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    I've been using SafePay Solutions ( since October 2008 and have processed many, many payments through them as a faithful merchant. They are like a paypal service and used by various MLM companies. I requested funds of $1,477.95 in January 2009 to get my money out from their account. After numerous and repetitive pleading on the status of my withdrawal request, I got ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE whatsoever. They claim money will be sent 8-12 days via check. Even after waiting 3 months, there is no money to be found anywhere.

    No funds were withdrawn and sent to me. I then submitted another inquiry asking help on a customer making a payment to me--a payment/deposit issue. Within 24 hours, I got a response from a person named Maria who gave me some advice. Isn't it funny how they are very quick to respond to support issues related to GETTING MONEY, but will NOT respond to inquiries about WITHDRAWING the money???

    Obviously, this company is still actively seeking to get more and more money from their merchants but are not sending the money once they have sucked it from the merchant.

    THIS COMPANY IS CLEARLY SCAMMING PEOPLE AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. I have a large chunk of money that I am wanting to claim and whoever will help me get my money back, I will compensate you well and/or split the profits from whatever you can collect from them.

    This company makes it very hard to contact them (what a surprise). Their address is supposedly located in Nevada:
    SafePay Solutions, Inc.
    1 East Liberty St - 6th Floor
    Reno, NV 89504
    Safepay Solutions Inc
    1105 Terminal Way,
    Reno, NV 89502-2158
    Safepay's Live Phone Number (they did answer during business hours): 775-686-2419 - Ask for Greg Stewart or David Finn - the office manager's name is Tiffany

    Google the company name and you'll get tons of complaints

    When I went to contact that company located over there, an offshore rep answered and said it was a government grant company and they never heard of SafePay Solutions.

    Obviously, I am extremely frustrated, upset and feel scammed!!! This company is blatantly stealing merchant's money. If you wish to contact me to help me collect, email me at fivestarsw(at)

    Safepay Solutions: if you wish to contact me so I can post a response that you did what you said you were going to do, you can also contact me at fivestarsw(at)

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    You should read up on their Terms of Service and their refund policy. If they are not following their rules. You have the right to take legal action upon them. I hate it when companies do this to innocent customers. It sickens me.
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    I recently was verified as a seller with Safepay and use it as my payment processor. Although I've had no issues so far, I'm now worried that I may. I'm checking with team members to see if anyone is having issues.

    Thanks for the warning!

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