been involved for a few months now and its going great so far and you are definately right in doing your research.
    Unselfishwealth is not a magic potion or system where you can join and magically become rich but is structured in such a way as to do exactly what you build a solid downline in travelencia.
    In tradidional MLM its the heavy hitters who make the money by bringing hundreds or thousands of people into the business.........unfortunately the average person will struggle to make this work and if are not making money after 2-3 months will simply quit.
    Where unselfishwealth differs is that it is set up so we can only bring 4 people in each THEN everyone else who comes in are placed DOWN beneath us so as to help everyone get their qualyfying people and in turn helps them get some quick start cash and be in profit quickly.
    So theres still work to do and you still need to promote as in any other business but the main difference is how it helps everyone.
    Please feel free to contact me if you need any further help or advice
    Your friend in the UK
  18. geno

    geno New Member

    Hi peeps,
    just wondering if there are any other fees to be paid besides the $50? Any monthly subscriptions or web hosting fees etc....?

  19. HomeBizMama

    HomeBizMama New Member

    geno: Hi peeps,
    just wondering if there are any other fees to be paid besides the $50? Any monthly subscriptions or web hosting fees etc....?


    Hi geno! The fee is a one-time $50 and then you select to pay either $19.95 or $49.95 a month through Travelencia. If you decide to join Travelencia through Unselfish Wealth, you have to contribute $5 a month for the TEAMs advertising costs. I just started with the $19.95 until I get my biz started. When you upgrade to the $49.95 (Gold Membership) you have the opp to make more money through matching bonus comp plans. If you have any other questions, let us know.

  20. geno

    geno New Member

    Thanks for the info, HomeBizMama.
    So if i opt for the $19.95 plan, can i upgrade later?
    How long have you been with this program?


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