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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Marktech, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    This is an arbitage method. You buy up a lot of used books at yard sales etc. and then sell them one at a time on Amazon. You can get a large profit margin if you can buy the books for a dollar or less. Not gonna get rich but this method works. It also works with other types of "junk" that can be bought cheap and sold on Ebay. Arbitage!
  2. TopShelf41

    TopShelf41 New Member

    I do this. I found that the best way to make money selling books on Amazon is by selling text books. Because another school semester is about to start, I made just under $500 this month alone.
    I have a lot of fictional paperbacks listed, but they typically only sell for about $1. This is a great idea though for anyone who has access to a lot of books. Especially rare books.
  3. desmoines50309

    desmoines50309 New Member

    That's a good idea and one I've thought of before too. Thanks for sharing.
  4. mycats

    mycats New Member

    I have lots of books just sitting on shelves this is a great idea, Glad I found it.
  5. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    Sounds interesting, but don't you end up spending an AWFUL lot of time (A) creating listings for the products on Amazon and (B) packaging and posting them? Well, if it's working for ya, then that's awesome, I guess.
  6. TopShelf41

    TopShelf41 New Member

    Quoting: HomeboySounds interesting, but don't you end up spending an AWFUL lot of time (A) creating listings for the products on Amazon and (B) packaging and posting them?

    Only if you consider an awful lot of time to be about 30 seconds per listing. All you do is plug in the UPC or ISBN and then rate the condition of the book and set your price. As far as packaging and posting, they pay you for postage. It's helpful if you have access to packaging materials i.e a job that doesn't mind you hitting up their supply room. It's really no different than selling on ebay.
  7. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    It would be great to find one of those pack rats that stores books from ceiling to floor who decides to turn over a new leaf and get rid of everything in bulk [​IMG]
  8. bestmoneymaker

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    There are alot of hidden treasures to be found when selling books, first additions and collectables etc.. Amazon is the easiest way to sell books ebay doesnt seem to generate many book sales unless they are highly sought after. Just saw on the news a few days ago about the value of some ladybird childrens books, i suppose it depends on the books your selling.
  9. VictoriaNTC

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    I have had a specialty vintage bookstore (everything from one group of writers, out-of-print) on eBay since 2002, which has worked out pretty well, mainly during the last quarter.
    USPS shipping had increaded significantly, the Economy Post overseas option is gone. I have lost most of my international sales, which were 35-50% of my business.
    A seller has to take time to list each imperfection also.
    And the packaging ins very time consuming. Many vintage books are not in the online catalog. In that case you need to take images, disclose the edition, date etc.
    Lately the eBay fees have increased again, and the feedback system has significantly changed.
    Most buyers do not realize how costly the new shipping rates are, and the packing materials. eBay sellers now receive detailed feedback ratings on shipping and so on.
    Many sellers are lowering the shipping and eating the loss just to keep the feedback ratings up, which will allow then to be included in searches.
    This has been a good change for me because it had motivated me to explore beyond eBay, and I have learned so much.
    There are so many ways to success!
    I love eBay, and have made many friends who have been customers, but feel restrained.
    Selling books is a great way to build a collection though!

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