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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Westly, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Westly

    Westly New Member

    Hey guys have you seen Road Map To Riches Yet?

    It just launched...and is growing pretty fast.

    let me know what you think.

  2. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I've heard about it, but haven't purchased it.
  3. jseses

    jseses New Member

    Hi Guys, I've seen it, done alot of investigating into it. It is similar to EDC, P2W. Better packaging and a totally different software ebook package. They deal with personal development. I've checked out the products. The value to you can be high. Please don't talk about how much their monetary value is.

    It is direct sales. I have been in this type of business and have made alot of money from it. However, Like in EDC and other businesses not everyone who joins makes money from it primarily because of bad mentors. This can be fixed!!

    I haven't joined R2R yet, however I am setting up a co-op advertising system for my team for when I do join - means google traffic for free. To ensure members know exactly what it is they are getting into, what work they need to do, and actually provide them with advertising done for them for free, rather then just showing them what to do.

    I think the best approach is where the mentor should teach the protege the best way to run the business, at the same time provide a free advertising system that is done for them.

    Again, this is direct sales. However, you don't have to speak to anyone on the phone to make money. It can be done via email.

    Now, as I've said, I haven't joined yet. I am setting up a system for my team so that they get free advertising from me. Ensure success.

    There are hurdles, but there is also alot of money that can be made in a very short time.

    I myself made over 100k in just 5 weeks from a business exactly like this. So it's not hard. My advice would be to go in with a clear direction, which is what I am setting up for everyone right now.

    Now, if someone is interested in this business, you can email me to ask for advice, and what help I can give you. I am not in the business, so I won't be selling you anything.

    jseses @ gmail . com
  4. jseses

    jseses New Member

    I've been getting alot of emails from people who are in P2W, PWF, EDC etc who are asking for help because their sponsors have stopped helping as soon as they get your money. That is why a co-op is essential.

    I am setting up a mini free course for advertising aswell, email me if your interested.

    Take Care.
  5. Chopper

    Chopper New Member

    Can you help me with marketing where and how to advertise?
  6. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Want to be a pro, make the pro income?


    Only students of marketing prosper in this game.

    These programs that tell you all you have to do is advertise some
    Flash movie will have most participants crying all night.

    "most people walk around with their umbilical cords in their hands,
    looking for something to plug it in to..." - Dan Kennedy.

    Very true in my experience.
  7. jseses

    jseses New Member

    Hi Chopper,

    Yes I can, I saw that you that you joined under Bobby Coleman. Your in the MMG forums. Didn't he show you where and how to advertise?

    That's the main problem, that's why I am setting up a co-op. If anyone is interested in R2R and actually having some advertising done for them, you can email me. I haven't started yet.

    jseses @ gmail . com

    BTW for those that have emailed me nd have not received a response, I've been down with the flu for the last few days. I will be replying to everyone today
  8. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    From the website: "You will be redirected to my website and exciting, 6 minute online movie, that does all the selling& telling for me, while earning me $999 EACH and EVERY time it closes a sale!"

    Sounds easy, right? I doubt it. If it says "get rich quick", run for the hills...
  9. Power_Advisor27

    Power_Advisor27 New Member

    Hey all! Just wanted to give my 2 cents about Roadmap to Riches. It is proving to be a very solid program with a lot more to offer than most in its league. I've made quite a bit since its launch, and my team is really growing!

    I joined R2R because of the products initially. I'm a big fan of the personal development industry, and I was glad to see a home based business opportunity with such a great variety of products in the personal development arena at a price most folks can actually afford (not $2000 or more).

    The best thing is that, like with the other business I've had great success with, I'm proud to say I'm a part because I'm providing something that is helping others. Take it for what you want, but it's not just a get-rich-quick scheme that's looking to get your money and run. There are useful products that anyone, regardless of your profession, your other home based businesses or whatever, can benefit from. I'm happy that, not only am I helping people better themselves, but I'm also helping them start on the path to financial freedom as well!

    Personal development is a booming industry, especially with all the publicity surrounding The Secret and the "law of attraction" right now. It's here to stay, unlike many fad products that are often offered with business opportunities (diet pills, health supplements, cure-all's and the like). I seriously suggest taking a better look at what Roadmap to Riches has to offer, not just from an income-earning standpoint, but for the products offered as well.

    I'll be glad to answer any questions or address any concerns. And of course, you can always visit my website for more detailed info. I work from home, so you'll receive a response fairly quickly!

    To Continued Success!

  10. BobbyColeman

    BobbyColeman New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    Bobby Coleman here! Glad to see a discussion about Roadmap To Riches. I see that one of my team members "Chopper" is active in this post as well! Chopper and PA are both on my team. Chopper personally sponsored by myself and PA by one of my frontline team members!

    PA hit the nail on the head with her post! Great post!


    Chopper did join my team. And, there's absolutely nothing wrong with him going on public forums asking for new ways to market and advertise. Masterminding is one of the best things to do to get different ideas on how to market.

    Chopper and I spend 1hr and 45minutes on the phone during our "MindSet Marketing Getting Started" training call that I do ONE-ON-ONE with newly personal sponsored reps. He's on the right path as far of how to advertise, and as you know there are so many different methods and forums it makes it a blast to find out what is working for different people!

    I always suggest new team members asking others on what is working for them as well! Why? Because if it's working for them that means IT'S WORKING!

    What an awesome company in an awesome industry!

    Success Is Now,

    Bobby Coleman
  11. netresult

    netresult Member

    ( From Wikipedia )

    "EDC Gold", "Passport To Wealth" and "Road Map To Riches" are all forms of this "legalized" pyramid model. They have products for sale but are never sold and only vaguely mentioned, if at all, on the hyped up sales pages to join these programs.

    There is only one thing really being sold - grotesquely high memberships into the program. ($997 - $999 )

    Once you join it is your job to sell the program to two other victims and then pass the money up the chain to your sponsor. If you manage to make a third sale you get to keep the proceeds and the person you duped now has to send you their first two sales. And on and on it goes until saturation sets in and the people on the bottom can't give away a membership much less sell it. They could of course try and sell the "products" but quickly find out that these products are available for free or at substantially reduced prices all over the internet. At this point it occurs to them that they spent $1000 to sell the same products that anyone else can sell using clickbank for free.

    These programs are full of competing "Teams" ( in reality just the people who want you to sign up under them so they collect your first two sales ) - who will tell you that they are a "Marketing Specialist" and that they have a great training program to help you succeed. The training ends about the time you send them the second sale and the training program is laughable. Check out my article concerning these so called "teams" here.

    Here is your training in a nutshell.

    - join every "Money Making" forum you can find.

    - start a thread on each forum hyping your program.

    - tell people you are a "Team Leader" and a "marketing Specialist" and you're only interest is helping others make money.

    - bash every person who has anything negative to say about your program.

    - start an adwords campaign with links pointing to your affiliate canned webpage. You will then see this listed in Googles sponsored links along with the other dozen or so campaigns started by your fellow "Specialists" and keep in mind you will also be competing with the head honcho who started all this and who took your money.

    Google - Road Map To Riches
    Google - Passport To Wealth
    Google - EDC Gold

    - make sure to repeat over and over that people can make $1000 a day.

    - avoid any discussion of your products and when pressed be as vague as possible - don't mention anything by name as people will quickly find out how absurd it would be to pay $1000 to join a program in order to sell crap that anyone else can get for peanuts. Always get the sales pitch focused on how people can earn $1000 a day selling memberships - not on how they can make $7 a day selling a crappy product.

    These programs are notorious for producing "Cheerleaders" who spend every waking hour patrolling the forums - "Forum Lizards" - looking for fresh meat. You will see a common thread with all of them. They are new to the forum in question and never post about anything other than the program they are hyping. You will notice that they are 1 post wonders who just happened to see the thread and wanted to drop in and say how wonderful the program is. You will also notice that the same people show up on all the forums and spout the same crap.

    The sad fact is that these programs keep popping up to take advantage of the inherent greed we all possess to one extent or another. This is the kind of greed that convinces us that we don't mind taking a $1000 bucks off of some loser who should know better. Actually most of us have a conscious and don't feel good about this but the "cheerleaders" are like fanatics of all stripes. They convince themselves that this isn't a scam because they are making money at it and if others weren't so lazy they would succeed to. The problem is that this isn't a sustainable business model - the chain will end when market saturation sets in and the last to buy will get screwed. There are always a lot more people screwed on the bottom of the pyramid than winners at the top.

    The bottom line is this;

    These programs have no end user value - they only work as long as new members are recruited. The business model can not sustain itself and never does. Earnings end when memberships end even though there are supposedly products for sale.

    Passport To Wealth had its run.

    EDC Gold took its place.

    Road Map To Riches is about to replace EDC Gold.

    In a couple of months there will be a new $1000 membership program to take the place of Road Map To Riches.

    I know - howls of protest because, yet again I am banging the scam drum. You have been warned!!!
  12. jseses

    jseses New Member


    Firstly, have you EVER been in any of the programs yourself? or are you just copying and pasting things from places?

    Lets follow the facts:

    1) Yes, the programs EDC, P2W, P2R are all similar.
    2) They all offer a part package - (i) You buy a library of ebooks, software etc. (ii) There is a money making component.
    3) For R2R there are two options - (i) You pay an upfront $999 and have full access to the library aswell. (ii) You pay $49.95 and no access if provided to the library. The money you pay is entirely for the replicated website and back office.

    You yourself mention that it's a LEGAL system and then you say it's a scam. Pick one! A contradiction in terms.

    A scam is when someone just runs with their money.

    I'll be dead clear. These businesses are 'DIRECT SALES' and there are many different ways to approach them. The problem is not with the business itself. Calling them a scam is simply being ignorant. The real problem is with the sponsors you join with.

    If your a newbie, then your success lies with the way your sponsor works. If your sponsor is literally all talk, then thats the sort of response your will get. Most sponsors lie alot aswell just to secure the sale. netresult, most likely you fell for the hype created by a sponsor, he took your money, told you to use adwords and left you begging. You got no results and now you think the programs and all the sponsors are like that.

    Guys, this business takes alot of homework! You have to go past the hype. The truly successful people, who are genuine, who can show you some amazing tricks are not the ones flaunting their names around creating hype. Do your homework, find a good sponsor and you will be successful.

    One last thing, what you need to start off is a set strategy! Do don't make it up as you go along. All that should be done beforehand. You need to start thinking of this as a real business. The big successful companies don't leave anything to chance, nor do they sit around asking eachother if something works for them.

    Success doesn't happen by chance, you make it happen.

    Take care.
  13. hugecash

    hugecash New Member

    17 Jul 2007 01:51 - Attached on merging:
    Roadmap To Riches....All Signed Up....Marketing

    I signed up for EDC GOLD a few weeks ago and then my sponsor switched to RTR because of the bad integrity he felt at EDC GOLD.

    So, he got us all in over at RTR for Free..Now I am over there and I really like it.

    This program has a ton of potential, and all I hear about is how members are making thousands of dollars a day with their sales.

    The program is $999. to join, and then after that you need a domain, and a merchant account to get your payments, you also may want to buy a replicate website, auto response, and I forgot the $50 a month fee to the company... All-in-all about $200 worth of extra crap.

    THEN...You need marketing. Like any site, you need to have people going there and the initial way RTR and my sponsor recommends is

    This was ok, I got 2 SOLO Ads and paid almost $400 total...They are okay, but I only got 20 opt ins or so. Not impressed really.

    Then there is Google AdWords ...WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! This is a really expensive niche and there is no way I can afford that.

    Then there is free craigslist ads, and more expensive magazine ads, etc. etc. etc.

    SO...I am a broke guy trying to market my 100% ready site ( and I do not have the money to...

    What is a way I can move my site along?? First 2 sales go to my sponsor, so I really, really need 3 sales before my first 1k comes in and I am moving along.

    This program looks phenomenal, it just needs more then the initial membership investment.

    Thanks for the help!
  14. netresult

    netresult Member


    I did copy and paste I put the acknowledgement at the top of my post!

    A scam can and often is legal.

    Have I ever been in any of these programs? Of course not, I'm not THAT daft!!
  15. ginasands

    ginasands New Member

    Looking for a legitmate program to offer to my list that can create a 10 million dollar income per year.

    We start with a feeder program that pays $5,000/month with 200 members, residual and instant income.

    The next level we need a high commission item, but it has to be valuable.. Coastal has some real nasty comments on "ripped off"
  16. ginasands

    ginasands New Member

    Just checked out the website for roadmap to riches. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS. The original creators of The Secret offer a Briefcase for " The Secret, The Science of Getting Rich and think & Grow Rich.

    This program is NOT the answer. Thanks anyway
  17. jseses

    jseses New Member

    Quoting: netresultJseses

    I did copy and paste I put the acknowledgement at the top of my post!

    A scam can and often is legal.

    Have I ever been in any of these programs? Of course not, I'm not THAT daft!!

    Then do more research. Ignorance, and ignorant comments is the root of all evil.
  18. jacalvo

    jacalvo New Member

    I was just interested in road to riches.
    See that is the thing ,no one says you have to spend hundreds of dollars placing ads on your own.
    They act like evrything is duplicated under them and there are free mediums.
    Thank you for your info.
    Newbies need to stick together and know the real costs before we venture out.
    keep in touch.
  19. jseses

    jseses New Member

    Hi Jacalvo I'm not in RTR but mate you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to make money. I am in EDC and have spent as little as only a couple of dollars. Just don't fall for the HYPE that alot of the sponsors are promoting.

    There are really easy ways of generating traffic and making really gud money with these programs.

    Do your research.
  20. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Aren't you glad you did your research! Good stuff!

    When you're looking at business opportunities, look for company management experience with integrity, timing in the company and the industry, a remarkable and retailable product, a compensation plan that pays part-timers decent money and a duplicatable system with upline support.

    These are the five pillars any company needs for YOU to have success.

    Click on my signature tag below if you'd like to know more.


    Rob Nyte

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