Seriously Mr. Bowdoin's IT staff should fix all the little bugs on his site pronto.

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by scottyyang25, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. scottyyang25

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    First of all I can't even login with the provided security code at the bottom in the form of three digits in a box without getting this, "Entered turing number is incorrect. Please try again." Second of all I can't even submit a ticket onto the ASD help desk. I know, I know, you need to register again because it's a separate site, which I did, then proceeded to enter my aforementioned issue, clicked on the submit button and it seemed like it went through without a hitch but actually acted as if nothing happen and rerouted me to the homepage. Last but certainly not least, I can't watch a full tutorial on the first training video because it only loads up to less then 10% and I am not even bothering on the two other training video until this gets fixed. I hate to sound like an incessant whiner but these are pretty crucial issues holding me back from starting my membership. If these issues aren't addressed by his IT or site maintenance team stat then I am going to resort to calling his office 800 number which I honestly prefer not to to nag about these issues but seems to be the only way to reach ANYBODY for that matter. Can anybody relate and maybe give me some pointers? Thanks...
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    Scotty, the site is in the process of being will be up and down for a few more days...we're all experiencing difficulties; they're hoping to be done by the middle of the coming week.

    I'm seeing new features (anyone notice you can search your cash history by date?) and an improvement in the site's my surfing done with no problems encouraged and gratified to know that the glitches are being addressed.....

    Here's a link someone posted to get into the "back room" for news updates:

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