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  1. dennie

    dennie New Member

    Hi Everyone!
    I just came across this form while surfing threw the internet. Looks like a great place to get advice and new ideas. I live in the midwest and work around here is really hard to come by. And when you do find work you have to drive at least 30 min. away in any direction. I have been looking at forms to try and give myself an idea of some possible legit work at home oppertunities. I came across one I would like to know if anyone knows anything about? I have really been thinking about signing up, but I would like to get some feed back from anyone that might know anything about it.....can someone help???
    this is the website.....
  2. sallyrue

    sallyrue New Member

    Basically they will show you how to get paid to take stock photography. Your pictures will have to be taken with a semi-pro camera ($500-$1700) and they will have to be good pictures of in demand stuff.
  3. dennie

    dennie New Member

    Thanks for the information, are you currently doing this?
  4. sallyrue

    sallyrue New Member

    I did the camera dollars program which is pretty much the same
  5. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    You can register with the photography websites yourself directly

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