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  1. mel870

    mel870 New Member

    i found this site a few days ago browsing the web , signed up but waiting on account activation , never done this type of job b4 so don't really know how it works
  2. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    I've heard of mystery shopper before and people making money with it. But online mystery shopping never heard of it. What I found curious on what you say is that you are waiting for account activation. How long have you been waiting?

    The mystery shoppers that I heard of you have to pass a test and various qualification before they hire you. If I was you I will make some more dig online about online mystery shopping. Go to ezinearticles and youtube and see what other people have to say.

    Let us know the outcome once they activate your account. [​IMG]
  3. WAHreviewer

    WAHreviewer New Member

    There are a lot of legit mystery shopping sites out there. Try doing a Google search of just 'mystery shopping' and you'll find a number of reviews. Sometimes you'll even find an actual company like HP or Kraft that hire mystery shoppers.
  4. onlinemoneyexpe

    onlinemoneyexpe New Member

    I have done mystery shopping and know for a fact that it is real and you can make money at it. That doesn't mean that it is easy money. You must pay attention to detail and remember everything. You may have to take a test for some of the assignments. And most of them will require you to fill out many detailed questions about your shop. Some even want essays.
    If it is something you want to do you should sign up for as many companies as you can. Try the sassie shopper companies and shadow shopper to name a few. You shouldn't have to pay to join any secret shopper companies. There are tons of free ones. Shadow shopper gives you a free trial. You should try it and keep it if you want.
    I must tell you however, many f the assignments do not pay much and you may have to spend some of your own money until you get reinbursed.
    I do this mostly as a hobby more than income. I think it would be hard to make a full time income from this.

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