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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by treyj14, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. treyj14

    treyj14 New Member

    Has anyone heard of or had success with Revolutionary Matrix??? I signed up last week when they launched the program and it seems to be going well so far. They don't seem to be lying about the possibility of spillover. I just wanted to get some other people's opinions on this forced matrix opportunity.

  2. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    You betcha!

    After spending months looking for a company that had a solid product the public wanted, as well as being very affordable, you can bet I was thrilled to learn about Rev Matrix.

    Web hosting for forums, blogs, chat, etc. makes the $10 a month worth it alone. But to have a built in 5x6 forced matrix added to it, is an awesome bonus! (gotta love that free spillover!) I'm impressed how you not only get $1 for every person under you every month, but on the 6th level you get $2 for every person... not something I've ever seen anyone else offer. The potential adds up fast! To my surprise, they even have a rotator that advertises for you... Free! (most places will charge you extra).

    The Support Forum at the site is open to the public, and is a great way for people to get all the info they need. It's also a lot of fun! From what I've seen, this opportunity clearly beats the others! It's no surprise that this opportunity is so well put together and is gaining popularity fast, since the people behind it are top GDI sponsors! I didn't hesitate to grab a spot when it launched and I am fortunate enough to have a sponsor with 10 years of experience in programs like GDI, so I'm having a blast!

    Sounds like you got in pretty quick too Trevor, I bet you got a great spot! This is an excellent time for people to join as this is still 'just' kicking off, and by the looks of things, it's gonna grow big!
  3. snowboardaholic

    snowboardaholic New Member

    i have heard of this one as well, i have spoken to one of the creators, and it seems it will be really great. I have signed up for 10k matrix and have not seen any results, I am still trying to decide if i should go for this one and hope for better results
  4. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    In 10k, as with any opportunity, you will want to give it time. Even though some people can bring in hefty amounts right away, don't let that discourage you when you don't see the same results. Many people miss out because they gave up too soon.

    Seeing a difference in success can really depend on how much effort is being put out by you and your team. Gotta figure, if you've already paid for that month... might as well give it your best shot!

    On that note, I will tell you that we have some people who are a part of both 10k and RevMatrix, and over time they will decide for themselves which is working out best for them.
  5. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    I'm not sure James Al-Oboudi is doing himself any favors trashing GDI. But there is one thing that James overlooked:

    As old as GDI is (started in 1998 here in southern California), most folks would rather join NEW programs. Don't get me wrong.....I think older is better! I joined GDI last year through Spider Web Marketing, but cancelled (when Spider Web failed to answer my customer support on a mistake they made on my SWM account). Then months later last fall I RE-joined GDI through Acme People Search, to host my affiliate search engine. I have since cancelled a second time since I wasn't making any money in APS.

    So I have nothing against GDI itself, it's just that I've always used it for other opportunities rather than promote GDI by itself.

    Al-Oboudi claims that he was once one of the top marketers in GDI. Has anyone verified this? I'm going to phone GDI tomorrow to check up on him and his partner Glenn Lee.

    As for the Revolutionary Matrix itself, the first 5 levels are the same as GDI -- $1 commission for every $10 customer to sign in your downline. Level 6 is $2 a person, which is great......if you can make it to Level 6! It will likely take many months just to get to Level 3, because I don't see anything revolutionary about this matrix. It's been done before many times in various incarnations. Also the website and forums look like a child threw it together in a couple of days.

    $10 a month isn't much to spend and I might try this, but whether it's worth it or not remains to be seen (and not heard).
  6. sakume

    sakume New Member

    In GDI your upline immediately becomes your competition and there have been warnings about Tissa's "People Search" which is interesting because it only cost someone else a total of $25 to start a service similar to it, just better in the first place. Don't know where Tissa got the figure for several hundred grand.

    One of the reasons Tissa has such a high paycheck shown in the people search engine is because all the people getting duped that the people search engine will make them rich quick and all the "GDI" signups from that search engine roll in rather fast giving Tissa a huge (and I mean HUGE) sign on bonus in GDI every week which is why he's in the leaderboards.

    As far as James is concerned, yes, there are quite a few people who were able to verify this before James dropped out of GDI, there are even videos on youtube that show James in the leadboards still.

    Glenn Lee was in GDI but bombed at it, what he was good at was DUOservers Resellers Panel (Selling Webspace hosting packages) and this was several years back and hard to validate these days as DUOservers started going downhill after the introduction of unlimited hosting packages by other big name companies.

    And as for my information (Glenn Lee) yes, please call in and check up on my in GDI, if they tell you ANY information at all at the current point in time, let me know exactly what they say and try to get them to email it to you too so I can sue them for invasion of my privacy. That'd be lovely wouldn't it? How would you like it if someone called about you and started giving away all your personal details just because someone asked? We don't do that at Revolutionary Matrix as we respect your privacy.

    Don't go trash talking other businesses before you actually get your feet wet. There are already quite a few people already on their 6th level. In programs such as GDI, yeah, it can take years upon years to ever reach that 6th level, but in a forced matrix everyone is more team oriented and no longer does the upline become the competition with the guys down below, this is why people are reaching their six tiers rather quickly.

    Do your research before you make yourself look any dumber than you already have, otherwise, someone like me will turn around, do the research for you, then slap you in the face with the information you so failed to look up.

    There is also a support forum in RevMatrix that you could've easily gotten information from and even testimonials from those who have their 6th tier, but nope, you chose to run off at the mouth and sound like a big boy.

    So here's the thing. Do your research, or keep your trap shut.
  7. Elysium

    Elysium New Member


    It is disappointing to hear of your past frustrations. That is unfortunate that you've had negative experiences with other programs.

    You mentioned in your post that you might try this program... may I suggest that you do not. You have already convinced yourself that you dislike the people behind it, the way the program is set up, and the appearance of the site. To enter any program with that state of mind would only be self-defeating.

    In your closing sentence you said, "... remains to be seen (and not heard)." I couldn't agree more! And what a growing number of us are seeing is a program with a staff that is always there for its members, people who have already long reached their 6th level, and numerous commissions already paid while the program was barely even one week old. I must say, so far... many of us like what we see indeed!

    Best wishes and best of luck to you in your future endeavors!
  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    RM appears to be more or less a remake of GDI with a twist in compensation. The spillover talk is probably, as most similar programs are, being excessively talked about. If one thinks their online cash flow is going to manifest from massive spillover, they will be surprised. Of course some have benefited from spillover in programs, but spillover is not something one should count on. It really depends on your positioning. The other things is most don't are committed enough to experience significant spillover.

    Building a monthly residual income is about working a plan, and seeing it through, and being committed. Most that have achieved success in building a downline worked the system with blinders on and then one day took the blinders off and saw that they were getting paid big time.

    So folks don't look for any magic from RM, different than GDI, unless you put in the work. I'm sure they both are good program. I've tested GDI a couple of times, but couldn't get with the need for 10 people in place before breakeven. But it has obviously worked for many.

    To your success!
  9. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Elysium: You mentioned in your post that you might try this program... may I suggest that you do not. You have already convinced yourself that you dislike the people behind it, the way the program is set up, and the appearance of the site. To enter any program with that state of mind would only be self-defeating.

    Hi, Elysium

    I didn't say I liked or disliked James. All I was attempting to do is get confirmation on his being a past leader in GDI. That's called basic investigation. I never heard of him before.

    As for spillover, it can happen and I've seen it happen to myself (in Getaway Club) and to other people I know. But it's not that common unless you get into the right position. You should be trying to encourage me to join, not discourage! I've done enough of that on my own. [​IMG]
  10. Elysium

    Elysium New Member


    Excellent point about "putting in the work." If someone joins without any intention of participation, they may still get some people in their downline, however, it will be slow-paced and can be somewhat limited. I would think this goes without saying in any opportunity.

    The intention of the spillover and the free advertising done for you is to supplement (boost) your own efforts. For some people it's already turning out to be a huge boost, while for others only a little.

    A huge mistake many people make is to join something... just sit there... don't see huge profits within the first couple of weeks... then leave. There are many good opportunities out there, but people need to be realistic about it.

    I am on the net pretty much 8 - 12 hours a day since kicking this off and I have the pleasure of knowing I have a sponsor who is on the constant go as well. So far my downline is growing and I have met some amazing people. I am very much enjoying this experience so far and look forward to continuing for quite some time.

    You've made some great points in a realistic, down to earth way ~ thanks for sharing them!
  11. mirab

    mirab Member

    At the end of the day, there is no free rides. (my opinion) It's all about learning how to market. And then doing it every day. Whatever program you pick.

    This matrix looks like any other program. The guy talks real good and makes a lot of sense but you still need a downline. I get so frustrated when these programs make it seem like all you have to do is join and they do the rest.

    Do a google for the program and you'll see countless videos and sales pitches from all the new members trying to get sign ups. Kinda like what james said he disliked about other programs.

    I don't know, to me it's all the same old stuff repackaged.
  12. treyj14

    treyj14 New Member

    Well it looks like a lot of people have been responding to my original post. I'm glad to see so many people interested in Rev Matrix, whether it be good or bad.

    Just to give you all an update on my situation within the matrix, things are going quite well. I actually signed up for 2 spots. One that I signed up for Day 1 and I personally promote, and one that I signed up for 2 days ago under a "veteran" that actually signed up after me and I knew I could get some solid spillover from. Well, here I am today with 20 people in my personal spot and 10 in my spillover spot. Not bad for a weeks work if you ask me. And I haven't even started promoting it hard yet except in forums. Plus, they also paid me to my alertpay account so I know I don't have to worry about that.

    Let's not forget, this is the network marketing industry. Everyone fails at some point, but you have to keep a positive attitude and move on. Do your research and find something that works. I really feel like next to WebProsperity, Rev Matrix will be the next biggest thing of '09. Think of all those discouraged GDI people out there who are desperate to make something work. I personally don't care if James bashes GDI. In my opinion it's brilliant marketing. I'm diving in head first and I honestly think others should be too.
  13. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    treyj14: Well, here I am today with 20 people in my personal spot and 10 in my spillover spot.

    OK, Trevor.....I'll join if you send me one of your stronger URLs that's primed for spillover. Plus I will take things a step further to do my part: Once I get my IRS refund in a week or so, I'll spend an additional $20 to buy 20,000 views of my Revolutionary Matrix site. That will be my initial effort to move things along. How about that? [​IMG]
  14. Elysium

    Elysium New Member


    Hi Glenn! Welcome to the forum!

    It is indeed comforting to know how much you and James are looking out for our RevMatrix family. The incredible amount of time you personally put into helping everyone over at the RM forum is greatly appreciated by all!

    It's really exciting seeing so many new people coming in everyday. The amount of energy and unity that is developing between everyone really has made this the best experience I've ever had with any company! It truly is a place where everyone benefits!

  15. Maeve

    Maeve New Member

    Hello Trev and all!I'm also under Diane's team. I'm a newbie to internet marketing, still feeling my way around. I hope I can still earn even though I'm not an expert.
    I haven't gotten any spillovers yet, don't know why.I really hope to get some soon.Maybe just to prove to everyone that earning from spillovers here is really possible..I know it'll happen!

    Success to us all!



    Most programs are merely knock offs of another, very few truly unique structures out there, and as for matrix structures, forget it, most are not going to pay off.

    Yes, you can get lucky, but don't count on the spillover fairy blessing you with her wand. lol Sorry, but I have studied hundreds of compensation plans, and very few will overcome the dead leg in a matrix most are stuck in.

    The only matrix that has gotten my attention in last decade is one where your position is not static, as in stuck in dead leg. This concept has promise as everyone keeps getting shuffled back down and under everyone else over and over. Sure would be nice to see a long term earner for a change.

    Success to all, Mike
  17. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    I'm used to having dead matrix legs, but Trev and I agree there is a good chance for spillover....if I can get in now. The one thing preventing me is the Rev Matrix's software interface with AlertPay.

    AlertPay must be having technical difficulties. I managed to create my account with Revolutionary Matrix, but when every time I tried to pay through AlertPay I got an error on the AP site telling me that "My Session Expired", which is ridiculous because I did it in seconds. I tried it 4 times in a row -- twice through Safari and twice with Firefox.

    It's too bad they don't accept other currencies.

  18. Elysium

    Elysium New Member


    AlertPay has been having issues for quite some time now and frankly RevMatrix has had enough with it. They are in the process of getting ready to make other payment processors available very soon. There is a lot of info about it in the RM forum if you get the chance to look through it.

    Many people have signed up without making payment yet. It's not a problem as admin understands the issues people are currently facing with AlertPay. You won't be able to access your back office until you're an 'active' (paying) member, but you have secured a spot in the matrix.

    Hopefully you don't still see the site as something "a child threw together" so that you can move forward more successfully. Believing in, and appreciating an opportunity really does make a difference! On that note... welcome to the RevMatrix family!

  19. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Elysium: Many people have signed up without making payment yet. It's not a problem as admin understands the issues people are currently facing with AlertPay. You won't be able to access your back office until you're an 'active' (paying) member, but you have secured a spot in the matrix.

    Yes, I kind of figured there are a lot of people waiting in reserve, Annette. The one thing I heard according to one of the members is R.M. is considering using PayPal. While this would have been good for me now (because it's the only available currency I have online at the moment other than AlertPay), that rumor can't be true because PayPal is anti-matrix. They don't deal with MLMs anymore! I'd recommend that R.M. goes with Solid Trust Pay instead. Just as long as they stay away from e-Gold, they'll be just fine. [​IMG]

    Hopefully you don't still see the site as something "a child threw together" so that you can move forward more successfully. Believing in, and appreciating an opportunity really does make a difference! On that note... welcome to the RevMatrix family!

    Well, let's just say say that child is going through its "teen" age now as the company is gaining fast momentum due to all the hype that's been generated from the excitement. Anytime an administrator puts himself ahead of GDI, a lot of people buy into it. That works in our favor! [​IMG]
    The next thing you know, they'll use some of their profits to get the site remade more professionally. Time will tell! [​IMG]
  20. mirab

    mirab Member

    I am curious about this opportunity. I think I will join and see what happens. It's only ten bucks.

    The point "the executive" brought up seems to worry me as well. Theses guys were top earners in GDI you would think they could afford a top notch site too?
    Any thoughts on this?

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