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  1. spirk02

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    I can remember an expression from the 70's about "StarTrek" , "Space the Final Frontier" . Its reminds me so much of the Internet today,
    With so many ads, so many opportunities and so many scams going on at one time, where does the average Joe go to make a buck? Whats interesting about all of this is that the core aspects of building a business will never change. I feel that doing your home work first is an important first step. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the company you are thinking about joining. Do they have financial statements?, Look at the database in the state that they were established in. Diligence upfront will pay big dividends down the road.
    I see many people joining opportunities with the strange misconception that just because they paid some money up front to join the business, that their bank account is automatically going to swell in size. Its like anything else in life, you are going to reap what you sow. Many on-line businesses have wonderful web sites that are replicated, and some pretty good systems, however if the average Joe, doen't know how to use them or have a plan of attack, its really all for not.
    One of the most important aspects of doing business online is to have
    training. You need to either get trained, find training or have someone hold your hand as you do a few initial sales. Many Joes do not realize just what they don't know. Training should be a part of a business plan. Its kind of like driving a car, I don;'t know anyone who could parallel park it the first time they were asked to try (those with Lexus autos excluded). But with a little bit of coaching, the job really is not that hard. With an online business, talking to people on the phone is a skill that many people have little to no experience at especially if you are trying to sound convincing about your product.
    Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals is very important, why? if you have to ask why, I would suggest that you go find a day job and forget about the potential online riches that are there for the taking. One very important answer to the why is that the internet besides being a great resource and tool is also a very big distraction. In business you need focus, and setting goals will give you the focus you need to move forward.
    Goal setting will also advance your own personal "why".
    I am still amazed at the vast resources we all have with the internet today. Its just an incredible tool for doing business. I hope to never have to work another day job.
    Eat Drink and be Merry!!!!!!
    Paul Spirkowyc
    The Spirkowyc Co.

  2. decker2006

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    Quoting: spirk02I see many people joining opportunities with the strange misconception that just because they paid some money up front to join the business, that their bank account is automatically going to swell in size.

    I totally agree! I just said this yesterday to someone - just because you sign up doesn't mean you will make money. I also agree about the training. Whatever system a person chooses, it has to involve training! Not that is is rocket science, but you need to learn how to be successful with a system. Thankfully, my director is very supportive and helpful. Before this, I had never run google ad, never had a website or anything like that. But I learned it! I also like that our group has continuing training - not just recycled information. I think that Internet version 2.0 is the wave of the future and I am totally clueless about it - but not for long! Our group is having a training call about just that and I plan to learn all I can.

    I think all of us who are or will be successful in our business realize there are going to be ups and downs, but that does not mean give up. And, as Paul says, NEVER forget your own personal "WHY". That will keep you motivated.

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    Without the proper attitude toward the online business, one will not earn from the business or find it difficult to survive with it.

    In a business, there are so many things to learn and whether you are successful or not, depends on yourself.
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    I've found all of the things stated in these posts to be right on the money. The 3 things that I personally think are the most important when starting anything online are research, training, and persistence. NOTHING happens overnight and I still can't believe how many people treat an online venture like a video game - "just plug in and play". It's too bad it isn't that simple... LOL!
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    When it comes to internet marketing and running a successful online business, focus and persistance is very crucial. Know what it is you want to achieve and go for it 100 percent. Learn as much as you can and apply what you learn to your business. And under any circumstances never give up. The only way to fail is to quit.

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