1. mochamama

    mochamama New Member

    I'm really interested to hear from anyone who's involved in this advertising co-op. I'd love to know how it's going.
  2. cathyromine

    cathyromine New Member

    I'm not in the co-op - I also would like to hear how its going - Wishing everyone good health and much success - I love SeaAloe

    Cathy Romine
  3. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    Use this code for you link

    [ur l=http://www.ITVventures.com/LMcDaniel]A Phrase You Want[/url]

    Remove the space I put in the first "url"
  4. DanaGlover

    DanaGlover New Member

    As associate of mine is in that coop and it is NOT going well. Spent $800 for two shares. . . Got one $25 customer! Do not join this coop yet, they are still working out the "kinks"

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