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    1. Problem:
    A small pond with two layers of wall around it. One white and soft and the other brown and hard - amidst a light brown grassy lawn with an outline of a green grass. What am I?


    I fully expect the coastal savvies to fire off the answer without batting an eye lash.

    2. Who creates it, has absolutely no need of it. Who pays for it, has no use for it. Who makes use of it can neither see nor feel it?

    BH folks and SPAM POSTERS should know this one!!!

    3. A guy buys rope for $3.00 and hands the woman a 10 spot. The woman goes into the store near by to get change. She returns and gives the man $7.00. After the man leaves, the clerk from the store comes and says, "Hey, that was a counterfeit bill you gave me." The woman gives him a good bill. How much has she lost?

    Who are the Sherlocks?

    4. "Times are rough, business is at a near halt and people are moving out. There are two horse providers in town. There are only enough people to support one of the dealerships.

    So the two owners decide that one of them must leave.

    Since neither of them want to leave they devise a competition to see who gets to stay. Decidedly, they will race their horses across town. They do not want to harm their horses, so they change the race rule so that who ever's horse crosses the finish post LAST wins the race and gets to remain.

    So the next day, they get rockin'. Both are ambling along, taking rests and getting nowhere nearer to finishing. After a few hours a wise old man tells them to dismount and gives them some advice. Then the two sprint back to the horse...get on and gallop towards the finish line. Assuming that the race rules were not changed - what advice did the old man give them ?"

    Okay, who is the genius of this forum?

    Newbie Shield

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    Wanna know something really...interesting/weird/awesome/strange/exciting?

    I get a recurring dream just like this except that the being on my back is a panther. Anyone into CARL JUNG or JOSEPH CAMPBELL? Who can tell me about the symbology of my recurring dream? I am dying to hear new input.

    Newbie Shield

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    Everyone needs a break from the robotic business side of things once a month or so. No one is interested in having some fun and interacting on a more personal level? I'm kinda disappointed and surprised.

    Jokes, riddles, recipies, silly pictures, and still no one wants to play?

    Newbie Shield

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