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    I have read the associated posts, and I still do not get it. All I want to do is add a link to my blog so people can subscribe to my site and see when I post a new topic.

    I do most of my work from my laptop. So if I went to say feedburner, do I download something to my laptop, then have to upload it to my web host? I am a complete computer moron here - lol - but somehow I managed to set up my site thru a paid web host and not a freebie site all by my lonesome.

    It all looks so difficult! Thanks - I have tons more questions!
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    Just do a search on Youtube, and you will find plenty of tutorials. Whenever I don't know how to do something, I look for it first on Youtube.

    You can also find tutorials at e-How many times.

    PS - If you use Wordpress, it ceates an RSS feed button automatically.
    Also, if you want to create an RSS feed for a website that does not have a feed, you can create one at
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    To submit your RSS feed, you can get the RSS url from your blog by clicking the RSS icon. Copy the url and submit it to RSS directories. Here is a useful link:

    Some of them requires registration some do not. After you submitted your RSS fedd url to the site, you can have automatic backlinks for your posts. The number of sites you submitted is the number of backlinks you can get for your post.
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    Hey, don't call yourself a moron. God says to call no one a fool, not even yourself.

    RSS feeds - 2 ways.

    (1) If you want to have people to subscribe to the feed on your blog, you should already have that little orange feed button. Wordpress blogs almost always have that feed button available.

    If you've got Blogger, your tempate may or may not have it. If it doesn't, got to "customize", go to the LAYOUT tab and click "Page elements". Look on your back panel and click "add a gadget". A list of gadgets should pop up. Scroll down to the one that says "Subscription Links. Let readers subscribe to your blog...yada, yada..." Position your gadget how you want, then click save.

    All people have to do is click on your little feed button, and then your URL pops up with a page of all your posts appear. Look in your URL, you should have something that says http://feed...whatever. Then those people can choose which ever feed reader they want to view it in.

    (2) If you want to send your feed of posts out to the world, then YOU click on your own feed button. Copy your feed URL (http://feed....) and put that into any RSS Aggregator: feedburner, feedage, onemillion RSS (that's a good one. indexes in 2 days), a whole bunch.

    Here's a good video about feeds for instant backlinks:
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    There are plenty of tools ,by using that tools you can accomplish this task.
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    If you are self hosting.. you should be able to go to for your RSS feed.. you can have people subscribe to your feed.

    Like others have said most wordpress blogs have built in rss generators.

    Things like feedburner are rss readers (Ie you put 50 RSS feeds into it and it tells you what's been updated so you can read it)

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