Royal Cruise Matrix Anyone heard of it?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by blair320, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. blair320

    blair320 Guest

    Just signed up for Royal Cruise Matrix? It is so new that I was wondering will it even make it?
  2. blair320

    blair320 Guest

    Opened November 9th and has over 1000 members
  3. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    It is impossible to say if this company will be around for a long period.

    It enters into a market that has many other travel companies.

    At the cost of $100 to join, I guess money to lose would not be much.
  4. blair320

    blair320 Guest

    Just cycled this is for real
  5. blair320

    blair320 Guest

    Folks this is the real deal. 1340 members in just days. Just think if you had been with Amway in the 60's todays largest MLM. Just think how you would be doing today. Work from home and earn 25K when you cycle. Royal Cruise Matrix is growing fast. Be a Founding member if you join before November 30th. Cruises start in January. Check out the video at the bottom. You will be amazed. Don't miss the boat! See real results. I cycled in 5 days.
  6. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    Well after looking at the website all I can say is it looks to me like a scam. And here's why...

    1. Its name suggests that it is affiliated with Royal Caribbean Cruises. They are very careful to never actually use the name other than having a youtube video about their new boat. If it were actually being operated by or in conjunction with the cruise line it would say the name not a "major Cruise Line". When this comes to the attention of Royal Caribbean expect to see the $h!t hit the fan.

    2. There is no company contact information on the website. The only person you can contact is the person trying to recruit you.

    3. There is no real product. You only get paid for recruiting into the matrix. You don't earn commission for actually selling cruises.

    Number 3 all by it's self is a problem but 1 & 2 show a general lack of integrity. If you do business with people with low integrity don't be surprised when they treat you with no integrity.

    Just a random side note. Looked up the whois info the domain was registered on the 4th of November and will expire in 1 year. That is confidence you will be around for a long time.
  7. blair320

    blair320 Guest

    I think the general concensense will be doubting that anything is actually true. I do know that I have gotten my 100 dollars back from Royal Cruise Matrix. I believe that you have gotten your facts right. However, I will give tham a chance because they are new. I will let their actions prove their crediablity over time. Royal Carribian Cruise has actually been on the calls endorsing Royal Cruise Matrix. That is good enough for me. I will be able to make a better assesment after 3-6 months. They can not fight back against every negitive comment. Like you I am doubting they will be around for a long time.

    Not because they will fail by their own means. But from their refferals. I have seen many MLM's fail. Due to the greed of a few people at the top and the company catering to their eliete. The enviroment right now is one of expectation. The base of Royal Cruise Matrix will make or break it. This will provide for the eliete few and the key will be providing for all the refferals. I will follow-up with the prosesses. I am like you in doubting that they will survive. However I hope that you and I are wrong. And that they do survive. Very few MLM's make it one year. All of us need to form our own opinion and make the individual choice about this program.
  8. ebbony4u

    ebbony4u Guest

    @ blair 320 do they have it to wear you can market this using direct mail????? how do u get people under you????
  9. blair320

    blair320 Guest

    There are several direct mail or postcard providers that you can use. Any internet search will bring them up. It is expesive though. It costs about 700 dollars to mail 1000 postcards. I know several people that use this method with varied results. One person made 10k a month using only postcards. On your postcard I would put your messege and then your url. I hope this helps.[​IMG]

    I have several methods to get new members to join. 1. Webpage 2. Blogs 3.forums 4. Search Engine submission They all generate interest. Which is the key. There are several posts on how to generate traffic and I have learned alot about MLMs and found out new things about Royal Cruise Matrix
  10. blair320

    blair320 Guest

    ebbony4u: @ blair 320 do they have it to wear you can market this using direct mail????? how do u get people under you????
    I did some checking and you can do the work yourself for about 19.00 dollars with your messege printed on the cards. Also I noticed there is a thread in wahf that might answer your questions. Cheers
  11. steelbone

    steelbone New Member

    For a 100 bucks I think I might sign up tonight...
  12. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    This seems like a spin off of the popular TVI opportunity. Seems like there have been several popping up trying to do what TVI has done.

    Good luck to all that decide to roll with it.
  13. foxybird

    foxybird New Member

    I joined and have just two people sponcored since November 20th.I too will take the $100 chance. But way at the bottom of the FAQS page is a question box. I told them they were not tax compliant ( no name,address or phone for the company) they said in January it would be on our websites. I said you take checking accounts only? Then you say I can just let people without one use mine! It is YOUR company not mine. I want them to put Visa and Mastercard on. I hate PayPal from .... and AlertPay is by far my choice. They have neither.The big wigs have splash pages,bought spots on Google and all the search engines. It takes big money to make big money folks.
  14. abriggs1

    abriggs1 New Member

    I know a lot of good people with integrity who have joined. There is always a risk with a new opportunity, but if you're afraid of risk do yourself a favor and get a 9-5 until they let you retire. If this thing takes off, which I believe it will, people who join now will be in a very good position to make great money. Of course, it's all about the team you're on. I'm with a great one so I plan to do very well.
  15. JLPowers

    JLPowers New Member

    This doesn't sound like a bad deal but right now my funds are limited. It does take money to make money and was looking for something that didn't cost much, with a lot to gain and found it.
  16. denalano

    denalano New Member

    I like the pay plan in RCM so I joined. [​IMG]
    $100 won't break me. I spend more on lottery tickets in a year and I still can't make my numbers come up. I can make this Royal Cruise Matrix happen, not only for me but for others.
    What I would hate to see is someone come out with negative comments that could stop someone else from making money in any venture. They're always out there.
    That's why you shouldn't tell "friends" until after you succeed. Some of them are just looking out for you as they pop your baloon and keep you down.
    "Nothing ventured,nothing gained".
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. fsloan

    fsloan New Member

    There will always be naysayers who just nay say simply because they can.

    1. There was no information about the company since it is still in pre-launch and will launch on 30January.
    2. When they launch, the corporate structure and principals will be revealed. It is currently controlled by a private group of investors with millions of dollars. They will finance RCM. Stay tuned folks!
    3. They will have a national launch event on 30January of which i will be attending
    4. I have 450 members on my team where I put in 300 personally underneath many in my team and many have cycled out of both tier 1 and tier 2. I am sitting on tier 3 where $25k can be made. [​IMG]
    5. They pay immediately. When you request a withdrawal, within 1 business day, a check drawn on the Bank of America is sent to you
    6. They do have a product. tsk... tsk ... tsk ... When you nay say, at least read up first. [​IMG] [​IMG] We are purchasing a $100 lifetime membership in a cruise club. It entitles us to receive 20% in reward points on every cruise package we purchase for a lifetime. A Naysayer Rebuttal is expected here but who cares? There will be ADDITIONAL product offerings as they ramp up. Stay tuned. Right now, if you cruise for $1000, FOR EXAMPLE, you get $200 in reward points in your backoffice. So it will take about 5 cruises to receive 1 free cruise. But who the heck cares when you are making $500, $5000 over and over again. Shucks! If you do what you are supposed to be doing at the very minimum you should be able to make $500 over and over again. That's more than what you have now! After 31January2010, the lifetime membership promotional offer ends and you will pay a $100 (not set in stone yet) annual fee so get in NOW!

    7. We are NOT getting paid for recruiting. You have the option to become a distributor/independent rep for FREE when you sign up for the cruise membership club or to simply remain a consumer purchasing a membership and not eligible for making the big bucks. DOH! Go back and study the business model before dreaming up untruths. That's truly hilarious!
    8. I will be vacationing and cruising on the Oasis of the Seas in April 2010. Guess what is in my backoffice? A cruise package on the largest ship in the world which costs $1.3Billion to build and has an occupancy of 6000! Who wants to vacation on this small state on the seas? [​IMG] Or you can stay at home crying about this being unworkable blah blah blah. Your choice.
    9. Royal Cruise Matrix does NOT insinuate that they are Royal Caribbean except in the naysayer's own little head. Be smart. Be critical. They specifically said on the site that they are affiliated with a major cruise line. They did NOT say they are Royal Caribbean. That, too, is in the nay sayer's little head. When you want to find negatives, you will. Remember, yes... our first cruise just so happens to be the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. YES! Sounds like a winner to me.

    9. I just noticed they took the video off of the site. I never liked it anyway. Can't wait for April! Cruisin' on my mind ...

    And yes, not only I have made thousands of dollars already, many in my team are making cash money and many are poised to make cash money.

    How can you do the same with your team?

    Build the team deep and teach everyone else to build it deep. We have no need for greed and building wide DESTROYS the team and creates breakage. This makes the company rich and most of the representatives disgruntled and broke.

    So go deep folks ... go deep and help those on the bottom Tier 1 join you in Tier 2 and onto Tier 3. The Cycles 2 through infinity will come naturally. Leave it alone and don't try to manipulate it. Just pull up folks from Tier 1. That's it! It ain't complex folks.

    So remember, collaboration is key. Do not be greedy. Help one another. And you WILL make money.

    As everything in life, some of your friends and family members will trash you so bad, you will want to give up. Keep your head up. Smile at the naysayers particularly the 'internet strangers' who you don't even know from a can of paint. They do not know you either so ask yourself this. Are they protecting you from getting 'scammed' or do they have another motive ... i.e., misery loves company? Well who the heck cares! Just rebuke and reject it!

    Keep working for YOUR financial independence rather than your boss'. OWN IT! WORK IT!

    Besides your boss is probably getting fired or laid off next week any way. oops! I sound like a naysayer. [​IMG]

    But you can always continue what you are doing or simply get a 9-5 job with absolutely no security, no time for enjoying life, where you look forwards to Friday and dread Sunday nights. Happy happy ... Joy joy!

    God Bless
    Faith Sloan, RCM Power Team Leader
  18. GailMorrow

    GailMorrow New Member

    This is not only real it is "Real Deal" You are wasting precious time while you are deciding if you want to do this or not!

    Skeptics will again miss out and thinkers will wait until half the world is in before making a move.

    This business will create Millionaires! Will You be one of them?

    No more time to think about it, you are either in or out, then quit worrying about it. Once you let go of something, and quit worrying about it, you move to the next level of what you deserve in life, and it is usually better than what you expected.

    Don't worry about the product, instead think of helping others and keeping your team moving through the matrixes so that everyone benefits from this awesome Business Opportunity in direct selling.

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  19. workfromhomepop

    workfromhomepop New Member

    As with any MLM you take a chance and it is hard work. Nothing happens overnight or automatically. A place like this is a great place to come and talk it over, hash it out and do your research.

    As with any business, it takes money, nothing is for free, ever. If you wanted to open a candy store on the corner, you'd be spending many thousands of dollars and have no better idea if you'll make money, then with an At Home business.

    Talk about it

    Three simple steps and you should be good to go. I personally would look at many different ones and pick out the one that most appeals to you.
  20. latkins

    latkins New Member

    This is the deal folks. I cycle and request a check from my back office
    and they cut it the next day. I get my check via paper check within 3
    days of requesting it.

    You can't find a better deal for the money ($100)

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